Chapter 31 – The Adventurer I Saved had an Alias


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

The Adventurer I Saved had an Alias

Twelve hours is a long time.
But the amount of exp I’ll get makes waiting worth it. Plus continuously casting the poison spell isn’t hard. It’ll probably be dark out by the time I’m done, but I have my Magical Invisibility so I should be fine.

「Restrain a Raging Ape?! Is that even possible?!」

「Yeah. Although…」

I glanced at her right shoulder. She was talking like she was fine, but it looked painful.

「That’s an awful injury you got there.」

「This isn’t uncommon when you’re an adventurer.」she answered while taking out some bandages.

I’ll end up spending some MP… but there’s no need to be a tightwad I guess.

「Magic Heal.」

I spoke the words and her wound healed. Sages have healing Skills too, but nothing compared to actual Healers. Still, it’s enough to fix a wound like she had.


The pain suddenly vanished and she looked at her shoulder, perplexed, with the bandages still in her hand. Then she felt her shoulder and asked me.

「What did you do?」

「I just used healing magic.」

「You can use both offensive and healing magic? I’ve never heard of such an adventurer before!」

「But I can use both, as you might have seen.」

A normal Wizard can’t use healing magic. Since the Sage is an unknown job class in this world, they assume that if you can use offensive magic, you can’t use healing magic. There’s Self Cure which any class can use so strictly speaking, even a Wizard can use healing magic on himself.

I turned to look at the Raging Ape. This is not the time to be talking about job classes and Skills.

Right after restraining is when the binding is most unstable. I should keep my eye fixed on it for about three minutes and be ready to use magic to weaken it any time.

「As for restraining the Raging Ape… well, it’s just as you see. By the way, I’m using poison magic on it right now. If I just keep this up, it’ll kick the bucket.」

I pointed at the restrained Raging Ape. It could still move a bit of course. It’s impossible to fully restrict the movements of powerful monsters like this one.

But with its speed rendered useless by the Sticky Bomb and unable to fire any long-range attacks with the Shadow Fog in place, it just sat there waiting for its eventual death.

With the mana I have right now, casting Blood Poison and Shadow Fog for the next twelve hours is an easy matter. Actually, I’m not even losing any mana because it gets replenished naturally anyway.

Some monsters gain resistance from abnormal status conditions if used on them continuously, but a Raging Ape has no such thing. Which is why it’s a monster perfect for farming exp; you can kill one simply by weakening it over time.

「You’re talking about solo killing a Raging Ape. That’s impossible!」

「Can’t you see? It is possible. I think even the Flame Spear can do it.」

The strongest solo adventurer in the world, the Flame Spear, should be in Fiasta right now. I’m pretty sure he can take the Raging Ape down mano a mano without resorting to this kind of a tedious method.

You only use this trick when you can’t win against it in a head-on fight. A high-level human with powerful equipment should be able to defeat it.

I recast my spell on the Raging Ape…

「No way. Didn’t stand a chance.」

「Has the Flame Spear fought a Raging Ape before?」

「Weren’t you watching?」

Hmm? I don’t think we’re on the same page here. Wait a sec…

「Are you the Flame Spear?」

「Yes, that’s me. The adventurers I know call me Mylia.」

「…Good lord…」

I wasn’t expecting that an adventurer who’d lose against a Raging Ape was the world’s strongest so I didn’t consider the possibility it was her. Maybe it’s her reputation that earned her the title of world’s strongest.

The name Flame Spear made me picture a huge, unpleasant man swinging his spear around. But the real deal is actually a beautiful lady. Perhaps this difference between image and reality contributed to her fame.

「By the way, what’s your alias?」

Right. One must give his name first before asking someone else’s.

「My name’s Eld. I don’t have an alias.」

「Now that’s a lie. There’s no way you don’t have one.」

「Only strong adventurers have aliases, right?」

Adventurers with aliases get their names posted on the bulletin board by simply visiting a guild. It’s not every day you run into them.

So yes, I don’t have one.



  1. It’s just the teaser when I post this, so I’m just guessing, but:

    “Healing magic? What’s that?”


    “Only the most experienced Healers can do that! And they can’t do what you’ve already done in regard to combat!”

    I’m leaning toward the first reaction…

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  3. A twelve hour fight is great for low level exp? What kind of machochistic exp curve was in place in that game?

    • There’s probably a bonus xp mechanic when fighting higher level enemies. Something like a 50% boost if the enemy is 15 levels higher. The MC is level 5 right now and the Raging ape is one of the stronger/higher level Area Bosses. On top of that, Monkey/Ape type enemies naturally give more XP.
      Maybe something like a metal slime in Dragon Quest.

      • Still, for it to be a “common” method to have to sit there and spam a single monster for 12 HOURS. What a boring game. I think he said before it would gain him 4 levels? Maybe if a game “hour” isn’t a realtime hour, so it’s just an hour in realtime I guess it would be tolerable. If I only had to do it once.

      • It’s most likely that the time scale is different in the game. In many games, a game day lasts less than an hour. A game hour might be just two minutes or even as little as 30 seconds.

        This is made up for by travel conventions that basically eliminate long journeys and make it easy to find encounters. The odd setup in which he only indirectly remembers playing BBO may obscure this.

    • Remember that it takes as long as it does because he’s severely underleveled, and his normal abilities wouldn’t do much, if any, damage. As a result, he’s killing it with just poison damage, which is why it takes so long.

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    anyone know if he gets a clue and when. I hate to say it but it’s starting to become a chore to read this. I’m super interested in the world and would love to continue reading but his ignorance and attitude are starting to grate.

    • Just what I had thought too. The damn protag is to busy leveling up his stat that he doesnt seem think of anything else beside.

    • I totally agree, but it seems like every OP MC in isekai has this same mental block. Or at least 90% of them. Completely incapable of noticing their OPness. What makes it annoying though is when, like this MC, they POINT IT OUT THEMSELVES in the narration that they are OP and/or the rest of the universe is super weak, and then 5 minutes later COMPLETELY FORGET what they just pointed out.

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    I fail to see how someone who has such in-depth knowledge of the game, who was clearly one of those who had researched everything he could and become a dominant force among the players, could STILL not comprehend just how much this world differs from the setting of the game!

    To have such a poor ability to recognize what’s going on around him is incompatible with what’s required to rise to the top within a game.

    It’s clearly the author’s intent that we all go, “Oh look how dense he is,” but that level of densitude is incompatible with the analytic skills required to have become as knowledgeable about the game as he is.

    It f*cking does not work!
    It’s a plot device that completely invalidates the background assigned to the MC.

    What makes this truly frustrating is that I really like the setting.
    I want to see him puzzle out all the differences, and figure out how it came to be this way in comparison to how it was in the game, since its obvious that some weird shit came down a while back within this world.
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  12. I don’t feel that the MC is being stupid.

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    There was that evil guy he killed, and that guild observer who tried to recruit him for the special task force, but he doesn’t know whether either of them would be considered as top level in this world. Or rather, the thought that they were top level didn’t even cross his mind despite both of them acting like they were confident of their strength.

    And, given the implication that someone might be deliberately suppressing the common sense regarding what various classes can accomplish, it’s readily possible that once he does accept the general lack of strong opponents as a given, he’ll get a nasty surprise.

    Then we’ll all be talking about what an idiot he is for not foreseeing that the fact that most people didn’t utilize the strengths of their classes properly didn’t logically exclude the possibility for a select few.

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    Assasin skill, poison yep copy it, Magic Poison.
    Healer skill, yep copied, Magic Heal.
    Swordsman skill, Taunt, yep copied again, Magic Taunt.
    Whats next? Alchemist skill yep will be copied later, magic alchemy or potion, oh maybe later ill copy blacksmith skill with, you guess it, magic forging,
    Summoner skill? You know what. I think i have that one too, yep its Magic Summon.
    Just attatch MAGIC to any skill and its automatically a sage skill. Lazy writing by the author, job change asap not yet lvl 10? And its advance class. Wtf.

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