Volume 2 Chapter 1-2: Lord


*knock knock*

「Pardon me. I have brought drinks for our esteemed guests.」

Mimosa properly knocked and moved with polished grace through the door before bowing and placing cups in front of us.

「This is our specialty mineral water from the lake’s source squeezed with rimple fruit juice.」

I could see her implying I should try it, so I took a sip and it was quite tasty.

「Mmm…so you mixed in a fruit like apples in…」
「These are thinly cut rimples that are then cooked. The excess liquid is removed and concentrates the sweet and sour flavor making them fine snacks. Please try them.」

She said and placed plates in front of us with lovely looking apple chips on top of them.

Now that I think of it, I hadn’t really seen any dessert since coming to this world. I liked sweets well enough, and when I realized I hadn’t tried any, I felt some expectations.

I swallowed my saliva and grabbed one with my fingers and placed it in my mouth.

*crunch* a delightful crunchiness and a sweet sour flavor spread through my mouth.


I commented and continued to stuff them into my mouth until my plate was empty.

「It seems you liked them Soujirou-sama. I can make these kinds of dishes as well so please tell me whenever you want them. Even without a stove I can create these.」

I see…without an available kitchen I hadn’t been able to see how skilled Sistina was as a chef and I couldn’t benefit from her skills. Now I really wanted a house with a kitchen.

「Rimples aren’t the only delicious one. There’s Ichberries and Napiers that taste delicious so I’ll try to make them for you.」
「Ohh! I don’t know what fruits those are but they sound delicious. I’ll be counting on you Sistina.」
「I apologize for interrupting your conversation, but the idiot is coming soon so please prepare yourselves as much as possible.」

This girl is just straight up calling the Lord she serves an idiot. How many troubles has he caused her? I’m starting to feel bad for her.

「SORRY! For Making you wait! I, the Lord of Reitoku, Isaac di Ark is here! I thank you for dealing with this incident and rescue on the 『First Floor』 of the Tower from the bottom of my heart!」

BAM! The door slammed open as the Lord both introduced himself and thanked us all in one sentence in a booming voice.


「What do you think you’re doing entering like that?? Open the door, close the door, introduce yourself, sit in your seat, offer them a seat, thank them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?」

Mimosa hissed into the Lord’s ear after smacking him with a leather sandal that suddenly appeared in her hand.

Isn’t this overkill?

「GAHAHA! Ah that’s right! So this is when I was supposed to use what you told me earlier!?」

You don’t care!? Aren’t you a bigshot Mr. Lord?

「Well whatever. You can close the door for me. Now~ you were…」
「Fujinomiya is his name.」
「Oh right! Fujinomiya-dono. I thank you for the trouble you went through the other day!」

We completely missed the timing to rise for his entrance so we panicked and stood but the Lord just waved to make us sit back down and plopped himself on his own sofa.

「I know I said it before, but you did well to resolve this issue. If the novices continued to enter and die then before long rumors would spread that Reitoku Tower was too dangerous and our influx of people would plummet. Our economy would take major damage and things would start to spin out of control.」

Oh so he can look serious? Well, despite everything he rules this city so he can’t just be an idiot. I have to reevaluate this Lord Isaac.

「I cannot hide that an irregularity occurred in the Tower. However, the fact that it was resolved quickly has quite the effect. It’s even more effective if it is shown that the Lord himself was involved in the resolution of the incident.」

I see, that’s why I want to appeal that the lord was actively involved in solving the situation by letting us who solved the situation receive a reward.

We didn’t move due to the Lord’s request, but we wouldn’t lose anything by letting this pass. We just had to accept the reward we were given…however

「I understand. Then we will receive the reward for Isaac-sama’s request.」
「Ohh! Thanks! Sorry for pushing things like this but I’m grateful for your consideration.」

Isaac said and bowed.

「There’s one request though.」
「Oh…what is it? If I can do it then I will fulfill your request.」
「No, it’s nothing difficult. We’re simply still in training so we won’t be happy if our name gets known while we’re still unprepared. I would like the situation to be resolved by saying 『The party completed the Lord’s request』 without revealing our identity.」

If we became too famous too soon, then things might get revealed about Hotaru-san or Sakura, plus our members are all beautiful women so strange men might stalk them or we might get resented.

I wanted to take my new life in this world easy so I had no intention of getting famous at this point.

「I see. Fine then! I’ll protect the privacy of your party! However, it’s not as if I can silence everyone who saw you in the lobby or everyone you saved. Please be prepared for some degree of information to leak.」

Certainly that was unavoidable. Even if the Lord didn’t call us there was the possibility of being followed. I nodded to indicate my acceptance.

「Umu! Then let’s enumerate your reward. First for saving lives 100,000 mars, second for defeating the floor boss 100,000 mars, third for treatment of wounds and losses sustained 100,000 mars, fourth for accepting the request quickly and fulfilling it 100,000 mars, and fifth…for hush money…100,000 mars. Mimosa…」
「Certainly milord.」

Once again Mimosa pulled something out of thin air. This time it was a bag filled with money that she handed over to Isaac.

He casually held it and shook the bag to let us hear the coins jingle before placing it on the table.



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