Chapter 65 – Dimension Storage was Well-Received


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Dimension Storage was Well-Received

「I just need requests processed. Do you need the manager for that?」

「There’s just too much new information. I don’t know what to do. I can’t handle a Hungry Ogre bulk purchase either.」she said as she disappeared into the back.

Hmm… for some reason every time I visit a guild, I end up seeing the branch manager. Well, Mylia did say that if I want to get promoted I should stand out a bit. So this should be fine.

A few minutes later.
The manager showed up, out of breath.

「Adventurer Eld, are you around?!」

「Yeah. I’m right here.」

「This is the discovery of a century! It’s extraordinary!」

He scampered toward me, storing and bringing out his pen from another dimension. It looks like he already understands how to use the Dimension Storage.

「By discovery of a century, you mean the Dimension Storage?」

「What else?! With this Skill, you can hunt monsters for hours without worrying about luggage!」

「Yeah, that’s right. It’s a convenient Skill to have.」

「It’s way more than just convenient! This spell is revolutionary! Change is coming to the world of adventurers!」

Then he suddenly turned serious.

「Can I report this Skill to the guild?」he asked.

「What will happen if you do?」

Dimension Storage is a convenient Skill that’s not even used for combat. But if it spreads, hunting will be much more efficient for adventurers. I’d be upset if it gets reported and I get nothing.

「First, you’ll receive a hefty reward from the guild. The computation for the amount will probably take years. For an extraordinary new Skill like this, it would be at least one billion.」

Oh. One billion just for informing them of a basic Skill? Talk about profitable. That’s too much for a reward.

「How will you handle the Skill?」

「Once the guild has verified the Skill’s capabilities, it’ll be added to the public Skill list. If side effects are discovered at this point, you won’t be held accountable so don’t worry.」

I see. So I can make billions without any risk.

「All right. Please submit the report.」

It’s not like I’ll lose anything if knowledge of this Skill gets disseminated. I also don’t want to be met with surprise every time I use it at a guild.

Plus if it gives more power to the guild, it’ll be easier to deal with the likes of the Garden of Despair. Two birds with one stone.

「Very well. Thank you. Anyway, discovering a new Skill is incredible. I can see why you’re rank D when you’re only a Novice… Wait, a Novice?」

The manager noticed that something was off.

「Why can a Novice like you use a magic spell?」

Dimension Storage is a Skill common to both a Wizard and a Sage. It wouldn’t be strange for a Sage to use it at all. But since this world does not know about the Sage class, I’m treated as a Novice (a beginner).

Perhaps this is my chance. Maybe he can make me a Wizard. The determination of a job class can only be done through the Job Class Gem and nothing else. But someone important like a guild branch manager might be able to make an exception.

「I’m only a treated like a Novice because of the Job Class Gem. I’m actually a Wizard.」

「Treated like a Novice? The gem didn’t glow?」

「Yeah. But I can use a Wizard’s spell. Can you somehow make me a Wizard instead?」

He mulled it over. After a while he looked at me with a serious expression.

「Unfortunately, registration of your job class can only be done through the Job Class Gem. It wasn’t like that a long time ago.」

「So it can’t be done now?」

「Yes. Ever since the era of Cardinal Georgis, rules regarding job classes have been strict. The inferior job class Hero for example was actually under the Warrior class before.」

I see. Cardinal Georgis… I’ve heard that name before.

If I recall correctly, that’s the name of the guy who started persecuting the advanced job classes and called them the inferior job classes instead. If the man behind this persecution is someone more important than a guild branch manager, it will be difficult to rework the job class system.

「I’m sorry I can’t do anything to help.」

「No, it’s not your fault. I was the one asking to do the unreasonable. I’ll work on this problem myself.」

Based on what he’s said, I can probably rework the class system, designating the inferior job classes as advanced classes once again, once I’ve dealt with this Cardinal Georgis dude. If I keep racking up achievements, I might get to see the guy.

Depending on his reaction, I might “abuse” the knowledge I acquired in BBO to the max. I can’t wait to meet him.

「…I’m sorry. But I can at least get you promoted to rank C.」

「You mean a recommendation?」

I think my promotion to rank C is pending approval. I haven’t heard anything about it after the recommendation was sent… Has there been progress?

「Yes. The endorsements of three different branch managers are needed for your promotion. You already have two. First is from Desire’s branch manager and the second is from the royal capital guild’s branch manager. It’s unusual for the royal capital branch manager to get involved in a promotion. What did you do?」

It sounds like the royal capital’s branch manager approved my promotion as well. I haven’t met him so I have no idea why he gave his approval. Maybe Myna pulled some strings.

In any case, I’ll gladly accept my promotion. I’m having a hard time selling monster materials with my current rank.



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