Chapter 105 – Someone was Thinking the Same Thing


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Someone was Thinking the Same Thing

I held out my right hand, and Mylia shook it.

「So what should I do?」she asked.

「I want you to protect the facility we have in the forest from monsters. Instead of humans, that’s more your specialty, right?」

「Yeah… It’s easier to fight monsters.」

Mylia’s class, “Hero”, is better suited against monsters than humans. Classes like Spirit Archers dealt better against the latter.

「Thanks. That’s a weight off my shoulders.」I said.

Every time strong monsters popped up near the plantation, I’ve been the one taking care of them. I’m sure Mylia can deal with them herself. I might still have to join the fight if a particularly strong monster shows up, but otherwise I have less work now.

「Weight off your shoulders? I can’t imagine you just idling around. You’re probably going to take care of something else in your spare time.」

「You got me.」

It’s not like I trained our security personnel just so I could skip out on my job. It was necessary for my counterattack.

I’ll leave the rear to other people, while I go and defeat Cardinal Georgis. Not by literally killing him, of course. No matter how many assassins we send to kill Georgis, he’s just going to neutralize them. I only need one try, though.

I spent all this time preparing and now the time has come for us to strike back.


A few days later.
I’m in Count Meigis’ place to learn about our current situation.

「As we suspected, the intruders worked for Georgis.」Meigis said.

「I see. Sending four men means he’s getting impatient.」

Meigis checked how the political situation was, and as planned, Georgis was losing power. That was expected. After all, he was no longer the only one who could supply healing medicine.

「Yes. I’m glad we have the Flame Spear on our side as well.」

「Does her abilities really have that much impact?」

「It’s not really about her abilities. She’s a symbol of power for those with inferior job classes. The fact that someone with an inferior job class got promoted to rank A was a cause for celebration all over my domain. Her being here provides a boost of morale to our people.」

I see. Apparently her promotion gave those with inferior classes more courage than I originally expected. Whenever I see her in town, she’s always surrounded by people.

I helped her get promoted because I wanted a noble friend in the future and also to hide the fact that I killed that dragon. It seems me helping her had a bigger effect than planned.

I was right to let her take the credit. I sure didn’t want to be surrounded by people when I’m out walking around town.

The Count’s expression turned serious.

「I actually have one more thing to tell you.」

「What is it?」

「Marquis Maiar came to ask how we’re making the medicine.」

A Marquis… A noble higher ranked than a Count. Among the nobles who joined us, Count was the highest rank.

「Sounds like a big shot. You can’t refuse him?」

There had been a number of people who came and asked about our production method. In fact, it would actually be strange if no one came to ask. Meigis dismissed them all himself. He never asked for my opinion. But now he did. Which means there’s something about this man.

「I could refuse. But I’m thinking I should tell him.」

「Why is that?」

「Marquis Maiar is sort of the manager of the anti-Georgis faction. He’s helped me a lot too. He suspects the Cardinal is employing illegal methods to make his medicine. So he came to ask about ours.」

I see. He needs a lead to confirm his suspicion.

Normally, I wouldn’t believe the guy… But I was also thinking the same thing – that Georgis used illegal methods. And the counterattack I’m planning involves taking advantage of that too.

Marquis Maiar might have the information I need. The fight against Cardinal Georgis could end sooner than expected.

「Can I meet him? I’ll decide whether to tell him or not after that.」

「Okay. He’s actually already here.」

A Marquis personally came to see a lower ranked noble. It sounds like Maiar means business.



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