Volume 1 Chapter 6-3: Lose Myself


「Ohhh! A bed!」

When we opened the door to our room I saw a bed covered in fresh white sheets and I got really excited before instantly diving into it.

Back in Japan I had slept in a futon on top of tatami mats, so a bed like this was a fresh experience.

I didn’t have much expectations for the softness of the beds in this world, but once I dove in I found it more comfortable then I imagined.

It was most likely because Sistina had chosen a particularly good inn.

「Aww Master…you haven’t even gotten changed…」

Sistina said while smiling in the doorway. Un, adorable.

「Well all that aside…is this really okay Sistina?」
「Ah…yes. Because of my unreasonable request we have to be more economical where we can after all.」

Sistina said, but a slight blush in her cheeks gave away her nervousness.

Well…I was nervous too…

We had exactly one room, only one bed, sleeping on the floor was denied, and there wasn’t a sofa that any of us could sleep on either. So it meant only one thing! That all of us would sleep in the bed.

「Master, please don’t fall asleep yet.」

Sistina called out. She was probably worried because I fell into thought after I dived into bed.

「Okay~ do you need help with something?」
「Fufufu…no that’s alright. Even if it’s sorting luggage we don’t have much to start with.」

Well now that she mentioned it…because of the carriage and everything inside it I had felt like we had plenty of luggage…but in the first place the only things I actually owned was this outfit, Sakura-chan, and Hotaru-san.

Ahh, but Hotaru-san turned into a human and it ‘being independent’?, so I have even less right now.

Well from the carriage we’d taken some bags, clothes, towels, and other things that we thought we could use in the future.

「Okay, now then Master. Change into these clothes please. We can wash the clothes you’re wearing lightly at the bathing area.」

Sistina said as she approached with neatly folded clothing in her hands.

I wasn’t really reluctant to change, but I truly wondered if the school uniform would end up damaged from carelessly washing it.

No matter what, this outfit and my swords were all I had from my previous world. I knew someday these clothes would wear out, but I’d like to put that off as long as possible.

「Umm…I’m fine changing but let’s not wash it for now. I’ll beat the dust off it later and wipe down the dirty looking places with a wet towel okay? I’ll be washing my t-shirt, socks, and underwear later after all.」

I said and grabbed at the clothes in Sistina’s hands, but she held them and looked at me.

「….that School Uniform thing? Certainly I have not seen the style nor the materials it is made of, so it might be more appropriate to treat it carefully. Okay, for now let us leave it in the closet. Undress please.」
「Okay~…but wait a bit.」

I hadn’t expected the bed to be this nice. The candles hanging on the walls and the lantern on the round table gave the room a dim and comfortable feeling. I could see myself falling asleep just like this.

「That’s no good Master. We’re going to go wash ourselves so please get up. That school uniform is important to you right? If you don’t treat it well, it’ll get wrinkled and torn quicker.」

Ugh~ she’s right. This was the only set of Earth clothes I had, so I had to treat them better.

I forcefully threw off the impulse to fall asleep and sat up to take off my uniform.

「I’ll help you Master.」
「Un, thanks.」

After she helped me remove the top and went to put it in the closet, I took off my t-shirt.

I doubted there would be an undershirt that felt as nice in this world, so you could say it was valuable as well. I had to treat it well and wash it clean.

「And now your pants.」

And as if it was completely natural, Sistina placed her hands on my belt. I started panicking a bit.

「Nonono, I can take off my pants by myself.」
「Nonono, no need to hold back, I am an Acolyte after all.」

Ku, Sistina’s a girl who doesn’t flinch back. She’s the best! It’s not like I’m not okay with it, but in this situation my ‘son’ is already at attention.

I’m a bit too embarrassed to suddenly show that off to Sistina.

「U-uh Sistina. I’m really fine so…」
「Mou Master…you don’t have to be so considerate.」
「W-Wai—I said wait a minute!」

Because we were pulling back and forth on my pants we lost our balance and…

I fell backwards onto the bed thankfully and didn’t injure myself.

However…the softness I felt on my stomach was even more amazing than that of the bed!!

「A-are you okay Master?」

I glanced at my chest and saw an apologetic looking Sistina lying there. If I had to say I was fine…then yes I was. However…one part of my body was about to go out of control.

「Y-yeah. I’m fine so hurry up and get off please? I mean…I’m a bit…that part is…」
「Umm…was I being…a bother?」

Ku! No you weren’t! I was very happy! But the happiness was a bit painful! Should I just give up at this point and let go?


Or so I thought when suddenly Sistina’s face blushed a deep red. Even in the dim room it was a clear change. I imagine she’d noticed my Excalibur…

「You weren’t a bother…you understand now…right?」
「….yes, thank you.」

Though she blushed, she seemed disinclined to get up off of me. She simply lay on top of me and gazed into my eyes.

Somehow I managed to hold onto my reason, but my ‘son’ was already crazy. My wildly beating heart probably gave me away completely to Sistina.

For a man this might be a bit unsightly, but having such a cute and large chested girl lying on you was far too much for a virgin to resist.


Sistina’s glistening eyes stared at me as she slowly moved upwards on my body. So erotic. Those eyes are so sexy! It was clear she wasn’t thinking clearly. In the first place, Sistina knew bedroom arts and was full of knowledge. If at that moment she turned that erotic gaze on a perverted man, they would have delusions no matter if they wanted to or not.

She was absolutely not lacking in beauty to feature in men’s day dreams. If she liked you then that was a matter of much joy.

In fact, if Sistina wanted to, then I had no reason to refuse.

My body was stiff from nervousness, but I managed to move my arms around Sistina’s back. The two mountains I had been enthralled with on our first meeting were now pressed against my chest and I could feel their softness.

My mind was numb with a sense of euphoria….as I kissed a girl for the first time in my life.


Then again for the second kiss of my life. The third kiss. The fourth.


Fifth. Sixth. Seventh. Eighth. Ninth.

「Wa…it, I…c…an’t…brea…the.」

Tenth. Eleventh. Twelfth. Thirtee….

「Eeeei! Cut it out!」



I came to my senses as I felt an impact on the top of my head as Hotaru-san lowered the back of Hotarumaru.

「How shameful…to lose yourself after just a kiss. To not be able to think about your partner is a failure for you as a man Soujirou.」
「…ku…I’m ashamed.」

Certainly it was as Hotaru-san said.

「Are you alright too Sistina? You two didn’t come down for a while so I came to check. You seemed to have a good mood going so I was just going to let things pass but…」
「Wa…yes…I’m alright. Umm! It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it so…!」
「Well, Soujirou is still a virgin after all…his greedy desires are nothing to sneeze at. I understand how you feel, but you should wait a bit. I think tonight I’ll be with Soujirou for his first. If it’s me, then no matter how rough Soujirou gets I won’t break.」

Hotaru-san said as she licked her lips. It was bewitching but also a bit scary at the same time. Actually, you just said something incredible really smoothly Hotaru-san…

「Come on Soujirou. Why aren’t you apologizing to Sistina?」
「Ah! Right! I’m sorry Sistina. It was too amazing and I lost myself.」
「N-no! I was the one who approached you after all and…like I said, I didn’t hate it…in fact for you to desire me so much…I was a bit happy.」

Sistina murmured bashfully as she blushed. Adorable.

「Okay, let’s hurry up and get changed ja.」
「Eh? For what?」


「I said to wake up Soujirou. We’re going to wash ourselves right?」

That…was certainly the plan.



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