Chapter 15 – She Was Apparently Rich


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

She Was Apparently Rich

「You there. What did you say just now?」


The young lady was looking at me. It seems she heard me talking to myself.

「I said Pale Green Spirit Potion. Am I wrong?」

She was surprised, clearly not expecting my answer.

「Oh, I wasn’t expecting someone who knows about the potion to be this close.」she said, a complex expression on her face like she was hoping for something.「Do you know how to brew it too?」

「Yeah. It’s not difficult as long as you have all the ingredients.」

「Are you some kind of a legendary doctor? I see nothing but an adventurer, though.」

「That’s right. I’m just an adventurer who happens to know how to brew potions.」

If I recall correctly, the Pale Green Spirit Potion was used to cure some kind of an illness. The potion wasn’t really valued as anything important in BBO but perhaps in this world it was valuable medicine.

「Brew it for me, then. Just name your price. 」

Oh, big words. I might overcharge you. The trick to getting a favorable deal in a negotiation is to overcharge at first.

「All right. Ten million for a potion and you provide the ingredients.」

One gil in this world has almost the same value as one yen in Japan. So I was basically charging her ten million yen for an extremely simple brewing. But then…

「That’s all?」she said, a blank expression on her face.

I wanted to overcharge her, but apparently ten million was dirt-cheap. Damn, how loaded is she?

「Yeah. Just ten million.」

I should’ve charged her more. I studied the ingredients on the table.

「You’re missing an ingredient.」

They probably failed simply because they hadn’t gathered all the necessary ingredients. They didn’t seem all too familiar with the formula so I couldn’t really blame them for that.

「Just tell me what’s missing and we’ll get it.」

「Leaves of a sacred tree.」

Sacred Tree Leaves.
It’s a name I hear occasionally in this world too and if I’m not mistaken is a luxury item. Even if you were loaded, I doubt it’s something that can be procured in a moment’s notice. But boy, was I wrong.

「Lysia, bring me the leaves of a sacred tree.」

「Yes, Ma’am.」her subordinate (whose name was apparently Lysia) said, making her way inside the ship.

It appears procuring leaves of a sacred tree is a simple matter for her. Who on earth is this girl?

「I’m Myna Maxia. What’s your name?」

Is she a mind reader or something? I thought as I introduced myself.

「I’m Eld, an adventurer. By the way, something’s been bugging me. Why do you trust me?」

I asked her a question that’s been clawing at my mind. If an adventurer whose name I didn’t even know told me “I can blend this precious potion of yours” I wouldn’t believe them one bit.

「I can tell by their voice if someone is lying. I wouldn’t be able to do my job as president of the company if I can’t even do that.」she answered offhandedly.

Oh, so she’s a company president. Wait, Myna Maxia? I think that huge company that I bought the tickets from was also called Maxia.

「The place I got my ticket from was called Maxia. Are you perhaps connected to it?」

She gave me a look that seemed to say “Isn’t that obvious?”

「The kingdom entrusts the ferries to the Maxia Company and we operate them.」

Damn, so she’s a big shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if she threw me overboard if I failed.

「I won’t ask you to reimburse the ingredients if you fail. You’re doing this for cheap. This is more like a gamble for me.」she said, pointing at the ingredients on the table.

She seemed to have sensed my worry from the grave look on my face.

「You won’t throw me overboard?」

「Of course not. So don’t worry about a thing. Just blend it.」

Thank heavens I won’t be sleeping with the fishes. In that moment, Lysia came back.

「Myna-sama, I brought the leaves of a sacred tree.」

「Thank you. Is this all the ingredients needed?」she said, putting the leaves on the table.

Even the tools for the blending were all luxurious.

「Yeah, this should be all of them. Can I start?」

「Go ahead. Be quick or we’ll miss our time window.」



  1. And… she’s gonna agree without negotiating, yes?
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    • Technically, she’s one of the big shots who don’t need to pay for a ticket, so in principle it could be a lot of money for her, if she happened to be a woman of confidence who has an important position but not much of a salary to speak of…

    • She just proclaimed herself as the PRESIDENT of the Maxia company, a company so influental / big that a country is willing to give them rights to monopolize a ferry business.

      10 million coins is likely pocket change for her. If he can’t, then that’s that. However, if he can, then making a connection with him is top priority. Low-risk high return.

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