Volume 1 Chapter 7-1: Bathing Area


「Ehh, this is the bathing area huh?」

I had changed into this world’s casual clothing with Sakura-chan on my hip as the three of us left the inn.

Well, we left but we only took a few steps next door.

「Yes. The building is circular so every door leads to a private room.」
「Since this is a bathing area there should be water…but where does it come from?」

I didn’t think this world had proper plumbing. There was surely somewhere they were pulling the water from.

However, no matter where I looked there wasn’t a river nearby. Unless there was a spring right here, or underground water then I couldn’t figure out where it came from. I also thought it would be difficult for them to bring the water from underground up here too.

「There is a magic stone that creates water here. A large water stone is installed.」

She explained that when exploring the Tower they could obtain magic stones, and those magic stones had attributes that could be used to make daily life easier.

The main income of those who entered the Towers were selling the drops from monsters and the magic stones they found.

Among the stones, the water stone would produce water when you put magic into it.

The bathing area would have a large pillar set up in the middle of it with a large bowl-like vessel where they would place the water stone. It was there that the water would build up throughout the day.

From that vessel the water would run into the different rooms when you opened the spigot. The used water would run down the drain and be filtered in the basement. The filtered water would then be used like well water or for irrigation.

「So for this town without a river, the exploration of the Tower is an important source of magic stones?」
「Yes. Originally this town relied upon an underground water source, but over time it dried up. The old Lord then compared the costs of discovering a new water source and excavating it, to the costs of setting up a transfer formation to the tower and found it would be more cost effective to set up the formation. However, at first the transfer formation didn’t show any results and the citizens were near revolt, but soon larger numbers of Tower Explorers arrived which improved the economy and furthermore stabilized the supply of magic stones which also solved the water shortage. As time went on the population grew and the Lord built up the walls until the outer town came into existence. The town has grown much since then.」
「Wait…if that’s the case, then if the tower is subjugated this town will be in trouble right?」

If they lost access to the magic stones created by the tower then wouldn’t this town lose access to the people and goods that made it prosper?

The purpose of exploring the tower was to lower the threat of monster attacks, but they used the items from the monsters to improve their living conditions. I felt like that made people lose the motivation to actually clear the Towers.

Was it actually the case that it would be best to leave the Towers in existence and simply control the monster population through hunting instead of extermination?

「Certainly…that might be the contradiction of this world. However, once a Tower is subjugated the surrounding area becomes very prosperous. For that reason, places near the tower place importance upon subjugating it. However, for those towns further away they only receive the benefits of the Tower’s existence and may simply put on a show of trying to conquer it. They would probably be troubled if the tower was actually conquered.」

Un, it wasn’t just Earth that had its fair share of complications.

「Well then, let’s go.」

Sistina urged us onward and we handed over our tickets before entering the bathing area.

When we entered I saw several benches close to the walls. They were probably so that people could wait for their group to finish bathing once they were done.

Beyond that I saw the path split into a T junction. Each side curved into a circular shape with doors along each hallway.

「We just need to choose an open door, then we lock it once we get inside. If you finish bathing before me then don’t feel bad about heading back to the inn early.」
「No no it’s fine. Since the three of us came here together, we can leave together as well. Let’s have whoever finished first just wait out here.」

Sistina was probably planning to do the laundry while she was inside so it would take more time, but since she had also taken my laundry and insisted that she should wash it, I would feel bad if I left her here by herself and went off to relax at the inn.

「Let’s hurry up and get in Soujirou. This is my first time bathing so I’m looking forward to it. Though I would have preferred a bath since I’ve heard that they feel good.」
「Me too…alright! We’re definitely making a bath. Even if we have to make one that we heat with a fire underneath it!」
「Oho, then I’m looking forward to it Soujirou.」
「Leave it to me!」

Honestly, I didn’t have much confidence in making one, but I had determination. Let’s make that one of my goals in this world.

「A bath really sounds like it’s a very nice thing. If you can make one I’d like you to teach me about it.」
「Of course!」

At that time I will definitely ask you to come in with me. That makes my motivation to make a bath at MAX.

After that the three of us split up and went into our private rooms. I locked my door and saw there was a small changing room and one more door beyond it. I took off my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel before carrying Sakura-chan and opening the other door.


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