Chapter 36 – Apparently There Were Unknown Job Classes


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Apparently There Were Unknown Job Classes

「It would normally be impossible, but Eld did it… In the first place, do you think I can kill a Raging Ape on my own?」

「Even you, the Flame Spear, can’t do that. The Raging Ape is a powerful monster.」

「Right? And do you think the adventurer who helped take it down won’t give their name?」

「I don’t think so… so this adventurer, Eld…」

The manager looked to be deep in thought. Is something wrong?

「Wait a minute. Did you say “Eld”?」

「I did.」

「Yeah. My name is Eld.」

Once again, the manager seemed to be mulling something over. Actually, it was more like he was trying to remember something. After a while, he asked me a question.

「Did you register in Elia?」

「How’d you know?」

He was right. I did register in Elia. But a Novice registering as an adventurer at the guild isn’t that big of a news to have crossed all the way here to a different continent.

Or so I thought…

「There’s a rumor that an incredibly strong F-rank Novice named Eld showed up in Elia. They say he fought a Sea Dragon, deflecting back its Spear Arms with nothing but a sword. The latter is just preposterous.」

「Yeah, deflecting a Sea Dragon’s Spear Arms with a sword can’t be true… That’s not something a human can do.」

「Yeah, I agree. People get too excited when a strong adventurer shows up. And it’s human nature to blow rumors out of proportion.」

「Blocking all the Raging Ape’s attacks was unbelievable in and of itself, but a Sea Dragon… I’m not buying it. People are just inflating rumors.」

Uhh, that actually happened. With the right Skills, it’s possible to parry a Sea Dragon’s Spear Arms even without a critical counter.

「But no matter my accomplishments, I won’t get promoted if I’m a Novice, right?」

「Yes, if you’re a Novice. So you just have to officially register your job class. You’re a Swordsman, correct?」

「No, I’m a Sage. It’s a spellcaster type job class. There’s no Job Class Gem for it so I couldn’t register it.」

「The talk in the guild is a Swordsman passed the exam. Due to some circumstances, he didn’t use any Skill at all and then identified himself as a Novice. At least, that’s the rumor. It’s not true?」

Is that how people are talking about me now? I was truly just a Novice back when I took the exam. Nothing more, nothing less.

「Damn right it’s not true. There’s no reason for me to identify as a hapless Novice if I was a Swordsman.」

「You have a point… No matter how strong you are, we can’t register a job class that doesn’t have a corresponding gem that lights up. As for a promotion, there’s an exception.」

「An exception?」

「If you have a branch manager’s recommendation and have achieved something that warrants your promotion, then you may be allowed to raise your rank as an exception. Every time you get promoted, though, the requirements for the recommendation to get accepted become stricter.」

So promotion through a recommendation. Normally a Novice can’t rank up but with this method, it’s possible.

「Does killing a Raging Ape count as an achievement for a promotion?」

「If you two took it down, then yes. You can only go up one rank at a time. If you’re okay with a recommendation for rank E, I’ll be glad to give you one. I can process it at my own discretion so it shouldn’t take long. Would you like to get promoted now?」

I can finally get promoted, huh… Going just one rank up sure is tough for a Novice.

「Thanks. I’d like to get promoted right away.」

「Understood. I should be the one thanking you. I’m the first person to increase the rank of the rumoured strongest Novice. I can brag about this at the branch managers’ meeting. Aiding in the promotion of a top-notch adventurer counts as an achievement for us guild personnel as well.」

「By the way, is it true that you have an unknown job class?」the manager asked while processing my promotion.

「Yeah. I’m a Sage. It’s a spellcaster type class.」

「I heard you took the registration exam with a sword.」

「I was just a Novice back then. I turned fifteen only recently.」

It’s technically not a lie. I didn’t change job class through the Coming of Age Ceremony. And if I phrase it like this, perhaps I can mislead him a bit.

「I see. So you had incredible swordsmanship skills even before you changed class.」

It worked. There’ll probably be trouble if people find out that there’s a different method of changing job classes besides going through the Coming of Age Ceremony.

「It’s unfortunate that you have an unknown job class when you’re so skilled with the sword. People with unknown job classes have it rough due to lack of previous information. The Flame Spear’s class, Hero, was unknown up until ten years ago.」

「Yeah. If I was born twenty years earlier, I would be treated as a Novice like Eld.」

Oh. So even the Hero class was unknown at one point. There’s only an extremely few people who come out as Heroes through the Coming of Age Ceremony. So before it was discovered, they were probably thought of as simply Novices.

The Sage class on the other hand, cannot be acquired through the ceremony so maybe I’ll stay as a Novice forever. For now, I should be content I can rank up through the manager’s recommendation.

I think it’s risky to disclose the fact that it’s possible to change class at the royal capital’s cathedral. Various laws, the guild’s rules – systems that were made based on the assumption that changing job classes can only be done through the Coming of Age Ceremony, might all fall apart.

One wrong move and just like in BBO, eighty percent of this world’s population might end up being Sages.



  1. Commenting on the teaser…

    Um, yes, _if_ the F-Rank Adventurer is _that_ unusual in what he accomplishes and how he does so, doing things that even “high” level Adventurers would be hard pressed to accomplish… the Guild _is_ going to send information concerning him to the other branches.

    Yes, due to various things they’ve not been able to assign him a Class label, so he’s technically a Novice in their records, but they aren’t really _that_ dumb. The Guild in Elia _knows_ he’s not a mere F-Rank Novice, not by a long shot.
    Even if they can’t “officially” list him as being of high enough level that he’d be using an alias, they _do_ have a responsibility to the rest of the Guild to inform them of potentially useful Adventurers they might not otherwise have clued into at first, and a responsibility to said Adventurer to smooth the way for him, to shorten the period where the folks at his new location are scratching their heads going, “Say whaat?”

    A whole bunch of knowledge concerning skills, etc., may be missing, but that doesn’t mean they are incompetent…inside of what they know they do a good job, OK?

  2. “One wrong move and just like in BBO, eighty percent of this world’s population might end up being Sages.” That is bad since there would be population decline and with lack of modern healthcare there is a danger of exintction.

  3. Well, at least he acknowledges that the sage supermajority is a problem.

    In fact, it might be even worse than expected. Because…does he know the class select chants for other classes? And he would have the most complete skill code list for sage, i would imagine. So Sage would be the ONLY class a person could consciously pick, and it is the obvious winner just because it would have the power advantage because it is the only fully explored class.

    Also, it might cause other problems. A lot of the classes from the coming of age ceremony are NPC classes, right? What happens when the world runs out of tailors because they all became sages instead? I would imagine a world like this would actually have poorly developed industries because they just relied upon skills. And the only solution to that problem might be restricting access to the class change temple…which probably just ends up in a larger noble/commoner divide (because obviously the nobles would horde that power).

    • Good point, that regarding his knowledge of the required chants for the other classes.

      Although the impression one gets is that he was truly obsessed with the game, and picked up a ton of information concerning all classes; he’s certainly been sounding off concerning the skills and preferred tactics of many classes other than Sage. Which leads me to suspect he _does_ know the required chants for a number of other classes, if not all of them.

      • Now that you say that, I have yet another beef with this story: I find it somewhat hard to believe that anyone would be obsessive enough to memorize chants for other classes he wasn’t playing when those classes were all uselessly weaker than the 1 class nearly everyone used. What would be the point? Just in case I get reincarnated into a game world?

      • He doesn’t have to memorize their chants by being obsessive.

        Since the skill names are usually said aloud when used, simply by playing with characters that had other classes he’d learn the evocations for many skills, and by strategizing he’d have an idea of what levels the important skills became available. That doesn’t mean he knows the skill codes, but invoking the skill code isn’t the only way to learn advanced skills.

        And because he was at the higher end of the spectrum, he’d be more likely to be in parties with advanced classes that can do certain things better than a Sage can.

        Like Heroes, Saints, and apparently Berserkers.

        On the subject of non-combat jobs…it was already stated that Swordsmen were frequently employed as laborers because of their superior physical stats (whereas Novices would have hard time getting any job cause of their inferior stats all around). No mention was made of any ‘civilian’ jobs. There might not be any “NPC” jobs, let alone a lot of them.

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  9. I’m imagining the poor Hero who had to pioneer recognition of the Hero class.

    “Um, I can’t light up any gems, but I’m not a novice. I’m a Hero. No really, that’s my class. I’m not making this up.”


    • Guild Examiner: “OK, yeah, right, your class is ‘hero’, no problem, I’ll just put that on the form here then”
      * Guild examiner writes on form ‘Class=Chunni’ *

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  11. For Academic Purposes

    Yeah I’m sure 80% of the population knows the special incantation too…

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