Volume 2 Chapter 5-4: A New Magic Sword


「Also Soujirou, despite my looks I’ve been in many battlefields through the years, but this one got put in the hands of a famous person early on so she’s lacking in combat experience compared to her age. That’s why compared to me her rank is so low.

Even though she was the elder, the one Soujirou chose back on Earth was me. Once we came to this world the difference in our abilities was made clear…it’s obvious she would be too ashamed to speak ja.」

『…………………………..ukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!! I can no longer endure this! If I continue to remain silent you shall continue to flap your gums desuwa! For being younger you always seem to have something to say don’t you!?

In the first place, how dare you claim this lady to be past her prime! As long as you care for a sword properly there shall be no deterioration with age! Furthermore, this lady is not a barbarian such as yourself, that is all!

I maintained my dignity as a lady which you abandoned in your barbaric pursuit of power desuwa! As a lady I far outclass you, it is this lady’s victory!』


O-oooh…I can get a feel for what kind of person she is.

Actually I can see Hotaru-san barely holding in her laughter…she’s completely just teasing her. I can see this was probably how they spent their time in the warehouse.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Hotaru-san playing jokes like this.

Well, first of all I think I should adjust the name. No matter how I hear it, Sukezane doesn’t sound like a girl’s name…and I’d prefer to call her something different.

「Umm…excuse me S-Sukezane?」

『Ahh! To think I got taken in by that ape’s provocations and neglected my greetings to the Master! I’m terribly sorry House head!』

「Ah, no…I don’t really mind. Hotaru-san looks like she’s having fun too…」

「Kukuku….aah, I’m definitely having fun ja. Making fun of an old lady who can’t move a finger yet makes excuses all the time is the best ja.」

『Kuu….you’d best remember this you ape! Once this lady can turn into human form you shan’t be let off easily!』

Ahh! Come on! They keep going back and forth!

「Hotaru-san! Let up on the teasing for now will you? I have something I want to speak with Sukezane about.」

Hotaru-san nodded while still holding back her laughter. It seems she really loved to mess with Sukezane.

「Well then, first off I would like to give you a name okay? No matter how you hear it, Sukezane isn’t a woman’s name. I don’t know if I can change the name on the appraisal, but I can at least come up with a nickname.」

『Ara, how truly wonderful. If the Master wishes to name me then I shall have no complaints wa.』

Now I’ve got her consent so…what should I do?

Hotarumaru had Hotaru which was a good lady name, so I was able to keep things as is, but Sakura had gotten her name from me most likely so I believe I should be able to change the appraisal name.

In that case I had to make sure I came up with something good.

Hotaru and Sakura are short with only one kanji….if I went with a shortened Nikko Sukezane then 『Hikari(light)』? No that doesn’t feel right. Maybe something like Hotaru-san(firefly) I could go with 『Chou (butterfly)』…that still doesn’t feel right.

To think this was Tokugawa Ieyasu’s sword…I really summoned something amazing. It seems my luck was still high. Hm? Wait…Tokugawa…Tokugawa!

「Alright! Sukezane, I will now name you 『Aoi』」

『Aoi? …hmm Aoi! That does sound like a wonderful name Master, I will gratefully accept it!』

Hearing her voice I could tell she quite liked it. The source of this name came from the Tokugawa crest which was a three leaved hollyhock(mitsuba aoi) so it wasn’t very creative.

However, seeing as she had been identified as the Tokugawa blade for over 300 years I wanted to make sure I paid homage to that identity.

「Un, from now on I’ll be in your care. It was just a while ago that I lost the weapon I had been using. I’m glad that Aoi came at this time to help me out.」

『Yes! Please leave this task to your humble lady. I shall prove more useful to you than this boorish ape!』

「Well do you understand your current situation and where we are?」

『No! Not in the slightest!』


Hm…I can kind of understand why Hotaru-san likes to tease her so much.

「I’ll explain in detail about this world and what our current situation is later, but for now I have something important to tell you.」


「Just recently, each and every one of us were close to dying.」

『Eh?…even that ape over there?』

「Hotaru-san and Sakura as well.」

『Sakura? Ahh, so you named that child over there Sakura…Master, is this world one where you need to fight so much?』

「Un, so I know there may be times where Aoi must enter into unreasonable battles with me but….I hope you would follow me nonetheless.」



『Is this boy really…the sword loving child from back then?』

「Indeed, he is undoubtedly the same Soujirou.」

『He’s our Master isn’t he?』

「Hasn’t he become cool?」

『…Indeed. For the short time I haven’t seen him he’s become such a splendid young man.』

「Kukuku…are you frustrated you couldn’t bear witness to his growth ja?」

『That…may be so…no I am not frustrated. There are so many of our comrades who have yet to come over. Just coming over so early is a blessing for me wa.』

Aoi continued to speak her thoughts to Hotaru-san then…

『Master, this Aoi will entrust everything to you. Please use me as you will.』

「Un, thank you Aoi. I’ll be in your care from now on.」

「Hmm, it seems your eyes for men haven’t spoiled ja.」

For now I’ll just ignore what Hotaru-san was muttering, ah but I should close my 『window』before moving on.


『Fujinomiya Soujirou Karma: -5 Age: 17

Job: Magic Swordmaster

Skills: Language Reading Comprehension   Simple Appraisal Arms Appraisal Repair  Refining Essence Refining  Magic Sword Summon (0)

Special Skill: Magic Essence Conversion』

My Magic Sword Summon became Zero….so it wasn’t a level but a number of uses? I don’t know what would make it increase though…but since the skill hadn’t disappeared, I was sure I could use it at a later date.

Let’s make calling as many of those swords to this world one of my goals. I had already fulfilled my ‘bath making’ goal so it was a perfect replacement.

Leaving that aside…I wonder if Aoi knew how to utilize her skills.

「Aoi, do you have any idea what you can do with your skills?」

『For Intimidation, Domination, and Vainglory there are a few parts I don’t understand, but I think I have the hang of Magic Manipulation. Please take a look.』

Aoi said and began focusing.

「Ehh! This is?」

The result was immediately visible. I saw a black mass appear floating in front of me.

『This is most likely magic power desuwa?』

I see, this means that Aoi was most likely more proficient in handling magic power than the others. Her aptitude was probably the attribute granted to the power itself.

I wonder why she didn’t have Dark Magic though…If you imagine something and cause the phenomena then isn’t that pretty much the same thing…well whatever. Either way, while she was still in sword form there shouldn’t be much use for it.



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