Chapter 45 – There’s Actually a Trick to It


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There’s Actually a Trick to It

While taking a few steps back, I activated a few spells.

「Quick Spell, Dual Aria… Dual Arrow ・Full Burst!」

The last two were not actual spells. I only said those to give my ally an idea of what I’m about to do.

You don’t actually have to chant a spell out loud to use it. Using that to my advantage, I activated two types of spell, twenty times each for a total of forty.


Two types of spell were fired rapidly in quick succession. Fire Arrow and Stone Arrow. They both have extremely low cooldowns while also being relatively powerful spells.

Several arrows fly per second. The spells themselves are single-target, but the rain of magic arrows pierced the monsters, and one by one they fell. In less than three seconds, they were all dead.

「Wh-What was that? Magic just rained down rapidly…」Mylia asked, staring at the fallen monsters in astonishment.

What I used just now was a well-known combination of spells called a『Dual Quick』.

「Quick Spell and Dual Aria. To keep it short, the former allows one to unleash spells rapidly, and the latter lets one use two spells at the same time. It’s a combination of those two.」

What makes this combo brutal is that even at my level, I can still unleash so much power. In BBO, everyone knew about it.

I’ve levelled up a bit so I’m now able to use this kind of combo. When we arrived at the forest, I was only level 10, but now I’m level 12. Incidentally, Mylia is level 20.

「Can’t you actually do all this without me? Clearly the combo you just used is more powerful than my combo.」

「No, the combo I just used consumes a lot of mana. I don’t plan to use it unless it’s an emergency. I’ve only got a bit of mana left so let’s call it a day.」

There’s no way a level 12 human can unleash so much more firepower than someone who’s level 20 without some sort of a catch. Dual Quick is a combo that consumes an incredible amount of mana. Those who frequently used it in BBO would buy MP restoration potions with real money and fight while gulping them down. I can’t do that in this world.

「I’m sorry. We’re going back early because of my mistake when we should be able to hunt some more.」

「Nah, we did pretty good for our first day. Besides, it’s a common mistake among those who just started learning their combo.」

「It turned out okay since you were the tank, but I’m quite sure if anyone else took on the role, the whole party would’ve been wiped out. What should I do in situations like that?」

「First is to get the timing perfectly on when to follow up on your combo. Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice right away when you activate a Skill a bit earlier. If that happens, you delay the timing by saying『W-Wide Slash』instead of just『Wide Slash』.」

When saying your Skill out loud, it’s okay to include a few words before and after. You utilize this loophole and delay the timing a bit. This method consumes the least amount of resources.

It’s different for Skills that are cast silently though, but for a Combo-type Hero, this should be enough for the time being.

「Sounds hard to do. I don’t think I can pull it off.」

「That’s why you practice. Another method is to not panic, and start over your combo from the beginning. You lose more time than just delaying the timing, but it’s better than wasting precious AoE Skills like you did earlier.」I said as I started turning back.

The most dangerous part of a hunt is the trip back when you’ve already consumed MP and you can’t focus as much. We’ll have to be careful on our way back.

「We made it back alive…」

「Yeah. Even though we fought while playing it safe, we actually got pretty good results.」

By the time it started getting dark, we made it out of the Forest of Death safely and arrived at Desire.

It may have looked like we were fighting dangerous battles, but we were actually careful. We adjusted our pace so we wouldn’t fight two groups at the same time. When there was a group large enough that it would be difficult to cover Mylia if she makes a mistake, I baited a few of the monsters and we took them down slowly but surely.

「Pretty good? More like astounding results. How many did we kill?」


「Seventy-three monsters from the Forest of Death?! You killed that many?!」

「Uh, it was pretty much all you.」

She hasn’t had any decent tank before and all this time she fought without using advanced Skills, let alone combos. I can understand why she didn’t feel like she defeated that many. Besides, it’s a lot harder to kill ten enemies with basic Skills than using Skill combos to kill seventy.

「The fact that they’re all Blood Tigers bothers me. Are there only Blood Tigers in the Forest of Death?」

「It was bugging me as well. The Forest of Death I know has a variety of monsters. I thought you picked easy to kill targets since I recently just learned my Skills. Am I wrong?」

「I only baited monsters located in areas where we could kill them. I did find other kind of monsters, but none that were within range of my taunting spell.」

「That’s strange… We’re the first ones to go through the forest by the cliff. Maybe there’s no other kind of monsters in that route.」

We entered the town while talking all the way.



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