Chapter 13 – I’m Somehow Loaded Now


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I’m Somehow Loaded Now

「Aren’t they classified as rank E because they group up in large numbers?」

「They do group up but not in a way that you could defeat hundreds of them in one day! How many swarms did you kill?」

「…Just one.」

Though I wasn’t quite sure if I could call those things that gathered from all over the forest as only “one” swarm.

The receptionist wore a puzzled look on her face.

「One swarm and 276 of them… Wait a minute… Please show me the spearheads you got from the Spear Mice!」

「Sure.」I said, handing her the Spear Mice spearhead.

「This is….from an Army Spear Mouse!」She blurted out loud as soon as she saw the spearhead.

「So it’s a different kind of monster?」

「Way different! A normal Spear Mouse is rank E, but an Army Spear Mouse is a rank C monster.」

Oh, rank C. No wonder they were strong. Now that I think about it, it did feel like I ended up farther than where she said the Spear Mouse forest would be. I must’ve made a wrong turn somewhere.

…I guess that means…

「So did I fail the request?」

「That’s a strange thing to worry about. Going up against a troop of Army Spear Mice alone would normally spell certain death.」

Even a Novice like me somehow managed to take them all out, so wouldn’t a Swordsman be able to do it solo easily?

Then『Self Cure』came to mind. It’s a skill that people in this world don’t use. If it weren’t for that, it might’ve been extremely difficult to take down those Army Spear Mice alone.

「Well, I made it back alive so there’s no point in getting worked up about it now. Can I switch the request to an Army Spear Mouse kill quest then?」

「Of course not.」

What a disaster… My dreams… ruined. I expected to earn over 1,100,000 gils!

Oh well. There’s still 640,000 gils from the Lesser Wolf kill quest. I’ll just settle for that today.

As I was brooding, the receptionist spoke.

「But the price for an Army Spear Mouse’s spearhead is higher than the total of the reward for the Spear Mouse request and its spearhead price combined.」

「For real?」

「It’s a top tier C-rank monster after all. One spearhead will earn you 20,000 gils.」

20,000 gils for one spearhead. That’s pretty much the amount I’d get from the Lesser Wolf request. It’s quite cheap for a C-rank monster, but still considering how easy it is to kill a lot of them, the price is outrageous. One Army Spear Mouse is an easier kill than one Lesser Wolf too.

…Hmm? Wait, that means…

「I have 276 spearheads, so do I get 5,520,000 gils?」

「Well, we have a limit on how many we can purchase…」she said before checking some documents.

A moment later, her face lit up.

「It seems we can buy all of them! In fact, we have a shortage of Army Spear Mouse spearheads so this is very good news for us!」

Just like that, I somehow earned enough money to get to the capital. It was too easy, I kind of felt guilty about it.

「All right, I’ll take it. Oh, and the Lesser Wolves fangs as well.」

「Right away!」she said as she took the materials and brought me the money.

That’s the guild for you. They have an enormous fund to disburse this kind of huge amount in lump sum cash.

「Please verify the reward.」she said, handing me a bunch of gold coins and five shiny, white coins.

Platinum coins… This is my first time seeing one.

「If I’m not mistaken, one platinum coin is 1,000,000 gils, right?」

「That is correct. It has been a while since I’ve disbursed platinum coins for a reward. A word of advice: don’t show them in public. Thieves will have their eyes on you.」

「Are there thieves here?」

「Public security is good around these parts so there’s not a lot of them. Unless they’re powerful thieves, I’m sure you can send them packing. You can also just kill them on the spot.」

Wait, can I really do that? I’d like to avoid fighting with thieves. I’ll be screwed if I get caught by a surprise attack. If they’re accustomed to one-on-ones, then it won’t be as easy as the fight with the examiner.

As I was pondering that, Teresa spoke.

「Which reminds me, Eld-san. With that reward, you can now go to the royal capital, right?」

「Yeah. I’m leaving today. Thanks for everything.」

Teresa’s methods were somewhat heavy-handed… no, more like crafty, but if it weren’t for her, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to earn money to get to the capital in such a short time.

「It’s unfortunate that you’re leaving, Eld-san. We haven’t had a strong adventurer in a while.」

「I’ll come back if I ever feel like it.」

All things considered, I had fun in this town. The examiner’s a good guy too.

「What are you going to do in the royal capital?」

「I have important matters to attend to—something that’ll help me grow as an adventurer.」

Changing job classes at the royal capital’s cathedral. I was still unsure whether that was possible in this world. But I’m confident that the system of changing classes exists.

I have a few reasons for believing so, but there’s no point in pondering about them at the moment. I’ll find out right away once I get to the capital.

「See ya.」I said as I made my way out.

But then Teresa stopped me.

「Ah, Eld-san! I have one last thing to tell you.」

「What is it?」

「I lied about the Kick Rabbit request!」

…Oh, that. I might’ve held it against her if I got hurt then, but as a result I did get the money to buy a new sword and even know my place in this world. I have no reason to resent her for that now.

「It’s okay. I’ve gotten over it. But I advise you not to do that to other people. You might get on their bad side.」

「I won’t!」

With those parting words, I left the guild.
All right! The royal capital is waiting for me.



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