Volume 1 Chapter 4-2: Hotaru

「Wh….amazing…a weapon really turned into a human. Even just today so many things I never knew…」

Sistina mumbled as she stared in blank amazement at Hotaru-san before she suddenly snapped out of it and cleared her throat.

「Master…for now something for her to wear…」

Sistina’s eyes were scary. I turned to go grab something she could wear from the carriage when Hotaru-san suddenly grabbed my shoulder.

「I don’t need it. Soujirou, hand me my sheath.」
「Sheath? Okay here you go.」

I removed the sheath from my hip and handed it over. Hotaru-san gripped it and closed her eyes. The next instant the sheath disappeared and Hotaru-san was suddenly clothed in a beautiful kimono.

Though I said it was a kimono it wasn’t something so unrefined. It was light and long. It was considerably open around the chest area as the edges and sleeves hung loosely and stylishly around her body. The bottom part of it was also quite open and allowed for easy movement yet gave a tantalizing glimpse of her smooth thighs.

「Hm, well something like this should be fine ja. Now then…Soujirou.」

Hotaru-san said as she surveyed her appearance. She then beckoned to me.

I felt entranced as I unsteadily approached Hotaru-san as if I was being drawn in.



「Fumu…so this is Soujirou…how warm…soft….un. A human’s body is a great thing noja.」

I heard Hotaru-san’s voice as my face was buried between her large breasts. I couldn’t speak, but I felt an unspeakable happiness welling up from within me.

「Me too…I’m…so happy that I can touch you like this Hotaru-san.」

Be that as it may, Hotaru-san was big. No no no! Not just her breasts (though they were big), I meant her height.

We were just standing normally when she hugged me and yet my face ended up buried in her breasts. Even though I felt she did that on purpose, she must be at least 190cm tall.

However, she had a slender profile when she stood there so despite her height she gave an impression of beauty rather than intimidation. That impression further belied her previous appearance as an oodachi.

「Alright then…」

After some time Hotaru-san released me from her embrace with a satisfied look on her face after she touched various places on my body.

「Well, I spoke of it before but I shall be watching over you tonight. Soujirou, you should take that girl with and go rest.」
「…mmm~. I understand. I shall leave it in your hands Hotaru-sama.」

Despite the somewhat envious gaze Sistina gave to Hotaru-san, she must have been close to her limits so she honestly accepted the suggestion.

「Hotaru-san…are you really alright alone? Should I give you Sakura-chan?」

After changing into a human shape she didn’t have a weapon, but Hotaru-san just laughed and shook her head.

「I don’t need it. Look.」
「Oohhh! Amazing!」
「This method reduces the strength by quite a bit, but for such a task this is more than enough. I am the one who knows how to wield myself best after all.」

Hotaru-san waved her hand and her sword form Hotarumaru appeared in it. No…she wasn’t holding it…instead her hand transformed into the blade itself.

It looked as if each part of her body made up a different part of the sword Hotarumaru.

「Got it. Honestly I wanted to…no it’s alright. We’ll be together til the end after all. I don’t have to rush things.」
「That’s right. There’s no need to rush. We can do what you’re thinking of another time when you calm yourself.」
「Eh?! Really!?」
「Well, I’ve obtained a human body after all. I have some interest in that sort of thing. However, I am a woman after all, there is a proper time and place and preparations that should be made.」
Gulp…r-roger that!」
「Umu…have a good rest.」
「Thank you Hotaru-san. Let’s go Sistina.」

I pushed Sistina forward towards the carriage. The inside of my head was already dyed with pink thoughts. I can have Hotaru-san’s slender and voluptuous body to my…No! I’m getting ahead of myself. I couldn’t lose control right now.

Disperse Worldly Desires!

I wondered if I might be too excited to fall asleep at this rate. However, once I lay down on the blanket and covered myself up exhaustion assaulted me. As I thought, I was truly tired.

「Master, shall I lie down next to you?」

Sistina asked reservedly. She must’ve been a bit concerned after seeing my perverted expressions. Plus Sistina had Bedroom Arts! I was also her Master. I just had to say the word and Sistina would follow the order to let me experience all the arts she had to offer…

Waaaait! If I suddenly did that after only knowing her for so short of a time she would come to dislike me.

This was the time for me to show some maturity. It did not have to be right now, there would be other opportunities. It was important so I had to make sure not to force things. Of course now wasn’t a good time but sometime later…

「Ahh, you don’t have to push yourself. Today we can just rest by ourselves.」
「….Don’t wanna.」

She denied immediately.

Sistina slowly crawled under the blanket with me. Why!? We hadn’t even bathed but I could still smell a sweet fragrance from her.

I could feel my sense of reason shaking and cracking at this temptation.

「Umm….m-me too! Ever since Master and I signed the Subordinate contract I’ve made my resolution. It’s not just Hotaru-sama so…please don’t forget.」

Envy…she was jealous? S-so cute!

I couldn’t help but turn and pull Sistina into a big hug.

「U-umm! A-as you saw Master I have learned Bedroom Arts b-but…I only learned the theory and have yet to try any of it…S-so! I’d like it if you let me prepare a proper time and place.」

Woooaah! This situation is overflowing with riajuu vibes! Viva isekai! My life truly starts from here on out!!

Alright! Then for now let’s explore these two mountains a bi…

「…she’s already sleeping.」

Sistina was cutely sleeping with a relieved look on her face. I couldn’t bear to wake her so I just kissed her forehead and hugged her to sleep with a contented feeling in my heart.



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