Volume 2 Chapter 2-3: Base Company


Despite Will-san’s confident words we would be unable to move to Fresberg on the same day since Will-san required time to prepare things. We made an appointment to return to the Base Company the next morning.

「Isn’t that nice Sou-sama? It looks like we’ll be able to buy a house just for us.」

Sakura said happily as she stroked her new party ring affectionately. She must have felt a bit jealous that the three of us had been matching without her before.

「Yeah. Even if the location is a bit inconvenient, I would prefer having a slightly large home in a quiet area.」

「That’s right. I’d like someplace large enough to continue training Soujirou ja.」


Hotaru-san seems full of spirit when thinking of training me…

「Umm, Soujirou-sama…I would like a home with a full kitchen. There’s many foods I would like to feed you.」

「Un. That’s a definite necessity. I’m actually really looking forward to your cooking Sistina. Even that emergency rations you made when we first met was good, I can’t wait to see what you create when you have proper ingredients.」

Sistina smiled joyfully as she heard me speak. It seemed as if having her housework skills admired was nearly the same or more pleasing than having her combat abilities admired.

「Alright, then tonight we’ll return to the inn and get prepared to leave.」


「Sakura will help too.」

「I’ll just drink some sake so do your best ja.」

Well even if she says that, we barely had any luggage so the preparations ended quickly. We had our dinner and I had some ‘fun’ with Sistina. Then I used magic conversion to do some fun ‘work’ with Hotaru-san and Sakura in the name of training. And so I spent the night immersed in soft sensations and fell asleep happily.

Early the next morning we arranged our luggage and exited the inn before heading to the Base Company to meet with Will-san.

We immediately set off to the transport circle and teleported to Fresberg. Since we were using the Base Company’s services they covered our transport costs.

「Uwa! This is…pretty amazing.」

As we exited the transport circle I couldn’t help but exclaim at the sight before me.

The Transfer Circle in Fresberg was near the center of the city so once we exited we saw a sea of people flowing through the streets. I never expected to see a scene that reminded me of Tokyo in this other world.

Certainly this matched what people would call the City of Chaos.

「This area has plenty of open shops and the transfer circle in the morning so it’s usually like this.」

Will-san said as he skillfully weaved through the crowds guiding us.

As we were chasing after Will-san as not to lose him, I smelled a faint familiar smell.

「Will-san, could this city be close to the sea?」

「You noticed? You must have a good nose Fujinomiya-sama. The reason Fresberg became so large is because it has a Tower, sea, mountains, and plains around it. North the Tower, West the Sea, East the Mountains, and South the plains. Magic Stones from the Tower’s Explorers, trade and marine products from the sea, materials and animals from the mountains, and farmland from the plains.」

Well that’s amazing. Of course people would gather. A place with plenty of food and profit to be had, once people gather, money would gather.

Just that even though they say it was next to the sea, it would take a day by carriage to reach it and the scent of salt could only be smelled on days when the wind blew from that direction.

Therefore on the whole it couldn’t be said that it was bordered by sea and mountains. There was a river running down the mountain into the sea that passed by Fresberg so small ships could ride the current to travel fairly quickly.

In addition to trade ships, there are several paid round-trip ships a day, and it seems that ordinary people can make a round trip to the port in a short time if they pay for it.

I was a little worried about what was beyond the sea, but I probably wouldn’t bother to cross the sea, and I’m not in a situation where I can talk about that leisurely, so I’ll ask again someday.

I wonder if there was something like a world map. There probably wasn’t someone like Ino Tadataka, but maybe they had rough maps that could be used as reference.

By the way, Mr. Ino is a great person who walked the coastline of Japan for 17 years, surveyed it, and made a detailed map of Japan.


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