Chapter 28 – I Came to a Town that had Requests


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

I Came to a Town that had Requests

My god…
The people of this world don’t even know a Saint’s basic and most powerful healing Skill, the Divine Heal. First their poor swordsmanship, and now this… This world is worse than I expected.

「I see… All right. My job class is not one of the inferior classes, so I’ll just stay as a Novice.」

「I think it’s a waste to stay as a Novice when you can use magic.」

「I can only officially change my class by touching the stones; there’s nothing I can do. Thanks for helping me out.」

It would be great if the guild had the Sage’s Gem ready by the time I came back here.

I don’t really know where to find a Job Class Gem. We’d use it in BBO when changing job classes, but it wasn’t an item we could pick up from somewhere.

I backed away from the receptionist window and studied the map beside the request board. It showed how to get to the nearby towns.

They were kind enough to have the name of towns with plenty of requests written in red, while those with few requests had their names written in blue. Needless to say, the royal capital belonged to the latter.

There was only one town near the capital with a red name. If you travel farther from the capital, there are a lot of town names in red. But for now, I’ll head for the nearest one. I drew attention during the fight with the Sea Dragon. It’s probably a good idea to stay away from the capital for a while.

And with that, I had a destination in mind. The name of the town is Fiasta.

The next day.
I arrived in Fiasta without running into any monsters. The roads near the capital are very safe to travel on.

「Oh, there’s requests here!」

As soon as I arrived in town, I headed straight to the guild and checked the request board. As I had hoped, there were kill quests that were just right for me: E-rank requests or somewhere around that level.

But not a lot of them. There were still more than in the capital, but not enough. I fear they might run out in a matter of time.

It might be better to visit farther towns than this. The lesser number of requests is most likely because this place is still closer to the capital.

I’d like to take some requests while travelling, though. I’ve finally become a Sage. I don’t want to waste a whole day just moving across towns without achieving anything. Rather than simply strolling to the next town, I want to hunt some monsters on the way. So now the problem is the report.

「I want to take a request. Can I give my report in a different town?」

「You can as long as it’s within the kingdom. Just bring the request form itself and the monster trophy that prove you killed them.」

So it’s possible to give my report in another place. All right, I’ll take some requests while moving to the next town.

There were even B-rank requests available. I don’t feel like taking those though since I only just recently changed job class. C-ranked requests could be okay, but to be safe I’ll pick D-ranks.

「I’d like to take this.」

I handed the receptionist three D-rank requests. Kill quests for Weed Mantis (a mantis-type monster), Bash Moose (deer-type), and Huge Poison Frogs (a frog-type monster).

They’re monsters I’ve never seen in BBO so these quests should give me some experience. Monsters in the same species usually have similar movement patterns. It’s best to be familiar with the weaker ones first.

I’m supposed to hunt them at Fiasta’s First Forest so there’s not a lot of walking to do. After killing the required monsters in the forest, I’ll head straight to the next town.

「Okay. You’re lucky there’s still some requests left!」


She made it sound like it would’ve been all gone had I arrived a little late.

「The『Flame Spear』is in town.」

「Flame Spear?」

「Well… He’s a famous adventurer with an alias! With Gillart missing, he’s made a name for himself as a solo adventurer and is now known as the world’s strongest! You don’t know about him?」

Huh, so adventurers have aliases. He must be strong to have one… Wait a sec, the world’s strongest adventurer, Gillart, is missing?

「I’ve only recently become an adventurer so I’m not familiar with these things.」

「In that case, you may check that bulletin board right there! If an adventurer with an alias is in town, his name will be posted there.」

She pointed at a spot on the top left of the request board. It said『Adventurers with Aliases Bulletin Board』 and the name『Flame Spear』was on it.

…Yeah, I don’t think I want an alias. You’re only in town to take requests and you’ll have your name posted for that? That’s just sad.

That’s why they use aliases instead of real names, I suppose.



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