Volume 2 Chapter 5-2: A New Magic Sword

「So, I’ll be meeting with the craftsmen Will-san recommended tomorrow. I’ll need all of you to think of what equipment you want. This time I want to get a full set of magic equipment and tools. I don’t know if we’ll have enough money for it all, but I don’t want to compromise.」

After the party and bathing had finished, I gathered everyone in the living room and conveyed my intentions.

「Don’t worry about us ja, it’s more important for you and Sistina to get equipped ja.」

「Hotaru-san. I said 『Everyone』. I don’t want to see something like that happen a second time.」


Hotaru-san groaned and fell silent. I was sure I didn’t need to elaborate further for her to remember that horrible battle.

「I understand that full armor would get in the way of your movements Hotaru-san but…I’d like you to consider it within the limits of it not restricting you. I know as someone less skilled than you I don’t have much of a right to say it, but please consider doing this for me.」

Normally it would be the ultimate discourtesy for a weak disciple like myself to find fault with their master’s fighting style. However, all I wished for was some peace of mind. I wanted to feel secure that she was at least wearing some kind of armor.

「…I understand Soujirou…it was my fault in the first place. I made you feel uneasy by showing such a pathetic appearance ja.」

「Thank you, Hotaru-san. You’re fine with it too Sakura?」

「Of course! Sakura doesn’t want to see Sou-sama hurt any more…it makes me sad. So Sakura knows that Sou-sama would feel the same if Sakura got hurt!」

I’m glad. I don’t know what equipment we’ll be getting yet, but I want something that would allow us to fight with the Dracomantis at least equally.

「Then for now we should reconfirm our current skills.」

「That’s right, if we don’t know our capabilities then we won’t be able to match equipment properly. Then I’ll be going. <<Reveal>>」

『Sistina Karma: -42 Age: 16

Job/Class: Acolyte (Fujinomiya Soujirou)

Skills: Housework Cooking Childcare Contract

Axe-Hammer Technique Art of Self-defense

Guard Arts Recovery Arts + Negotiation Arts 

Art of Lovemaking(Bedroom Arts)

Special Skill: Book of Wisdom』

Sistina moved the window so we could all see and we were a bit surprised. She had obtained a new skill called 『Axe-Hammer Technique』 and her healing skill had leveled up.

Even if you’re not a sword you can gain experience and strengthen your skills…but even this just proved how incredibly fierce the battle back then had been.

「You finally got an offensive skill huh Sistina? I’m looking forward to your development ja.」

「Un, Sistina is just as amazing as Hotaru-san. Does this Axe-Hammer Technique only work for that specific weapon?」

「…No, I looked it up just now and it seems it can work for both Axes and Hammers as well.」

「Is that so? Then the question is whether we strengthen your current weapon or buy a new axe or hammer…」

「Yes, I feel like I have just gotten used to this Axe Hammer so if they can strengthen it well, then I’d prefer that…」

I understood how she felt. I would have loved to keep fighting with that bastard sword if it hadn’t broken. However, the fact that it had been unable to deal effective damage to a powerful enemy told me that such sentimentality could not be allowed.

「We’ll discuss that tomorrow and find out. Now next is Hotaru-san 『Arms Appraisal』」

『Hotarumaru Rank: S++ Training Level (Max) Essence Level: 44

Skills: Empathy Communication Personification Sense Presence + Sense Killing Intent+ Swordsmanship + Body Strengthening + Attack Boost + Arms Repair

Light Magic+』


「What is it Soujirou? If you don’t speak up we won’t know.」

「Ah…sorry. Your training level didn’t go up, but your skill levels increased so I was a bit surprised.」

I had thought that surely swords couldn’t get stronger unless you raised their training rank so I was a bit shocked. So does that mean if Hotaru-san’s Essence Level maxed out at some point, it doesn’t mean that it was limited? Of course, I was sure that it wasn’t going to be easy to progress further but…I think this may have been caused by the harsh training Hotaru-san had undergone lately.

「Hou…so that’s my swordsmanship and light magic?」

「Eh!? Yes they were the ones that increased, but how did you know?」

「Well I felt it…or some such ja. After all, the training I underwent was focused on both of those aspects ja.」

As expected Hotaru-san is amazing! I can’t fall back. Once I get my own weapon I need to have Hotaru-san train me in swordsmanship properly.

「Then as expected the thing we need to focus on is armor for you.」

「Umu, I just thought of something I could use. Let’s ask about it later.」

「Alright then, the next one up is Sakura 『Arms Appraisal』」

『Sakura Rank: B Training Lvl: 31 Essence Level: 52

Skills: Empathy Communication Personification Sense Presence Invisibility Agility Boost+ Accuracy Boost Magic Power Boost Fire Magic』

「Un, Sakura doesn’t have any big changes. It might be nice to get her a short sword or some armguards like a ninja.」

「Sakura wants a ninja hood!」

Eh? A ninja hood…isn’t that the squid looking hat that only shows your eyes? Isn’t it something only used to hide your face…it has no defensive value…

Sakura is really putting on airs….but there might be a helmet that looks similar so I’ll keep it in mind.


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