Chapter 32 – Apparently a Novice can’t Increase Their Rank


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Apparently a Novice can’t Increase Their Rank

「Only strong adventurers have aliases. In other words, all strong adventurers have aliases. There’s no way an adventurer who can incapacitate a Raging Ape on his own doesn’t have an alias.」

This is something even a Wizard can do if they learned some basic spells that inflict abnormal status conditions. Even being level six is more than enough.

「Okay, but I really don’t have an alias. Besides, I’m only rank F.」

「F?! You’re lying!」

「It’s the truth. Wanna see? I don’t even know how to raise my rank in the first place.」

I handed Mylia my guild card. She was still not completely buying it when she took my card.

「What’s this?! It says you’re a Novice! You didn’t inform the guild that you’ve changed job class?」

「I did, but the Wizard’s Gem didn’t light up, so I couldn’t change it. I’m a Sage though, so I suppose there was nothing they could do.」

It’s not like being a Novice will cause inconvenience.

「Sage… I’ve never heard of it before. Wait, there are classes with no corresponding gems?」

「Yeah, there sure are. But it’s not like it’ll cause problems for me if I’m treated as a Novice, right?」

I put my guild card away. Her answer destroyed my hopes.

「You can’t rank up when you’re a Novice.」


「Seriously. It’s difficult for those with inferior classes to rank up, but it’s way worse for Novices. As long as your guild card says “Novice” you’re never going up the ranks. If there’s a job class that can only be treated as a Novice, then I can see why someone as strong as you is still an F-rank.」

I see. So that’s why I didn’t rank up despite killing numerous monsters.

「What’s the restriction for?」

「Apparently to reduce fatalities due to adventurers not having the appropriate abilities expected of their ranks.」

「If they can fulfil the same request, that means they have the required abilities. Isn’t the job class unnecessary in determining one’s strength?」

「That’s what I think too. In fact, up until ten years ago, you can rank up regardless of job class. It got changed to what we have now by Cardinal Georgis’ reforms.」

She’s right. Job class doesn’t have anything to do with how strong one is. So even though two people have the same strength, one might get a higher rank just because of their job class? I smell a conspiracy. Maybe this Cardinal Georgis hates those with inferior job classes and Novices.

First, the cathedral where you can change classes has been abandoned. Then advanced classes are known as inferior job classes. There might be something fishy going on.

「Does that mean you had trouble ranking up as well?」

With her alias Flame Spear, my guess is that she’s a Hero. In this world, it’s one of the inferior classes. Heroes have the basic skill Flame Weapon. As the name suggests, it gives a fire-attribute buff to their weapon to increase its power.

If used on a spear, it’ll be clad in flames. It’s a flashy Skill which probably earned her the alias of Flame Spear.

「Yeah, I had a hard time ranking up. It’s one of the reasons I’ve gone solo. I made it all the way up to rank B thanks to my Flame Weapon, but it’ll be tough for inferior classes to go any higher.」

「…I see.」

I was right. Her alias came from using her Flame Weapon skill. It’s one of the weakest offensive Skills that a Hero has, though. Actually, a Hero’s basic Skills are actually weak overall. The only good ones are the passive Skills that automatically strengthens the body when learned. The rest are pretty much garbage.

On the other hand, a Hero’s advanced Skills are extremely powerful. But it didn’t seem like Mylia was using one earlier.

Don’t tell me the people of this world fight without knowing how to use their advanced Skills… No, that’s just utterly ridiculous.

Fighting without advanced Skills is the same as heading into battle without any weapon. Sure, they don’t change classes in the royal capital’s cathedral, but they still have churches here and it’s still possible to change job class through the Coming of Age Ceremony. I find it hard to believe that they don’t know advanced Skills. It’s simply unthinkable.

「You looked like you were having a rough time earlier. You didn’t use Over Guard?

Over Guard is one of a Hero’s most basic defensive Skill.

It auto-activates when blocking an attack with a weapon and momentarily increases defense while only costing a bit of MP. With enough defense in fact, the attack gets deflected back.

It’s basically like a permanent critical counter. There’s not one Hero in BBO that didn’t learn this Skill. But maybe…

「What’s an Over Guard?」she asked, looking puzzled.

Man, this world’s worse than I thought.

But that also means she hasn’t used her Skill Points at all. This might be a good opportunity. She’s probably somewhere between level 15 to 20. Without using advanced Skills, she’d have been killed instantly by the Raging Ape if she weren’t at least level 15. But if she were level 20, she wouldn’t have been overwhelmed by the monster.

I haven’t watched her long enough to accurately gauge her strength, but my guess is she’s level 16. Heroes learn『Combo Attack』when they reach level 17. It’s a powerful Skill that’s considered the best among the class’s basic skillset. The fact that she wasn’t using it means she’s most likely level 16 and below.

A level 16 Hero is more than enough to take down a Raging Ape. Maybe… just maybe, I won’t have to wait for the poison to kill it.



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  2. They can only take on cheap quests.
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    Not only do they not know about the _advanced_ skills, they don’t know about all of the _basic_ skills as well.

    And, yes, suspecting a conspiracy of some sort would seem reasonable.
    Given ancient artifacts that are only of use to those with the Sage class being available, as that indicates that at one time they _did_ know about Sages.

    Just who is behind said conspiracy… depends.

    One series I’ve come across, the decrease in knowledge was as a result of Demons infiltrating the educational institutions and over several generations slowly and methodically removing any mention of certain types of knowledge and techniques, with the long term goal of making the next war against the Demon King go in their favor.

    I’m not sure what other faction would benefit such that a long term operation such as this would be maintained and succeed.

    You have to be able to obtain access to pretty much every depository of written records, including all the various private collections, to insure no written records remain with references to the knowledge you desire suppressed.
    You have to have control of the educational system, so that you can ease out those who are aware of those things and see to it that those who replace them don’t have that knowledge, all without anyone realizing this is going on; somehow, you have to keep those who know of these techniques, etc., from realizing that it isn’t being passed on to future generations, and that the knowledge is being actively suppressed.
    In general, this will require arranging for “accidents” to befall them after they have been eased out of instructional duties, with it being done in such a manner that no one becomes concerned abut all of these “accidents”…

    • Ya, at this point a conspiracy is a safe conclusion. Though we’ve not seen enough of the world yet to give a good guess as to who.

      • sure we have. #1 guess is that powerful evil org (forget the name) that he has already fought outside the church, and was also behind the ship attack. might not be 100% correct, but i would be super shocked if they were behind 2 attacks on the MC and didn’t end up being at least part of the conspiracy.

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      The Novel Dragon Maken War is just like that. All knowledge about techniques and important things were erase.
      “220 years ago, in the legendary Dragon Demon War, Hero Azell ended the war by killing the evil Dragon Demon race’s King Atein. He was able to save the population, but as a consequence, he was cursed. While he was dying, the high magician suggested a gamble that might save his life.
      ‘The Dragon’s hibernation is the only key to saving your life.’
      Instead of a human’s sleep, he slept the sleep of the dragons and he was able to overcome the curse. Now he is realizing that he has slept way longer than a human’s life span.”

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