Chapter 64 – There Were Even More Requests Now


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There Were Even More Requests Now

I haven’t heard of a Hungry Ogre’s followers getting stronger. There’s probably something that caused it. Maybe it has something to do with the high number of casualties in the area.

I proceeded to collect the monster parts that would serve as proof of my kill.

「Doesn’t look like their boss is an Emperor Ogre.」

A monster’s strength varies even among the same species. They could be weak or strong. And the one I killed was quite strong.

When an Emperor Ogre shows up, an incredible number of Hungry Ogres appear too, so the stronger ones command the weaker ones. Seeing as a strong Hungry Ogre is leading Wolves and such, the Boss is probably a King Ogre. I’m curious as to why the Hungry Ogre’s followers were stronger than normal. But so long as an Emperor Ogre doesn’t show up, taking them out should be easy.

「On to the next. Magic Search.」

Although baffled about the strangeness of the situation, I surveyed my surroundings to look for my next target. There’s tons of requests available, so I should just hunt as many as I can.

A few hours later.
I stowed away the monsters I killed into my Magic Storage and headed back to the guild. If I submitted all of them, I’ll definitely draw some attention.

「Well, Mylia did say I should stand out a bit.」

The inferior job classes are treated coldly by the guild. It’s even worse for Novices who can’t get promoted under normal circumstances.

But if I stand out a bit, I can get promoted by authority of the guild branch managers. I want to do something about this rule someday, but right now I just have to go up the ranks somehow.

It’s hard to gauge how much is “standing out a bit”. But since there’s no A-rank among the monsters I killed, I shouldn’t stand out too much. So I’ll just submit them all.

I opened the door to the guild…


The moment I opened the door, request forms landed on top of my head. It looks like more and more requests were issued while I was gone and with no space, they made it all the way to the door.

「Come on. This is just ridiculous.」I muttered as I sauntered toward the counter.

I went hunting well into the night so there were no other adventurers around.

「Ah… I’m sorry! Posting them above the door was probably going too far.」the staff said as she took the requests and piled them on top of a desk.

It seems she gave up on the idea of posting requests on the walls. A wise decision. I took down a lot of monsters. I wonder if it’ll help reduce this massive amount of requests.

I made my way to the counter.

「I want to submit my report. 」

「Thank you! Did you bring proof of your kills?」

「Yeah.」I said, taking out a Wolf’s fang from my『Dimension Storage』.

Dimension Storage is one of the basic Skills learned by spellcaster-type job classes. Items can be stored in a different dimension so you won’t have to carry around heavy luggage.

There are limitations like what kind of item you can store inside and its maximum capacity so it’s not exactly all-purpose. But monster parts don’t spoil inside plus it doesn’t get in the way of your hunt. It’s a priceless Skill in this world.

Bringing out a huge monster will only get in the way, so I’ll start selling the smaller ones first. Wolves can’t even fit on the counter. One by one I took out monster parts from the storage…

「Umm, where are all those parts coming from?」

The receptionist looked bewildered as she watched me bring out the materials. Now that I think about it, this one wasn’t included in the list of Skills that the guild is aware of. I suppose it’s all right to explain it. It’s a basic Skill anyway.

「It’s a Skill called Dimension Storage. You can store items in a different dimension.」

「S-Such a Skill exists?! You can keep on hunting without carrying anything!」

「Yeah. It has some limitations, though. A fairly high-levelled Wizard should be able to use it.」

Wizards and Sages can learn Dimension Storage. It wasn’t important in BBO, but it could be a convenient Skill in this world.

「I’ve never heard of that Skill before! I’m sure it’s not in the guild’s database either. How much can you store inside?」

「Hmm… It’s a bit difficult to explain, but a lot I guess. It can fit fifty-two Hungry Ogres inside, at least.」

A Dimension Storage’s capacity can’t be calculated by simple weight and volume. You can store a lot of weaker monster materials for starters. But you can’t store the same number of materials from stronger monsters. There’s actually a formula for it in BBO, but computing is a pain and there’s lots of items here not found in the game. So teaching the formula is pointless.

「Fifty-two Hungry Ogres?!」

The receptionist jumped to her feet. She clearly didn’t expect that many.

「Uhh… you mean just their body parts that serve as proof of their kill, right?」

「No, I meant their whole body. They looked valuable. It would’ve been a waste to just leave them.」I said, dragging out a Hungry Ogre’s arm from the storage.

「I-Is that… the arm of a Hungry Ogre?!」

「Yeah. I stuffed its whole body in. But I can’t take it out here. There’s not enough space.」

Hungry Ogres are humungous. If I take them out here, I’ll fill up the whole guild. The guild has a warehouse where they keep materials, so I can probably take them out there. In any case, if I want to sell them over the counter, I would have to dissect their bodies.

The receptionist just stared blankly and muttered.

「I, uhh, have no idea what’s what anymore… Can I call the branch manager?」



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