Chapter 75 – I Tried Burning Them for Starters


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

I Tried Burning Them for Starters

After a while, I got close to where the Emperor Ogre was.

「Magic Search.」

I activated my search spell and detected a remarkably huge magical reaction. It was the Emperor Ogre.

It had ten Hungry Ogre followers. I’ve already confirmed that there weren’t any more in the immediate vicinity. So I only have to fight the Emperor Ogre and its lackeys.

「Aight, time for a fun digging.」I muttered as I moved away from them.

Next, I dug a shallow hole and filled it with oil. No being stingy this time, not unlike the times I fought the other Hungry Ogres. I used the trees as my main source of fuel then, but now I’m going to set the oil directly on fire to completely burn them to their bones. After all, I’m against an Emperor Ogre, one of the stronger A-rank monsters.

「That’s one down. On to the next.」

This time there was no guarantee I could lure it into a trap. Even if I did, I might mess up the timing on setting the oil on fire and the Emperor Ogre could escape. So I’ll set a few more traps. Once the fighting starts, this whole place will become hell.

「That should do it.」

After setting up three traps, I checked to see if they were hidden. Any more and I’d have to put less oil in the holes causing my plan to backfire. Three should be just enough.

But if I baited them straight here, the smell of the oil will give it away. I used way more oil than ever before, after all. Even a human like me can smell it.

Which is why…

「Flame Circle.」

I relocated a bit and set the mountain on fire. Then I threw oil on the flames. With this, the whole place will be filled with the oil-smelling smoke. My traps shouldn’t be noticed that easily.

The preparations are complete. Now it’s time to fight.

「Magic Taunt!」

At a distance, I used my taunting spell on the Emperor Ogre. I only have to bait the Boss; the rest of them will follow on their own.

「Gigoooaaaaahhh! Goooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!」

A few moments after using the taunting spell, the trees shook as a deafening roar rolled through the forest. There was quite the distance between me and the Emperor Ogre but I could feel my ears splitting.

「I might need something for its roar.」

I stuffed a piece of cloth I had with me into my ears. A makeshift earplug. It’s better than nothing.

As I was making my preparations, I spotted a huge monster more than twice as big as a normal Hungry Ogre. It was no doubt the Emperor Ogre. So the info from the government was accurate.

「Armor Melt Acid.」

I cast an armor reduction spell on the Emperor Ogre.


A few seconds later, its rage-filled scream reverberated across the forest. It seems the spell hit. Its huge build makes it an easy target even at a distance.

「Wind Walk.」

Watching their movements, I distanced myself farther using my Wind Walk. All the while I tried to lure the Emperor Ogre to one of my traps. Then it started charging straight at me.

「Looks like it doesn’t suspect anything yet. 」

For the Emperor Ogre, the smell of monster oil is the smell of prey. It probably didn’t feel the need to be cautious.

With my eyes fixed on the incoming Emperor Ogre and Hungry Ogres, I set the oil on fire.



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