Chapter 46 – Special Treatment


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

Special Treatment

「With this many monsters we killed, it’s probably better to give our report in the special room.」

「Special room?」

「Normally, purchase of materials are done at the counter, but when there’s a B-ranked and higher adventurer in the party, you can request the purchase to be done in the special room. It’ll be disadvantageous for both parties if people find out what you sold.」

I see. The guild will buy the material and whatever it is, it won’t get leaked. What a convenient system. I can’t use it with my current rank, but if Mylia can, then that would be great.

I followed Mylia into the guild as I was musing to myself.

「Oh, they’re back!」

The moment I entered the guild, the whole place was abuzz. Looks like they were surprised we made it back alive… nah, there’s more to it than that.

「I won! 50,000 gils baby!」

「I can’t believe it. I won 30,000 gils!」

「Wait a sec. We still don’t know if they killed a monster.」

「Just look at those eyes. Those aren’t the eyes of someone who lost in the Forest of Death and came back.」

「They’re empty-handed, though.」

It sounds like we were the subjects of bets. Mylia ignored them and approached the purchase counter.

「We killed some monsters. There’s a lot so can you get the special room ready for us?」

「O-Of course! The room’s available so I’ll… I’ll get it ready right away! And I’ll call the branch manager for assessment!」

Flustered, the receptionist rushed to call the branch manager. Witnessing the situation, the adventurers in the guild started getting rackety.

「Hell yeah! I won big time!」

「Damn it. I thought for sure the guy won’t make it back!」

My guess was the ones cheering in joy bet on our return, while the frustrated ones bet that we would fail. Only about ten percent of them were happy.

Looks like they estimated the chances of our coming back alive to be quite low.

It doesn’t sit right with me that they’re frustrated we’re alive, but seeing as they lost money, I can live with it. Then an adventurer approached me.

「I got easy money thanks to you! Thanks!」he said, handing me a gold coin and left.

Looks like a tip.

「I’ve brought the branch manager!」

As I was watching the adventurers settling their bets, the receptionist came back. It looks like the special room is ready.

Despite its name, the special room looked boorish, with a stone floor and a sturdy-looking table in the middle. My guess is lots of materials are brought in here which is why they made the room like this. In that special room, Mylia and I were facing the branch manager.

「It’s been two years since we purchased materials from the Forest of Death. It doesn’t look like you have a huge package with you. Are you selling claws or something?」he said, regarding us.

He seems to think we brought some tiny materials.

「Not claws. Whole corpses.」

「You’re saying that not only did you kill them in the Forest of Death, but you also managed to carry their corpses out?」

「Exactly. By the way, you keep matters confidential when purchasing materials, right?」Mylia asked.

I used my Magic Storage to carry the materials. But if people found out about it, it’ll only cause trouble so I wanted to keep it secret. Which is why it was necessary to confirm the manager’s duty of confidentiality.

「Of course. From the kind of material to how you harvested them, anything an adventurer wishes to be kept secret will be kept secret.」

Among the information regarding materials sold, the guild has a duty to keep confidential anything an adventurer wishes to be kept secret. Though in truth, there’s rumors that confidential information are actually shared within the guild. But at the very least, info almost never gets leaked outside. So an adventurer can rest assured when selling materials to the guild.

「I’m glad to hear that. What we want to be kept confidential is the transportation method. Can you keep it secret?」

What we want concealed this time is only the transportation method. It would be better that no one knew what monster we killed as well so we don’t draw unwanted attention, but if we do that, the achievement can’t be made public.

Mylia then won’t be able to accomplish her goal, so we decided not to keep secret what monster we killed.

「Transportation method? I don’t think there’s any extraordinary method available out there that’s worth keeping confidential… But very well, if you say so, I won’t tell anyone.」

Upon hearing his words, Mylia and I exchanged looks.



  1. Haha, we’ll use the special transaction room just so y’all won’t know whether or not we actually killed anything.

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    • The problem with that would be the same thing: how did they transport them?

      Even if they took them out of storage in an adjacent alleyway, prior to entering the guild building, no one would accept that they carried them all that distance in that condition.

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