Volume 1 Chapter 9-2: Rank Up


「Alright! Then where should we go first? Weapon store? Armor store? Second-hand shop?」
「I believe we should start with the weapons shop. After all, no matter how much we strengthen our defense it won’t matter if we can’t defeat anything. Furthermore, if it is small injuries I can heal them.」

Sistina said with a smile on her face. Apparently she was the type to prefer offense over defense. Skill-wise it looked like her Acolyte skills were more skewed towards defense rather than attacking…but it might be a reaction to when she had been unable to use her power as she pleased.

However, I had no objections with our destination. I followed her advice and let her guide us to the weapons shop.

「Oh that’s right, your skills said you can use Recovery Arts. Is that magic?」
「Well…it’s a 『pseudo magic』. Recovery Arts are what you learn when you learn Medical Skills and Healing Magic.」

I see. So in short it was a skill that you learned when obtaining doctor skills and then going further to learn healing magic? I get the feeling that it was more effective than just regular healing magic.

I didn’t know how far the medical sciences had progressed in this world, but I was fairly certain that they would know the structure of someone’s body to some degree. It also made sense that someone who had knowledge of that could increase the effectiveness of their healing magic.

「Magic huh…will I be able to learn to use it?」

Since this world appeared to have magic I definitely wanted to give it a try. I was burning up from the idea of using fire and lightning to roast some monsters. On Earth I would’ve been made fun of as a chuunibyou (TN: delusional pre-teen) but in this world with swords and magic I didn’t need to worry.

「I’m not sure. Everyone has magic but the difference is how much. If you have enough magic within you that you can feel it, then you should be able to train to the point where you can use different magic spells.」
「Really!? Please teach me!!」
「That’s fine. I’ll try to train you a bit this evening.」

Kuuu~ I’m so pumped!

Maybe the day will come when I can shoot a Kame(hame)ha with my own hands! Wait that’s Ki not magic…

As I was daydreaming we reached the weapon shop and entered.

「Ohhh! This is awesome.」

As we entered I saw a counter and various walls lined up with a variety of weapons. Many weapons were similar to those I knew of from Earth. Swords like an estoc, bastard sword, claymore, broadsword, rapier, talwar, etc.

Additionally there were dagger type, bow type, hammer and mallet type, and spear-like weapons.

Since everyone in this world needed a weapon there were a lot of varieties. Because of that their crafting method had progressed quite a bit but…

「There’s no katanas huh…」
「Seems so. Maybe there’s no Japanese Sword Smiths around.」

A Japanese katana required detailed crafting that took a while. You had to craft each one carefully and with great skill or an excellent sword would not be born.

That such a systematic method of creating katanas had been born in early Japan is practically a miracle.

「So Sistina, which weapon were you thinking?」
「I wonder…truthfully thanks to the contract I made with you I received more blessings than expected…I think I should be able to handle a fairly heavy weapon. I think…I’ll try something like a battle axe.」

Sistina chuckled with a nice smile as she grabbed a battle axe off the wall without hesitation.

The battle axe handle was 120 cm and the blade was around 30 cm making the total size around 150cm long. Comparing it to Sistina’s height this was clearly and oversized weapon for her size and weight wise, but Sistina didn’t seem to mind at all.

The blade seemed well honed and able to cut well. Furthermore on the other side of the blade there would usually be a spike or another blade…however this one had a hammer on the other side. It was a weapon that could be used for cutting and bashing.

『Arms Appraisal』

『Axe Hammer Rank: F Refining Lvl: 11
Skill: Strength Correction (minute)』

Oh, it wasn’t a battle axe? An axe hammer huh…

Even so it seems like even if they aren’t Katanas weapons could have skills on them…those bandit weapons didn’t go beyond G-rank, so thinking about it an F-rank with a skill might not be too bad.

「It’s an okay weapon. It is F-rank and has a strength correction skill on it.」
「Ah, you used arms appraisal. Well then, is it alright if I use this weapon?」
「If you’re alright with it, then I am too.」
「Okay, thank you very much. I’m sorry I ended up choosing before you Soujirou-sama.」
「Do we not have to worry about what the weapon is made of?」

I had to ask since Sistina had made an awfully quick decision. There was a possibility of there being rare materials that didn’t exist on Earth.

Sistina leaned in a bit and spoke in a lowered voice.

「A town of this level will have very few weapons made of special materials.」

As we browsed the weapons, Sistina explained the weapons in this world a bit.

Most readily available weapons were made of materials that could be found on Earth like bronze, iron, or steel. There were also crafting materials that had a high compatibility with magic power and they were generally referred to as 『magic material』.

Among them there were magic copper, magic iron, magic steel, magic silver, magic gold, and more. They were all very expensive.

If you were to buy a sword made entirely out of magic material, even the cheapest magic copper one would cost you between 500,000 and 1,000,000 mars. In yen that would be over 5,000,000.

Rather than that it was easier to simply insert a magic stone into a normal blade.

The main difference was that magic materials themselves were very tough and when you put different magic inside of them they would produce various effects.

For a magic stone it would only ever show the same power as the stone equipped in the blade. It would also be limited in the strength it could show.

Furthermore, once you used up all the power in the magic stone you would have to switch it out for another.

One’s who handle magic materials were called 『Magic Artisans』 and those who inserted magic stones into goods were 『Magic Craftsmen』 whose jobs required experience in many different fields so there were not too many of them. Because of that, though they were in great demand, most of them would set up shop in a town nearby a tower since their goods would be sold more quickly.

That’s why even if the town had a tower transfer circle, there was a low chance of encountering such people unless it was close to a tower itself.

It seemed that the axe hammer Sistina had chosen was made of the most expensive regular material, which was steel, and that the actual skill of the one who made it was not bad at all.

The price also wasn’t too bad at 62,000 mars.

「I see. So in other words those items are luxuries that are far out of reach…beyond our means. At some point in the future I want to get my hands on one though.」
「Fufufu, I suppose so.」

As I glanced at the cutely giggling Sistina holding her big axe hammer I happened to see something that caught my eye.



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