Volume 2 Chapter 1-1: Lord

「So lively….」

「Actually isn’t it mean to call us after waiting so long?」

After we all relaxed and slept til around noon we calmly left to visit the Lord’s mansion.

Though we had been told to come over by the Tower Manager, it was supposedly an invite by the Lord himself. I didn’t want to ignore it and leave issues for the future. Since the Lord was probably going to thank us it was better to settle things sooner than later.

We went to the Lord’s home, but we were told 「Please wait a while」 and were led to a waiting room where we sat for twenty minutes.

Well I understand that he couldn’t see us immediately since we didn’t make an appointment so I didn’t mind taking my time and waiting.

The only problem I had was that the mansion seemed strangely active and noisy. I could sense large numbers of people moving around hurriedly through the lobby.

「Are these Manors usually like this?」

「I rarely left the Temple so I wouldn’t know.」

「Well it’s fine if we need to wait…」

After all we didn’t have any tasks that needed to be rushed. We wouldn’t be especially troubled even if we had to wait half a day. Truthfully I had wanted to go shopping today if we were able to wrap up our business here quickly.

During the battles the other day my gear had been broken and Sistina’s weapon revealed how weak it was against high level creatures. We had to find some countermeasures for that as well as either repairing or buying new chain mail for me. We also had to rethink several things in case of injuries occurring like last time.

Sakura also achieved human form so we had to increase our party ring to a four set, plus we had to replenish the smaller items that we used.

All this would cost quite a lot of money, but there was no worries on that front.

I want to buy the best things possible so that if a dangerous situation occurs again we can more safely get through it.

「OH! I’m truly sorry for the wait!」

As I was daydreaming the door swung open revealing a bearded, middle-aged man in nice clothes.

By feeling his presence through Hotaru and Sakura I knew he was approaching, but both Sistina and I didn’t expect him to slam open the door and shout with a loud voice, so we jumped a bit.

「Milord, if you would please open the door more calmly so as not to scare your guests.」

「Mu! AH that’s right! Sorry GUESTS!」

「I would also humbly request milord lower your voice. Those not used to it may be intimidated on accident.」

「OU! I see. How many times have you told me before?」

「It will be the 1,217th time for the door and the 2,381st time for your voice.」

「Umu. As expected it’s about time I start remembering or it’ll be bad AHAHAHA!」

「That’s the 793rd time you’ve said that.」

What kind of show is this….

A young lady in a maid outfit with a blank face was mercilessly retorting to this bearded man, but he didn’t seem to care at all.

「I see I see! Well let’s leave those talks for another time. Right now we have to show our benefactors proper hospitality!」

「Understood. Then Fujinomiya-sama and your party, allow this humble one to guide you to the parlor.「

「Sorry! I’ll head over soon as well so go ahead with Mimosa. Mimosa give them the best hospitality you can, be careful not to be rude.」

「Please leave them to me. I have great confidence in my hospitality as long as Milord is not around.」

「Umu! As expected of Mimosa, I’m counting on you!」

Are you really okay with her saying it like that?? I can definitely hear that she’s making fun of you….

It was a scene that made you want to retort, but their momentum kept me from speaking out so I simply heaved a sigh and followed the maid named Mimosa.

The parlor seems to be on the second floor so we were guided through the fancy seeming mansion until we reached a room that seemed fit to be an entertaining room for a wealthy lord.

First of all this was the first time I had seen something that could be called a sofa in this world. There was a large table and some kind of stand as well. Looking around I saw a fur carpet and various paintings lining the walls.

「Please take a seat. I will be back shortly with drinks.」

Mimosa bowed as we looked around the room and exited.

For now I sat on the couch and timidly opened my mouth.

「Umm…am I right to think that beard guy is the Lord?」

「…Probably, I think that’s the case.」

「Well he doesn’t seem like the type to express things without words ja. Maybe he’s an unexpectedly easy to get along with Lord ja.」

「Sakura doesn’t really like beards so I’ll pass!」

「No it’s not that kind of ‘getting along’ so don’t shout that it’s a pass.」

Sakura snickered as I lightly poked her forehead. If she said such a thing to the man in question it might anger him and cause issues.

I didn’t want to stand out too much but we’ve already been called by the Lord…maybe I should more seriously think about moving our base to a different city.


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