Chapter 112 – Witness


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama


「Fuck, that hurts!」the slave complained as he lay collapsed on the ground.

The guard struck him with the club a few more times. By the fifth fatal hit, he was silent. But it didn’t matter since he was going to be sacrificed anyway. As long as he lived a few more minutes, it’s fine.

「O’ evil spirit haunting the earth. O’ holy spirit offering a stone of blood…」

They placed the slave on the altar and the priest started reciting a long incantation. The sun was almost completely down.

Now would be a good time.

I touched the recording item I placed on my lap. I just have to wait for an irrefutable proof to occur and activate it.

Once the sun was below the horizon, the priest finished the chant.

「O’ evil spirit, give us a blood stone in exchange for our sacrifice.」

A black cloud descended from the sky and entered straight into the slave. Then all of a sudden, belladonnas started to sprout all around.


This exact moment is the irrefutable evidence. I poured a bit of mana into the magic item to activate it. It then started recording everything in a 360-degree radius.

Not a second later, the Magic Detection Rod started shining along with a shrill sound. The light shone in my direction.

It looks like the rod had something to detect the recording magic item. Even Magic Invisibility is useless once the location of the magic item was detected. They’ll surely find me.

「The Magic Detection Rod detected something! It’s a recording magic item!」

「An intruder! Get him!」

「We can’t see them, so just use the rod’s light as a guide and surround the location. Don’t let them get away!」

「Activating barrier!」

The guards started moving quickly, surrounding my location. They can’t see me with my Mana Invisibility activated, but the guys from the Garden of Despair gave instructions as though they could. They formed a perimeter. With the barrier above, I can’t escape through the skies either.

I guess it makes sense. The one thing they have to watch out for the most is this recorder.

I assessed the situation. Countless barriers stretched out above. I can’t destroy them to escape. I’m surrounded by about a hundred men with no escape route. I don’t even have the time to dig and escape underground.

Clearly, I have no way to get out of here. But I already expected to get busted once I used the recorder.

I’ve been quiet all this time so I could record the ritual. Now that I managed to grab the evidence, there’s no need to be quiet anymore.

The enemies were clustered together. Oh, how easy it would be to blow them all away. I’ve been silent until now…

Let’s go wild.



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