Chapter 39 – Apparently You Need to Send A Notice Before Entering the Forest


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Apparently You Need to Send A Notice Before Entering the Forest

Noon of the next day.
After a not-so-long journey, we arrived at the town closest to the Forest of Death: Desire.

Her leading the way made the trip very easy. Her fighting skills are terrible, but it’s apparent that she had more experience as an adventurer than me.

「First, let’s give a notice to the guild that we’re heading to the Forest of Death.」

「Is it necessary to give one?」

「There’s no penalty if you don’t, but it’s common to give one when you’re going into the forest. They won’t buy the materials you get from the forest otherwise. Also the system is there because of the high death rate. If the people who go inside die, they’ll only be treated as missing which makes it difficult to dispose of the person’s assets afterwards.」

I see. So they operate under the assumption that those who enter and never come back die.

「I know it’s a bit late now, but I’m surprised you agreed to come with me to the Forest of Death.」

「After seeing you fight that Raging Ape, I feel like I could fight if it’s with you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.」

「…You only just met me though.」

「I know the risks involved. Don’t worry, I won’t hold a grudge on you if I die. I have my own reasons to want power and achievements that I’m prepared to brave the danger to acquire them. If we went into the Forest of Death and come back alive with materials, that achievement will hold the same value as me spending years taking requests one after another for the guild.」

I see. So this is a gamble for her.

「Why do you want achievements that much?」

「For adventurer decoration.」

「Adventurer decoration?」

I haven’t heard of that one before.

「When you’ve become an A-rank adventurer and accomplished many deeds, you’ll be conferred a noble status. It’s the only way a woman gains new noble status.」

「So you want to become a noble?」

「That’s right. My family was ruined and lost its nobility. I’m gonna bring back my family’s name to a noble status.」

I see. So she wants to become an A-rank adventurer to rebuild her family. That’s why she goes around visiting guilds and takes requests no one else would bother with. She actually seems popular with the public too.

「You’re known as the world’s strongest adventurer. Won’t you get promoted to rank A in time?」

「It’s not that easy. I’ve accomplished many feats that I would’ve climbed to rank A a long time ago if I had a normal job class. Unfortunately it’s hard for inferior job classes to get promoted.」

「Is it similar to how a Novice can only be rank F?」

「Yeah, something like that. Still, the lower job classes receive better treatment than a Novice. I stopped partying up and went solo because most of the credit goes to other members with normal job classes. It’s not their fault, though. It’s just when normal and lower classes join up to party, the latter is treated more like an extra.」

So that’s why she goes solo… I don’t really care about credit, but I think it’s better if I avoid joining regular parties.

We entered the guild.

「Eh? The Flame Spear?!」

As soon as Mylia set foot in the guild, the receptionist behind the counter jumped to her feet. Everyone’s attention was drawn towards Mylia.

「The real deal?」

「But doesn’t the Flame Spear only come by towns with lots of requests? There’s not a lot of those here.」

「Maybe it’s not her.」

They’re gossiping about her the moment she stepped into the guild. So this is how popular the Flame Spear is…
Incidentally, I was more like an extra; no one paid me any attention. Man, it sure is peaceful. I like it.

「It’s indeed me. But I’m not here to take requests.」

「You’re not?」

「I’m going to the Forest of Death with Eld over there. Will you accept our notice?」

Mylia handed the receptionist a piece of paper that said『Forest of Death Trip Notice Form』. Her expression turned to shock as soon as she saw it.

「You’re heading to the Forest of Death? Just the two of you?」


「It’s too reckless. I can’t let Mylia the Flame Spear die in a place like this.」

The receptionist tried to shove the form back. I guess the Forest of Death is that dangerous. But Mylia won’t back down.

「One doesn’t need the guild’s permission to enter the forest. If you don’t accept the notice, we’ll just head there anyway. But I swear we’ll come back alive.」

「You’re right. We don’t have the right to stop you…」

「We’ll be back. You can count on it so don’t worry about a thing.」

Mylia left the notice on the counter and headed to the exit.

「I gave the notice. Let’s go.」

「Are there requests for the Forest of Death?」

「It’s impossible to hunt down your target monster in the forest so there’s none. If you kill one though, your reward is pretty much the purchase price for the materials. Long ago, there were requests for the Forest of Death, but because of the need to complete them, lots of adventurers pushed themselves too far and died. So now there’s no requests for the place.」

I see… The more I hear about place, the more dangerous it sounds.



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