Chapter 24 – I Decided to Get a Weapon


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I Decided to Get a Weapon

The next morning.

I peered around my room to check if anything was out of place.

「…No attack.」

My surrounding was as peaceful as it could get. The Garden of Despair didn’t see my face, after all. The only guy who managed to track me down had bitten the dust.

「All right, time to get a weapon.」

The only weapon I had right now was a sword, but a Sage needs a staff. That’s common knowledge.

I could still use magic spells even with just a sword but there’s a difference when it comes to activation speed and power. The reason I used『Sticky Bomb』as a trump card instead of an actual offensive magic spell was mostly to compensate for my lack of power. If I had a normal staff, the number of Fire Arrows I needed to use to defeat that guy would’ve been halved.

With that in mind, I took a look around. No sign of being followed. There’s probably no need for worry, but I’d better keep an eye out just in case. It doesn’t hurt to be too careful, after all.

「…There it is.」

After strolling a bit from the inn, I found a weapons shop beside the Adventurer Guild’s royal capital main office. The shop was two storeys high and quite spacious. That’s the capital for you.

The equipment shop in Elia can’t even begin to compare. The most expensive sword they had in Elia cost 150,000 gils, but here weapons that cost over a million gils were sprawled about on display.

I couldn’t find the staff I wanted, however. There were staffs for sale, but they were for Wizards, not Sages.

There are different kinds of staff and a Sage can use every one of them. Needless to say, only with the appropriate staff can a Sage best exhibit his powers.

I could buy a normal staff for now… but I want a decent one at least. I don’t know of any other weapons shops in the capital, though.

As I was mulling things over, I remembered that I got to know someone the other day who might be able to solve my problems. Myna seems like she might know every weapons shop in the area.

She said I could drop by Maxia if I wanted something. Then again, I had no idea where the office was located, either. Well, sounds like it’s a big company so their office must be quite huge as well. I took a look around.

And I found it. It wasn’t just “quite huge”, it was the biggest building around with the words “Maxia Company” written on it.

「I came to see Myna. Is she around?」I asked the receptionist.

She just arrived yesterday so she should still be around.

「President Myna? She’s here. May I know who’s asking?」

「It’s her adventurer friend. She said if I need anything, I just drop by and show this.」

I presented the proof of friendship that Myna gave to me. The receptionist jumped to her feet as soon as she saw the card.

「My apologies, Sir! I’ll call the president right away!」

She bolted away in a hurry. After a while, Myna showed up.

「I haven’t seen you since yesterday, Eld. You want something right away?」

「Yeah. I’m looking for a staff, but I couldn’t find anything I like.」

「A staff? You’re a Swordsman, right?」

「Nope. I’m a Sage.」I said, using the spell『Torchlight.』

It’s a spell that only spellcaster type classes can use.

「A Sage? Is that something in between a Swordsman and a Wizard? I haven’t heard of it before and I’m quite sure I know all the minor job classes as well.」

「No. A Sage is purely a spellcaster type. Their skill with the sword is the same as a Novice.」

「How’d you fight that Sea Dragon, then? Though it didn’t seem like you used any Swordsman Skill at all back then.」

「That was pure swordsmanship that even a Novice can do.」

In fact, I was actually a Novice when I fought that Sea Dragon.

「Pure swordsmanship, you say? That’s incredible, indeed.」

「Anyone can do that with practice. But my real job class is a Sage.」

「I think it’s a waste for you to be anything but a Swordsman. You still want a staff despite being strong as you are. That means you have something in mind, then. All right. I’ll show you the best staffs we have here.」

Myna led me to a room in the building where numerous ornamented, expensive staffs were displayed.

Both their ornaments and capabilities were top-class. One look and I could tell. These staffs are more powerful beyond compare than the ones in the weapons shop beside the guild.

Unfortunately, none of these were for a Sage. They were for Wizards, it seemed. A good staff would still be weaker than that of a Sage staff.

I glanced around the room and saw a lone staff hiding in a corner. It was a lot more plain compared to the others, but it was, no doubt, a Sage staff.



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