Volume 2 Chapter 6-1: Book of Wisdom


In the end we settled down while still not knowing the exact usage of Aoi’s abilities. 『Vainglory』 was a unique skill but I couldn’t help but wonder what effects it would have that would make it be conceited like 「I am the best ever!」…

Most likely it was some kind of self-conceited ability but I couldn’t really get an idea of what it did.

My relationship with Aoi was fine for now. Once we completed our preparations and headed back into the Tower I was sure that various things would come to light.

The only issue was that we had reached a point where we needed to be open with Sistina about our true origins.

Up until now Sistina had been watching over us with a calm look on her face despite being the only one unable to hear Aoi’s voice as we chatted along.

That showed the trust she had in us and that made me happy but…on the other hand it also made me realize that keeping Sistina in the dark like this was a disservice to her faith and loyalty.

To be completely honest it would have been fine to reveal everything as soon as she signed the subordination contract with me, but Sistina accepted things so naturally and easily that I kept forgetting to say anything because she never kicked up a fuss.

「Hotaru-san what do you think about telling Sistina everything about us?」

「….you haven’t told her yet? You’re a bad man Soujirou ja.」

I asked when Sistina went to refill our tea, and Hotaru-san simply looked at me coldly.

「Alright then…Sistina I have something to tell you. Please sit here.」

「Eh? ….here?」

I patted my lap with my hands so she could sit down.


「Stop messing around Soujirou ja.」

「Oww…s-sorry. Please take a seat.」

I rubbed the sore spot on my head and had Sistina move to the seat across from me.

Sistina giggled as she got off my lap and sat down in the chair.

「It’s a bit late, but I wanted to explain where we are from and how we got here.」

「Eh….is that okay?」

「Of course. Truthfully I should have told you earlier but I ended up….」

「did you forget…?」

「….Yes….sorry. I just want to make sure that you know it is not because of lacking trust in you.」

I meekly bowed my head and Sistina paused for a moment before beginning to giggle.

「Fufufu…so it was like that. Please raise your head Master, I’m not angry. I knew there were some circumstances surrounding you, I also supposed it wasn’t something you could bring up lightly….well I did feel a bit alienated though.」


「She got you Sou-sama~~ Sis’ has been getting better at teasing.」

『W-wait! Now this lady is the one getting left behind! This girl isn’t a sword right? Who is she!?』

Things were getting a bit out of control, but I decided to leave Aoi alone for the moment and focus on telling Sistina everything as is.


「……..A planet called Earth is it? A different world than our own….I’m sorry. The story has gotten so big all of a sudden.」

As I finished speaking Sistina reacted as such. It wasn’t as if she was doubting us, but she was clearly bewildered. Of course she would be, unlike Earth there were no Light Novels here that described being sent to another world, so there was no concept of such a thing.

Even besides that there wasn’t really a concept of different planets, so thinking that there might be another world out there with intelligent life was something unheard of for the people here.

「Yes indeed. In my previous world being sent to a different world was the subject of fiction that was quite popular. Maybe because I read those stories I could accept being sent here more easily.」

「No, I’m not doubting that. If you think a bit then it would explain why Master wanted to know everything including the meaning of words, and why you had things I’ve never seen like that school uniform.

I don’t even know everything about this world yet, and suddenly I’m presented with a whole different world…my imagination can’t keep up.」

I see…certainly that might be the case. Well, even if she says that I didn’t know everything about Earth either. I did know from maps and videos what it looked like, what the countries were, and who lived there.

In other words, the map inside my mind is a globe, and I could expand my mental map to include space.

However, Sistina’s case was different. Her internal map was like a blank piece of paper that only included places she has been. If someone said that City A was somewhere out in the blank area everything except that point would still be blank.

In that kind of mental state it was no wonder why her imagination couldn’t keep up with the concept of a different world.


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