Chapter 06 – A Weak Mob is Treated as a Strong Monster for Some Reason


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A Weak Mob is Treated as a Strong Monster for Some Reason

「Would you be selling raw materials, Sir?」

The receptionist addressed me with a radiant smile as I approached the purchasing counter.

「Yeah. I wanna sell a monster’s fangs, but I don’t know its name.」

「…You don’t know the name of the monster you killed? I can understand if you were a beginner. Still, you should learn all you can about your enemy before you fight it.」she said, regarding my whole being.

It seemed she was concerned about me.

She had a point. Fighting an enemy you know nothing about is suicidal. Unlike in BBO, if you die here, there’s no respawn. I should be more cautious when facing a monster I’m not familiar with.

「I am a beginner… who haven’t even registered for the guild yet. Wait, can I sell if I’m not even a member?」

「You can. However different monsters have different marketable parts, so there’s no guarantee that you can sell the fang.」

…It would be quicker if I just showed her. I’m sure someone who works at purchasing would at least know the name of the monster just by seeing the raw material.

「I want to sell these fangs.」I said as I took them out.

She took a glance.

「Wolf’s fangs!」 she exclaimed.

…It looks like the monster I took down is known as a Wolf in this world as well.

「Come on, now. You shouldn’t lie. Where did you buy this fang? There are some who buy materials from outside then bring them here, but selling them without an official request won’t count as an achievement and will not go on your record.」

She thought I bought the fangs so I could farm achievements. I doubt killing a monster that weak counts as one, though… Maybe the Wolf I fought just happened to be a weaker one.

「I killed it just now. Is it really a rank C monster? That can’t be right.」

「It’s true. It says so in the guild’s bestiary.」

「I guess the one I killed just happened to be weaker.」

「They’re the same species so there shouldn’t be that much difference in strength. Besides, you said you killed it “just now”, but those fangs are too clean.」

Fair enough.
That reminds me, this world doesn’t know about the spell 『Cleanse』 either.

For now, let’s set aside the argument on who killed the Wolf. To be honest, I don’t really care about that either. I wasn’t after achievements or anything.

「So anyway, how much for the fangs? I can sell it, right?」 I asked, presenting them to the receptionist.

Since the royal capital is on the neighboring continent, raising funds will be crucial. I can’t cross the sea on my own. Considering civilization is not so advanced in this world, I might need quite a lot of money to get there.

「It will not go on your record, but we can buy them from you. 32,000 gils is the standard price, though given how neatly they were handled, I can give you 34,000. How does that sound?」

That’s a lot.
In BBO, materials from common monsters were sold for next to nothing. With 34,000 gils, I can live for a week if I’m frugal. I should be grateful I met that Wolf.

「Okay, I’ll take it. Can I register for the guild as well?」

「Of course, but you’ll have to take an easy exam first. The exam fee is 5,000 gils.」

「All right. I’ll register.」I said, handing the fangs over to her.

It’s a tactic of mine: sell materials and take the opportunity to register as well. If possible, I want to get the exam application done quickly before they find out about my job class. If they find out I’m a Novice, they might reject my registration without even letting me take the exam. Or so I thought…

「Very well. Here’s your money, minus the examination fee: 29,000 gils.」she said, handing me a pouch with silver coins inside.

One silver coin equalled 1,000 gils. I counted them all and it totalled 29 coins. As I was doing so, the receptionist asked me the one question I didn’t want asked.

「What’s your job class?」

I knew they’d ask me that. For a moment, I considered just lying and tell her I’m a Swordsman or something, but I’d get busted right away if they asked me to use a Swordsman skill. I should tell the truth.

「I’m a Novice.」

Her expression darkened. She thought about it for a moment.

「…Very well. You won’t get a refund if you fail. Is that all right?」

「You’re not gonna refuse my application?」

「There are guilds that reject an exam application, but we don’t do that here. We let applicants take the exam to convince them to take a different career path other than being an adventurer. We believe it’s for their own good.」

So they basically fail them. She mentioned the exam being easy, though.

「Didn’t you say the exam’s easy?」

「It is. For anyone whose job class is not a Novice, at least.」she said as she unfolded a piece of paper on the desk.

『Exam Subject Choices』was written on it. Apparently I can pick a subject.

「Please pick one you’re going to take. You’ll receive the same treatment if you pass regardless of your choice.」 she added, pointing at the subjects.

There were dozens of them. So if I just pass any of these, I can be an adventurer.

However, most of the subjects required the use of skills exclusive only to a particular job class; like『Successfully execute Power Slash 5 times in a row』or『Successfully activate Restoration Magic 「Heal」』. It goes without saying, but there weren’t any skills that a Novice could use.

I eliminated the skills-related subjects, and there was only one left.
『Win in a mock battle against an examiner (a Swordsman).』

In all honesty, it was an extremely tough ask. I don’t have any combat Skills and my stats are that of a Novice, i.e. the lowest of the low. The difference between job classes is a critical matter. Which is why I didn’t change class back in my hometown and instead go to the capital to get the most powerful job class there is.

Not only that, I was probably still level one at the moment. After all, the experience points you get from taking down one Wolf is not enough to get to level two.
…That’s assuming this world has such thing as levels.

I might be accustomed to fighting in BBO, but right now, I don’t think I can defeat a trained Swordsman. I had no chance of winning, unless he sucked at combat.

Then again, if I fail, I’ll only lose 5,000 gils. I might as well give it a shot.

「I’ll take this one.」

「Okay. The examiner is at the training area. Please follow me.」she said as she left the counter and opened the door to the guild’s training facility.

Looks like I’m taking the test right away.



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