Chapter 103 – Faction is Starting to Grow in Size


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Faction is Starting to Grow in Size

「Not everyone. Most of them belong to the anti-Georgis faction, while some that are neutral joined us saying they will return the favor for selling them the medicine. As for the rest, they just want to bet on the winning horse.」

「Winning horse? Are they really expecting that much from us?」

It’s almost certain that Count Meigis and Cardinal Georgis will clash soon. The winner will most definitely have a hold of the market for healing medicine and gain overwhelming power in the church. When that happens, those who sided with the winner will receive favorable treatment, while the ones who sided with the loser will be treated horribly. As such, nobles are carefully studying who will win and side with them. It made sense.

But an outsider who had no information whatsoever, would think that Count Meigis has no chance at all. The Cardinal is way more powerful than the Count, after all. I didn’t expect there to be nobles who would come to our side at all.

「They’re not really expecting anything. The ones who come to us are nobles that are too weak that Georgis wouldn’t even talk to them.」

Hmm, yes. That makes perfect sense.

They won’t gain anything if Georgis won, so they’re betting on the dark horse in the hopes that they win big. Sounds like an awful reason to join us, but still we should be grateful that our forces are growing.

「Our problem starts here. We can’t win if we fight head-on. But do we even have a chance?」Meigis asked.

Indeed. If we engaged in an all-out war, Meigis wouldn’t stand a chance. But I don’t intend to start a war, anyway.

「Of course we can win. If they weren’t able to produce healing medicine anymore, Georgis will be ruined.」

「That’s true. Don’t tell me you have a plan to make them unable to produce them anymore.」

「I actually do. Although first, we need our forces to grow even more and make Georgis panic. As for the actual plan, it’s best if you don’t ask about it for now.」

Cardinal Georgis was creating healing medicine in huge numbers. I already have a rough idea of his method and its weakness.

But in the off-chance that they find out about my plan, the Cardinal might take measures to stop me. So for now I’m not telling anyone.

「Okay. I know it’s all part of your plan.」the Count said.

「I’m glad you’re quick on the uptake.」

「I’m already aware of how capable you really are. Georgis will seriously consider me a threat soon. The real show starts from here.」

Meigis gazed at the walls. At a glance, they may look like ordinary wood, but extremely robust steel plates were inserted inside. This place wouldn’t get destroyed that easily. It was my idea to protect Meigis from assassins.

「Yeah. This is where our anti-assassination measures become crucial.」

「I’ve long prepared myself. But are we good on that front? I can’t die just yet. At least not until we defeat Georgis.」

「Everything’s perfect. The members of our anti-assassination squad, especially the Spirit Archer Sachylis, are doing a great job.」I answered confidently.

It’s only been a week since her blunder last time, but our security measures have improved a lot since then. The biggest improvement, was no doubt, the coordination between members of the squad.

Until now, I taught them skills and how to fight one by one. They’ve gotten better recently so now I’m teaching them how to fight while coordinating with the team. To fight with proper coordination in the dark requires knowing fully well the Skills of the other members and to train more. Their combat level depends on whether they can pull it off or not.

The current squad should be able to easily suppress the assassins that Sachylis failed to kill a week ago.

「An anti-assassination squad… You surprised me when you managed to create a belladonna plantation. I didn’t expect you to be an expert teacher as well. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do.」

「You give me too much credit. There’s plenty of stuff I can’t do. In which case, I just get a little creative.」

I shot a glance at the pile of gold coins in a corner of the room. All of them were from selling the healing medicine.

A little bit of creativity turned that little farm into a goldmine. Creativity is nothing to be sneezed at. After that, I left the office.


A few days later.
I was at the inn, looking over the list of the new people that arrived in Elias. Count Meigis’ guards are constantly increasing even now. Using his personal connections, he contacted people he could trust to strengthen security.

Then again, most of the people who owed Count Meigis were already on our side, so there hasn’t been a lot of newcomers recently.

As such, I was going over the list, not expecting much, when I found a familiar name.

「Mylia the Flame Spear?」

There could be many Mylia’s around. But there should only be one with the alias “Flame Spear”.

「Is she here?」

There wasn’t any other information on the list. However, it contained the names of people who had already arrived at the company office.

I should go and check.



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