Chapter 67 – More Reason to Kill Monsters


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More Reason to Kill Monsters

「Wh-What’s going on here?!」

「I just took out the materials, that’s all.」

「That’s not what I’m asking… Now it looks like there might actually be fifty-two Hungry Ogres here!」

It sounds like he didn’t believe me when I said I killed fifty-two Hungry Ogres. It’s better if I just actually showed him.

「Yeah. You want to count them?」

「I’ll count the Hungry Ogres at least.」

And so he started counting the Hungry Ogres. He still had that skeptical look on his face… but with the evidence before him, he had no other choice but to accept I was telling the truth. And a few minutes later.

「Th-There’s fifty-two Hungry Ogres. It’s five million per ogre so the total reward is 260 million gils.」he said in blank amazement after counting them.

It looks like I counted right.

「How about the other monsters?」

「There’s too many. I can’t possibly compute them all on my own. I’ll ask the guild to work on it later.」

「All right.」

After a bit, the manager turned to me and bowed.

「On behalf of the whole region, thank you for killing all these monsters. I’ll personally recommend your promotion to rank B to headquarters. A Novice’s promotion to rank B will take time before it’s approved, though.」

It seems he’s going to submit a recommendation for my promotion to rank B. I feel like this Cardinal Georgis dude might butt in. But anyway I just have to gratefully accept the recommendation.

「And one more thing… If it’s all right with you, will you kill a lot more monsters in this town?」

「You don’t have to ask. That was my plan all along. Is the damage really that bad?」

If the number of monsters increased, so will the number of requests. But there’s something about how he said the words. Like there’s a different reason as to why he asked me that.

「Well the monsters are wreaking havoc… but that’s the not the real problem. It’s the Migration Plan.」

「Migration Plan?」

「Yes. Abandon Elias and move to a place with few monsters. Not one resident wants to go, though.」

I see. Taking shelter away from the monsters. But…

「What do you mean no one wants to go?」

「They literally just don’t want to. The Migration Plan is for the benefit of the nobles in the royal capital.」

「…Benefit of the nobles?」

「Yes. Elias is built on Count Meigis’ land. The people who hate him use monsters as an excuse to decrease his territory.」

I see. So the monsters are being used as tools for political warfare.

The residents don’t want to abandon the town from a monster outbreak that will eventually die down as time goes by. Agriculture is thriving in this world and migrating would mean cultivating new lands.

「Do people hate this Meigis guy?」

「He’s loved by the people. But nobles from the main faction despise him, especially Cardinal Georgis.」

Cardinal Georgis again… His name keeps on coming up.

「Why do they despise him?」

「He opposed the discrimination against inferior job classes. He was not the only noble opposed to it; there were quite a number of them. But Count Meigis’ methods drew significant attention.」

「…Drew attention?」

「Yes. He gathered those people with inferior job classes that the country persecuted and tried to give them work that matched their abilities.」

Hmm, yes. He would definitely draw attention if he gathered people from all over the country. And he became a target for Cardinal Georgis who pushed for the persecution of the inferior job classes.

In that case, Count Meigis could make for a great ally. It will take time before Mylia becomes a noble. Having a few noble friends will make it easier to move around. Making the manager owe me a favour would be the best move here.

「…I understand the situation now. I’ll do my best so the residents won’t have to leave town.」

「Thank you. Word from the government is that the migration will be called off if enough monsters are killed. We would be grateful if you could take out a lot of them.」

「I’ll take my reward, of course. Also, if the Migration Plan is cancelled, can you introduce me to Count Meigis?」

Just stopping the migration would be a waste. If I met with Count Meigis, I think I’ll be able to pull a few more strings. Yes. A few more strings…

「Count Meigis?」

「Yeah. I want to talk about the inferior job classes.」

「Very well. I don’t know if he’ll want to see you, but I’ll help you out.」

Good. It feels like we’ll actually get somewhere.

I had no plans to interfere with politics myself… but if he’s on the side of the people with inferior job classes, we might get along.

「Thanks. So now I just have to go around and kill monsters.」

「Yes. I expect great news.」

And just like that, I now had more reasons to kill monsters than just to gain exp and acquire valuable items.



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