Volume 1 Chapter 6-1: Lose Myself


「I think this place should be good. There’s a bathing place next door and a single night in one room costs 520 mars. The food is around 50 mars per meal.」

Sistina said as she pointed to the large three story inn she had guided us to.

520 mars….around 5,200 yen then…the inn seemed pretty nice so maybe it was just cheaper than a similar one in Japan?

「Are you saying that the Inn doesn’t charge by the person?」

I asked and Sistina looked a bit confused but still nodded.

「Yes. For the Inn’s side they are lending out a room for a night so…the number of people doesn’t have much to do with anything I don’t think.」
「I see…in the case that the food is a different expense then no matter how many people stay in the room it doesn’t matter…」

We spoke as we opened the door and approached the counter. Behind it was a large built older lady.

To the left of the counter was a dining room with a number of different people eating and drinking alcohol while chatting and further inside I could see a kitchen area with people moving around busily. That reminded me that I hadn’t eaten…up til now I’d only had the preserved foods prepared by Sistina while on the road.

Even the grass wolf meat wasn’t really edible unless it was fresh so I hadn’t eaten this morning, and I was wanting to give this world’s food a proper try.

To the right of the counter was a staircase and a door. The door had 101 to 103 written on it so I assumed that beyond it was a hallway with different customer rooms.

「Hello! Welcome! You want food? A night’s stay?」
「One night’s stay if you please.」

The auntie looked at Sistina, looked at Hotaru-san, and finally looked at me.

「You want two rooms?」

Normally you’d think that a group with two women and one man would split into two different rooms according to gender, I thought so as well. Well, if Hotaru-san really didn’t want to separate then at worst she could turn back into a katana and stay with me without issue. Well, if I really asked Sistina then I don’t think she would refuse either…

「No, one room will be sufficient.」

Sistina perfectly betrayed my expectations and left me speechless while Hotaru-san let out a strangely satisfied sounding noise.

「I see. Then that’ll be 520 mars. If you’re going to eat here then I can also throw in 3 spots at the bathing area next door, what’ll it be?」
「That sounds fine. Please do so.」

Sistina said and took out 6 silver coins.

「You’ll be in room 303. Here’s the key, we have the minimum crime prevention here, but it’d be troublesome if you got some stuff stolen so take precautions yourselves.」

The auntie said and handed Sistina the key, our 8 large copper in change, and 3 tickets of some kind.

「I see. We will most likely be staying here tomorrow as well so is it possible to reserve the room?」
「We don’t really have any standing reservations at the moment. I can reserve it for you if you really want?」
「Very well…it should be safe to say that we’ll stay here tomorrow so please do. The day after tomorrow we’ll be entering the tower so….」

N~ from how Sistina’s been talking about it it seems our future plans have been decided…we’re going to the tower?

In my case it’d been only a few days since we met but I had given her my trust so I didn’t mind too much…but I felt a little lonely. I wished she would explain things a bit before she went and said things.

「I see. Then it might be best if you pay tomorrow’s portion as well.」

Sistina nodded and took out 5 silver and 2 large copper.

「Thanks for your business, have a good night.」

The auntie bowed politely and Sistina turned back.

「Then I think we should go eat now.」

Sistina said with a sweet smile. That smile wiped away most of my dissatisfaction upon seeing how adorable she was.

We moved into the dining area and looked at the different meal sets we could order. Hotaru-san threw a bit of a tantrum because she wanted to try drinking alcohol and her spoiled look was so cute that we ended up ordering some of the standard alcohol of this area. There were many different types, but she said she wanted to try this one for now as she gazed at the different drinks.

I feel like she was aiming to try every single one in the future.

The set meal today was 50 mars for salad, soup, something like diced steak, and strangely hard bread. The fermented alcohol cost 20 mars for a pitcher.

As for the taste I really had no standard in this world to judge it by. The bread was hard enough that it was difficult to eat without dipping it in soup, but it didn’t taste bad. If this was the meal standard then I didn’t think there would be too much of an issue going forward.

However, the cooking that Sistina made for me had seemed even tastier…I wonder if I was just showing favoritism…I decided in my heart to create an opportunity for Sistina to show all her cooking skills properly when the time was right.



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