Chapter 35 – Sounds Like Even Shield-Users are Weak


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Sounds Like Even Shield-Users are Weak

After a while, we arrived in Fiasta. My plan was to go to Seicent, but somehow I’m back. Well I accomplished more than I expected so no complaints from me.

「Alright, go ahead.」

The moment we arrived in town, I handed the Raging Ape materials to Mylia.

「What? You’re not gonna sell it yourself? You won’t get promoted if you’re a Novice, but this will still count as an achievement and will go in your records.」

「Things will just get complicated.」

There was a lot of fuss when I brought in materials from a C-ranked monster. The Raging Ape is rank A. I’m quite sure me selling will be more trouble than it’s worth.

…Speaking of ranks, Myna said she could help me get promoted. I’ll pay her a visit when I feel the need to. I’m still low-levelled though. But I’m now a Sage so ranking up a bit shouldn’t pose much problems.

Maybe she’ll employ sketchy means to give me a different job class. I don’t want to be under some strange debt so I’ll ask her only when I really need it.

「I don’t need the achievements. Just tell them you took it down alone.」

「All right. If you change your mind, just tell me.」

Mylia entered the guild. I wanted to know how much an A-rank monster would sell so I followed her inside.

「I got some extraordinary materials here. Can I sell them?」

「Materials that the Flame Spear call extraordinary?」

「Yeah. Here.」

Mylia showed the materials from the Raging Ape. The receptionist cocked her head the moment she saw it.

「I’ve never seen that before. What is it?」

「It’s a Raging Ape.」

Apparently the receptionist hasn’t seen a Raging Ape before.

「Raging… Are you saying you killed a rank A monster?!」

「That’s right.」

「A-ranked monsters are way above my pay grade! …I’ll call the branch manager!」

The receptionist scurried away. After a while, the branch manager showed up.

「Is it true you killed an A-ranked monster?」

「Yes, a Raging Ape. How much will you buy it for?」

「A Raging Ape?! You killed that monster alone?!」

Mylia turned to look at me. She wanted one last confirmation from me whether to tell them of my involvement.

Taking down an A-ranked monster will indeed be quite an achievement. And if Mylia will attest to it, they’ll most likely believe that I was part of it.

But I’m a Novice that can never get promoted so racking up achievements is pointless for me. If anything, it’ll only cause trouble. So I nodded to Mylia. She nodded back and faced the branch manager again.

「Eld right there helped me. Actually he did most of the work.」

「Wait, what happened to our agreement?」

「Wait, I thought that nod just now meant it was okay to tell them.」

「No, I meant the opposite! …Whatever, it’s too late. They’ll only get suspicious if you take it back now.」

So much for staying out of trouble. What a mess. But it’s too late to fix it. There’s no taking it back now that she’s told the branch manager.

「That adventurer? I haven’t seen him before. Did he recently get his alias or something?」

「His name is Eld, an F-ranked Novice.」

「A hundred F-ranked Novices won’t even stand a chance against an A-ranked monster.」

「That’s what I thought at first too. Until I found out that he’s an F-ranked Novice. The rules don’t allow Novices to rank up, but can you do something about that?」Mylia said, eyeing me.

「I’m not sure… That depends. Is he strong enough to fight an A-ranked monster?」

「He sure is, and more. He completely stopped the Raging Ape’s attacks which allowed me to strike at the monster freely. I just stood behind it and kept thrusting it with my spear.」

She recounted the battle to the manager while leaving out the part about the Combo Attack and the other Skills I used. She’s keeping her promise not to tell anyone about them.

「Stopped the Raging Ape’s attacks on his own? Even a skilled shield-user can’t do that.」

A Shielder is a job class that specializes in using a shield to block an enemy’s attacks and create an opening for his allies to strike. They have high endurance and plenty of taunting Skills.

There were plenty of monsters that a Sage with a tank role can deal with, but when exploring the most perilous dungeons, at least one Shielder in the party was necessary. But not a lot of players wanted to be a Shielder. Despite BBO’s well-featured playing environment and decent Skill repertoire, it was difficult for them to go hunting on their own which in turn made it hard to level up. So when new difficult dungeons were implemented, they would actually just drag a party down.

But the branch manager made it sound like the Shielders of this world can’t even keep one Raging Ape in check.



  1. I’m getting real tired of these people not knowing so many skills. It makes sense, but I’m getting tired of it anyway.

    • Huh.
      What I’m getting tired of is that he still hasn’t realized just how much they _don’t_ know.

      By now he should have caught on to the reality that any truly advantageous skill will be unknown. And that many mid-level skills will be unknown, and all high level skills will be unknown. And even those skills which are known won’t be utilized as efficiently as he is used to.

      And, of course, that any class which is weak at lower levels but strong once it ranks up will be held in low esteem because no one has made it to the higher ranks class-wise since whatever catastrophe occurred way back when.

      It’s like he’s used to AD&D Edition 3.5, and all they know about is the Basic Set released back with AD&D Edition 1 which only covered up through Level 3… (and pissed the hell out of all of us who bought it, not knowing it was that much of a starter set when we’d been playing D&D for years.)

      The situation is _that_ bad.

      • Well, as long as we’re complaining, I’m fine with the world having forgotten skills, and I’m marginally OK with the MC being the typical oblivious idiot, but I’m just getting progressively more annoyed with how nonsensically idiotic the entire game dev team for BBO is supposed to have been, as if they were intentionally trying to design the crappiest game ever released by picking the stupidest implementation for every single game feature.

      • The situation was even worse in our world for most of human history, and is still that bad.

        Considering that our set of underlying rules for “how the world works” and “how to effectively use the rules to win” is called science and technology.

        Dark ages happen for various reasons. A hundred years ago there were all kinds of lost technologies of the past that couldn’t be replicated by the ‘modern’ science of the time. Today there are relatively few remaining unsolved ancient technologies, and mostly the mystery is how ancients discovered things that were only recently rediscovered.

        As for BBO, why assume the design was the fault of the developers?

        In works like Overlord, there are indications that the isekai has been modified at some point to resemble a game. But there is also the possibility of a game being modeled on a world. In fact, the more common trope is that the isekai resembles a game because people from that world reincarnated in ours and recovered their past life memories, then wrote stories/game settings based on that world.

        That could also apply to highly specific game mechanics, but only for a fairly limited set of games with highly similar mechanics. So BBO is the labor of love of a former Sage who recovered highly detailed memories of the job system of this world, but was from a different time period (most likely the past). It was successful because it was a labor of love, but it is unbalanced because the real world is unfair and unbalanced.

    • My only complain is how short the chapters are

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  6. hmmm, I’m starting to dislike this series. He’s just making things harder on himself under some strange guise of humility. He’s not quite at the idiot no common sense OP characters that should just explode, but he’s getting there.

  7. [Despite BBO’s well-featured playing environment and decent Skill repertoire]

    ah I see mc, high level sarcasm there, you are learning.

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