Chapter 53 – The Power of a Sage


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The Power of a Sage

Electric current ran through the surrounding earth and set trees on fire as the『Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon』let out a cacophonous screech.
―Electric Fire.

Just by being there, a Raid Boss inflicts damage that’s the same as its attribute. Normally, you’d have to withstand it and try to kill it before it kills you. Fortunately, Sages have Attribute Resistance Skills.

「Learn Skill, Skill Code 1291: Magic Anti-Electric.」

These attribute resistance Skills are extremely powerful; it’s able to completely negate attribute damage that a Raid Boss unconsciously inflicts in its immediate surroundings. However it’s an advanced Skill and therefore consumes a fair amount of Skill Points. Still it’s necessary to learn all the types of attribute resistance anyway so acquiring it now is fine.

「Magic Anti-Electric!」

As soon as I chanted the spell, my body became enveloped in some aura. It’ll protect me from being electrocuted.

Though one actual shot from a Raid Boss won’t be stopped by some resistance Skill. I probably won’t get out alive. But…

「It’s not moving…」I muttered to myself as I regarded the dragon that’s surveying its surroundings.

It’s just as I expected. The Raid Boss won’t attack first. The reason is that it doesn’t see me as a threat just yet. For the『Heaven-Rending Lightning Dragon』that’s several meters in size, humans are similar to insects.

Just like how humans don’t notice insects at their foot, the dragon doesn’t notice me as well. Humans will only notice insects when they bite.

And just like how insects get swiftly crushed once they’re noticed, so shall I meet the same fate once the Raid Boss turns its attention at me.

I’m still only level 18. I need to be at least level 50 and have learned various defensive spells before I can fight this monster head-on. Which is exactly why I’m not fighting it “head-on”.

「Learn Skill, Skill Code 1265, 1254, 1233, 1211, 1201, 1215, 1230, 1281, 1282.」

I learned every Skill necessary with the Skill Points I had available. Then I started chanting spells.

「Attack Field, Berserk Field, Enhance Field, Earth Field, Over Magic Field, Ultra-Extended Incantation, Close-Range Firing―」

The spells I activated were power-enhancing Skills. Every single one except Attack Field has its drawbacks.

If I chanted a spell now, I would take damage, expend a massive amount of mana, and my attacks won’t reach more than three meters. Chanting spells will also take ten times longer than normal. But in exchange, I gain overwhelming power. And since I’ve buffed myself with earth attribute, the lightning attribute’s weakness, I can unleash tremendous power against the creature.

Even the most effective magic spell I used, Berserk Field and Over Magic Field, only enhances my strength three times. But with seven of them cast at the same time, its effects are multiplied resulting in an absurd amount.

Based on my calculations, all the spells I cast enhanced my power by a whopping 324 times. There’s no doubt that once I unleashed it all, I would barely be able to move. But I’m not done yet.

「Earth Enchant, Earth Over Enchant.」

This time I used the spells on my weapon, not on myself. A Sage’s staff has a lot of properties and one of them is you can buff it by stacking two same-attribute spells at the same time.

With this earth-attribute buff, the damage it will deal to the lightning-attribute dragon will be multiplied by 10. Multiply it further with the buffs on myself, you get a walloping 3,240.

Still, multiplying the power of a level-18 spell by 3,240 times won’t be enough to kill a Raid Boss. There’s still some spells I can use… but the rest of my spells’ effects only last for an extremely short amount of time.

First, I must get close enough for my『Close-Range Firing』.



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