Chapter 100 – Just as Expected


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

Just as Expected

「They will enter the security point soon. I think they’re going to stop.」

We assigned “security points” in certain locations across town. These places were dark, where not a lot of people came through, and it’s difficult to be eavesdropped. The best places intruders can use. Instead of destroying such blindspots, we decided to leave them.

The reason for that is the “Spirit” that a Spirit Archer can use. Spirits can’t move and fight, but one can share senses with it.

And since they can only be seen by using certain special Skills, they’re extremely handy for scouting. Spirits were stationed in every security point so we can listen in on conversations.

「It’s just like you said! They really stopped at the security point.」she said, Sachilys looked surprised.

Just as expected. We also modified the location of the lights to make the place more enticing to those who wanted to hide. The range of the Spirit is quite small, so making adjustments was necessary.

「We should be good here.」

「Yeah. No one will find us here.」

The four men started talking in one of the security points. They spoke in whispers, but I could still hear what they’re saying clearly since the Spirit is close.

「Where’s that monster Eld?」

「Monster? He’s just a Novice, right? I don’t think we really need to be wary of him.」

「I think so too… but the higher-ups ordered us to be careful. There must be a reason for that.」

Monster? Man, these guys are rude. It seems the organization they’re working for sees me as a threat. I would’ve loved to stay under the radar, though.

「I guess we’ll just have to follow orders. The monster should be in the inn right now. Should I check through the windows?」

「No. He might notice. Just keep a watch on the exit.」

「Okay. I’ll go.」

One of the men headed straight to where I was. Apparently they knew where I was staying.

If a spy was on me, Search Enemy would’ve detected them. It’s most likely that a spy or someone similar checked me out quite some time ago. That means this attack has been planned for a while now.

「All right. The three of us will do things as planned.」

「Yeah. Failure is not allowed.」

The three men left the security point. It looks like they’re in charge of killing the Count. In the meantime, the other guy, stopped at a point where he could watch the place I was staying.

「Should we kill the lookout first?」Sachilys asked.

She could indeed use sniping Skills with a bow and arrow. We could kill him.

「No, we’ll take care of him later. We’ll start with those other three.」

I removed one of the floorboads to reveal a secret passage.

「Oh, so you have a hidden passage here.」

「More like I had it made. I already expected the enemy to watch or attack this place.」

「I see. So you saw through their plans.」

「Yeah. If information is going to be leaked, then it’s best to come up with a countermeasure that takes that into consideration.」

We entered the secret passage. it was narrow since I didn’t want it to be conspicuous. Trying to keep my head down low while moving was a huge pain.

「Where’s this passage connected to?」

「A nearby warehouse. The lookout can’t see it from where he is positioned.」

Soon, we saw the exit. Noise absorbing materials were placed near the exit so we could come out without making a sound.

「Let’s head straight to the office. Watch for the roofs.」

Elias’s lord, Count Meigis, actually lives in a different town. Since he didn’t have a house here, he’s living in the company building.

Those guys will probably enter through the roof. They don’t have much of a choice since security on the ground was strict.

But even the roof is strongly guarded, though one can’t really see that from the outside.



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