Chapter 104 – An Unexpected Guest


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An Unexpected Guest

「It’s really her…」

As I made it to the Meigis Company’s office, I spotted Mylia. She noticed me right away and ran up to me.

「Long time no see. What are you doing here?」I asked.

We went separate ways so she could rank up. What was she doing here as a guard of our farm? If she wanted achievements, there should be better places than here.

「Count Meigis sent me a letter. He’s looking for adventurers he can trust.」

「He did mention that… I’m surprised you know each other.」

「The Count helped me back when I was still low-ranked. I wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for him.」

I see. Mylia owes Meigis. So when he asked for help, she came right away despite it not going to count as an achievement. I just found out how wide the Count’s connections were in an unexpected place.

「I wasn’t even aware you knew Count Meigis. I’m surprised.」she said.


「You give off this image of a mysterious adventurer with no acquaintances. You’re so strong, yet no one even knew you.」

That must be what I look like from a stranger’s point of view. It’s true that I don’t have any acquaintances, though. Up until a few months ago, I lived my life in the sticks.

「I expected the letter to have something to do with you anyway.」Mylia added.

「Are there rumors about me floating about?」

「No, not about you specifically. I just heard that Count Meigis is selling healing medicine in large quantities over here in Elias.」

「How am I related to that?」

I did tell her I was heading to Elias, but that was it. I don’t recall telling her that I was going to make healing medicine. In the first place, I came here for the Wisdom Stone, not to create potions.

「Mass production of healing medicine is simply impossible. Or at least it was. Then all of a sudden, something that’s not possible, happened at the place where you said you were headed. It’s only natural to suspect you were involved right away.」

「Well that’s not nice…」

So if anything strange happens where I am, I’d get suspected immediately. Then again it really is my doing this time, so I can’t really say anything back.

We’ve strayed off topic. Let’s get back on track.

「Me and the Count weren’t really acquaintances. But things happened, and we teamed up to pick a fight with Cardinal Georgis.」

「Pick a fight with Georgis?」

Mylia was dumbfounded. It seems details weren’t included in the letter sent to her.

「Yup. Healing medicine is the source of his power. By selling a lot, we’re legally picking a fight with him.」

「That makes sense. Wait, are you seriously planning to take him down?」

「Of course. I wouldn’t pick a fight I couldn’t win.」

「Under normal circumstances, I would say that’s not possible…」

Mylia pondered over it a bit. She must be thinking about her next move.

She came here to help Meigis, a man she owed a debt of gratitude to. But joining us in our fight against the Cardinal would be too risky for her. If we win, she’ll have a powerful backer in Count Meigis. She’ll get closer to her goal of attaining noble status. But if we lost, she will never achieve her goal.

「You want to back out? I can talk to the Count on your behalf if you wish to turn him down.」I asked.

Mylia shook her head.

「I’ll help you. If I’m going to be a noble, I’d rather that Georgis isn’t around. With you around, I’m sure we have a chance to win.」

There was no doubt in her words. It seems Mylia can’t stomach Georgis as well.

「All right. Looking forward to working with you again.」



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