Chapter 124 – Declaration of War

Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

Declaration of War

“I knew it.”

Two weeks had passed since I returned from Cardinal Georgis’ domain. Count Meigis and I were gathered in the Meigis’ Company’s office, reading a letter.

Declaration of War

The other day, we requested the return of our healing medicine manufacturing device that was stolen. Despite our offer to not press charges, it still hasn’t been returned.
Not only that, you buried the device in a forest to hide it. This is an inexcusable act.
Thus we of Cardinal Georgis’ domain, declare war against Count Meigis. We will take the forest where the device is buried on the designated day, via the Miles Plains. If you still have dignity as nobles, we suggest you to not run away, and face us.

The designated date is three days from now.

“By Miles Plains, does he mean that wasteland right next to the forest?”

“Yes. Right next to the forest where we’re manufacturing our healing medicines. In other words, if we lose, they can immediately march into the forest.”

“So they don’t want to get ignored.”

Unlike war with other countries, the scope of internal war is limited. That is because once you fought in places other than which you declared, you’ll only create more enemies.

The problem is if the declaration is ignored or not. If the designated battlefield is too far from the recipient’s domain, it could get ignored. So they chose Miles Plains to prevent that.
But then…

“Isn’t this unfavorable for the Cardinal?”

In wars between nobles, the designated battlefield doesn’t usually belong to either side, because the defending side would have the overwhelming advantage.

The defenders wouldn’t have to transport resources, they don’t have to travel a long distance, and they are familiar with the land. That puts the offensive camp at a disadvantage.

Yet the Cardinal chose Miles Plains as the battlefield, which goes against theory.

“Yes. Based on the conditions, we have the advantage.”

Internal wars normally require a long time for preparation. Both parties would consult with each other about which battlefield to borrow, get a witness, and establish a win condition. They decide on what happens if you lose.

That’s how war is fought in this kingdom. It’s more like a duel between nobles, than an all-out war.

But the war declared now is more the latter. The date and the place have been decided, though it’s only a one-sided declaration. If we ignored them, they would march on with their military might to suppress us.

In a “normal war”, both sides are willing to fight. As such, coordination on which place to designate as a battlefield is possible. Both parties can fight on equal terms.

However, we are not willing to fight. We don’t need to. Cardinal Georgis will be overthrown if we just wait for Marquis Maiar.

In order to force us to fight, they would have to create a condition which we can’t ignore. In this case, designating Miles Plains as the battlefield.

“Three days is too early, though.”

“They can’t mobilize their troops until after declaring war, right? If they march their forces here in just three days, they will be exhausted.”

“Yes. Out of the 30,000 or so troops they have, I would assume 20,000 is the max they can mobilize for war. Getting that many here in just three days is too much.”

The distance between the Cardinal’s domain and the Count’s is only about a day’s walk. Only if you go alone, of course. Like I did.

Three days for 20,000 people is too short. An army needs more than just troops. Resources have to be transported too. Without knowing how long the battle would last, they would have to bring a large amount of equipment and food supply. If they ran out, only defeat would await them.

There’s the problem with the road as well. Unlike Japan, the roads in this world are neither wide, nor well-maintained. Not all can accommodate a whole army.

Let’s say they have to pass through a narrow path along a cliff wide enough for only one person. The army would have to break formation first and go through one by one. If we assume it takes a person one second, 20,000 would mean five to six hours. After that, they would need to organize formation. It would take a long time to resume their marching speed.

Fighting three days from now means the army will be forced to follow a very strict schedule and then fight without any rest. A reckless action.

Why then did the Cardinal go for it? There’s only one reason. He’s most likely in a hurry.

“So it’s all thanks to Marquis Maiar.”

“It probably is.”

Cardinal Georgis realized that he’s going to lose his power. That’s why he chose to fight even under these unfavorable conditions.

Marquis Maiar’s work behind the scenes have not been made public yet. But the threat is putting pressure on the Cardinal, giving us great results.


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