Chapter 34 – They Don’t Even Know About Magic Storage


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

They Don’t Even Know About Magic Storage



Watching Mylia’s barrage, I kept on blocking attacks with my staff. The trick to not getting hit is to close the distance a bit then use a critical counter when possible. Then use the opening created to recast Magic Guard.

If you get too close, you might be late in parrying attacks. But if you get too far, it might throw stones instead or something which is difficult to block. Then again, adjusting your distance against a Raging Ape isn’t that hard when you get used to it.

「Guu.. gwooaahhh…」

As I predicted, after about twenty minutes of fighting, the Raging Ape collapsed on the ground. At the same time, I felt my body become lighter.

「Looks like we did it.」

「W-Wow… We really defeated the Raging Ape in just twenty minutes. Why an adventurer like you is only rank F is beyond me.」

Mylia was staring at me and the Raging Ape, astonished.

「You’re the one who took it down, though. All I did was block its attacks.」

What she displayed just now was a Hero’s usual firepower.
…No. With the right Skill tree, she can unleash three times more power than that. All this time, Mylia was simply unaware of her Skills and was unable to utilize her strength.

「You drew its attention and I simply used the Skill you taught me.」

「But killing it alone would’ve taken me twelve hours.」

「Well if I was alone, I’d be dead by now.」

That may be true, but it was a lot easier thanks to Mylia.

The exp earned by two people killing a monster is pretty much the same as when killed solo. So I pretty much hit the jackpot. Three or more people and the exp earned would start to diminish.

We did waste some time in explaining some stuff. But for a temporary party, it was a good hunt.

「Anyway, it’s dead so let’s decide how to distribute the materials.」

「You can have it all, Eld. I wouldn’t be alive if you weren’t here.」

「But it would’ve taken me twelve hours alone. How about an equal split?」

In BBO, it was common to split materials and drop items equally. That way, no one would owe anyone anything and there won’t be a lot of problems later on.

「Well if you insist, I’ll take it. How do we split it exactly?」

「I think we just cut it vertically in half.」

「Its skin can be sold too. If you cut it, its value will drop.」

I see. Splitting this won’t be easy.

「Okay, how about we sell it at the guild and split the proceeds equally? Can you come with me?」

「Fine by me. While I’m there I’ll file a complaint regarding your rank. You can use magic, so I’m sure they can designate you as a Wizard.」

If a famous adventurer and one with an alias like Mylia puts in a good word for me, they might allow me to officially change my job class.

「Now that that’s settled, let’s head to the guild… Magic Storage.」

With that, I put the Raging Ape materials in storage. In BBO everyone, regardless of job class, had a box to store items. But there’s no such box in this world. Although it seems I can still use it. I took『Magic Storage』for granted in BBO, but it’s very useful here. I was about to start walking, when I saw Mylia staring at me in disbelief.

「…Magic what?」

「What’s wrong?」

「Where’d the Raging Ape go?」

「Right here.」

I took the Raging Ape from the Magic Storage. A Wizard can use the Skill as well, but they probably don’t know about it.

There might be a lot more Skills they’re not aware of, but it might be better not to tell others about them. If people find out I have some peculiar knowledge, I might get targeted. I should probably ask Mylia not to tell anyone about it too.

「Can you not tell anyone that I taught you a Skill?」

「Sure thing. I won’t tell anyone the things you told me. They probably won’t believe me anyway if I told them an F-ranked adventurer knew this stuff.」

She has a point. It sounds like I can go adventuring without any worries.



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