Chapter 119 – I Gave Him the Wrong Idea


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

I Gave Him the Wrong Idea

Eld’s POV

Looks like I managed to pull it off.

About half a day had passed since I fought Cardinal Georgis. After reciting “Change Coordinates”, I disappeared from the field and hid in the ground.

It’s not like I made a mistake in casting the teleportation magic and ended up buried in the ground. In the first place, the spell Change Coordinate doesn’t even exist.

「Earth Hide, dispel.」

The ground around me moved, bringing me back to the surface. I see no one around. I’m currently in the middle of the forest where I fought Georgis. I didn’t actually manage to escape. I just used Earth Hide, a spell that buries me about a meter underground.

If for some reason, they put up security here after the fight, I would have to get past them again. The fact that this place is empty means I succeeded in making the Cardinal think I used teleportation magic. That, or he thought I was an illusion. Either way, the result is the same.

I started running back towards Count Meigis’ place. It’s been more than a day since I attacked the altar. The men in charge of security should be starting to get tired by now. I, on the other hand, had been resting underground; I’ve recovered stamina and mana. If I happened upon Georgis or his underlings now, I wouldn’t lose.

A complete victory, if I do say so myself.

I couldn’t kill Cardinal Georgis, but that was within expectations. It’s better if he’s alive for now. Our victory is already certain anyway.


「Sir Eld! You’re alive! We were wondering what happened since you disappeared all of a sudden.」an employee said, teary-eyed.

I managed to return safely to the Meigis Company office. Only a few of the management staff knew that I infiltrated the Cardinal’s territory. I thought me disappearing all of a sudden would cause some sort of alarm, but it looks like they even thought I was dead.

「My bad for making you worry. Can you tell the Count I’m back?」


The employee went inside. After a few minutes, they returned, carrying a massive key.

「The Count is waiting for you inside.」

「Okay, thanks.」

I followed the employee. As the door opened, Count Meigis and Marquis Maiar greeted me.

「I didn’t think you’d really return. I can tell by the look on your face that you succeeded.」the Marquis said, flashing a smile.

As expected from a noble, he’s an expert in reading people’s expressions.

「I’m glad you’re back. I knew you’d pull it off. I was never worried.」

It would seem Count Meigis trusted my abilities too. It sure didn’t look like it before when he desperately tried to stop me.

「I seem to recall someone going to the church every thirty minutes to pray and even get told off by one of his men.」Maiar cut in.

「Um, I would appreciate it if you didn’t mention that…」the Count muttered.

I take it back. He didn’t believe in me at all. Praying every thirty minutes means he barely got any work done. Though having someone worried about you that much doesn’t really feel bad, either.

With a strained laugh, I took out the magic item.

「Here’s the magic item I used in recording. Can you please check if I really got it?」

「Of course.」

The Marquis received the magic item and carefully operated it. Then, an image appeared on top of the table.

It was a rough, but clear recording of the ritual. An injured criminal slave was offered at the altar and an evil spirit descended. It even showed the part where the belladonnas bloomed.

「This is wonderful. It’s perfect as evidence.」the Marquis said as he operated the magic item some more, causing five stone-like objects to eject from the device.

「We’ll each take one.」

「What’s this?」

「That footage is stored in each of these stones. I’ll take one. If someone kills me and takes the stone, the evidence won’t be completely destroyed since you have copies as well.」

I see. So this device has a backup function as well. If they had the time to add that function, they could’ve at least made it so mana wouldn’t leak out of it. Then again, it all worked out, so I guess it’s fine.



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