Chapter 47 – I was Told my Rank was Strange


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

I was Told my Rank was Strange

「This… is how we transported it. Out you go.」I said, taking out one Blood Tiger from my Magic Storage and put it on the table.

Blood Tigers are bigger than the average human. It would take a tremendous effort to lift one up without Magic Storage.

「Huh? W-Wait a second!」

Seeing what I did, the manager froze in astonishment and then raised his voice. I was expecting a branch manager to be aware of Magic Storage, but it looks like that’s not the case.

「What?」I asked.

「Where’d the monster come from?! You took it out from nowhere!」

「From a storage-type spell. Like this.」

I took out Blood Tigers one by one and put them on the table. Only six for now, considering the table’s size. The manager was getting more and more baffled.

「Monsters from out of nowhere? Is this an illusion?」

Still baffled, he touched the Blood Tiger. It goes without saying, but they didn’t slip through his fingers. They’re absolutely real.


He paused. He probably realized he was about to ask the same question he asked thirty seconds ago.

「Six Blood Tigers. You killed six with just the two of you?」

His tone was calm, but his hands were shaking. He’s trying to forget about the Magic Storage.

Just ignore things you can’t comprehend. A wise decision, in a sense.

Mylia, however, was not done and followed it up.


「Ah, so you had help from others. I thought so. There’s no way just the two of you killed six Blood Tigers, a B-rank monster. It’s impossible even for the Flame Spear―」

「Not that. I meant us killing six Blood Tigers. The total kill count is actually seventy-three. The rest are still in Eld’s Magic Storage.」


The manager was taken aback and tripped over a protrusion on the floor. I tried to help him up, but he managed to get back on his feet with the help of the wall.

「Seventy-three with just the two of you?」he asked Mylia.

「All I did was offer a bit of support and carry the package. Mylia killed most of them.」

I wasn’t lying. By a bit of support, I meant teaching her some Skills, baiting enemies, and taking down the monsters she failed to kill… Mylia killed 67 out of 73.

I don’t need the achievement. I’m good so long as I can get promoted to rank D. Which is why I’m giving Mylia almost all the credit.

Some strange person might come for me if I stand out too much. The manager turned his attention to me.

「Who are you? Since you were going with the Flame Spear to the Forest of Death, I wanted to get some info on you. But I got nothing except that your name was Eld.」

「I’m just an E-rank adventurer.」

「E-rank?! An E-rank adventurer entered the Forest of Death and transported this many monsters?! Well the transportation thing aside, it’s still impossible! Even if you were with the Flame Spear, there’s no way you’d come back alive!」

The people in this world seem to have a strong notion that your rank equals your ability to fight. I thought that since those with inferior job classes have a hard time getting promoted that perhaps there were countless others besides me: powerful adventurers that belied their rank.



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