Chapter 76 – I Managed to Kill the Weaklings


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

I Managed to Kill the Weaklings

「Flame Circle!」

As soon as I cast the spell, the oil I stored in the ground ignited. Flames spread in the blink of an eye, engulfing the spot where Emperor Ogre and its lackeys were.


Covered in flames, the Hungry Ogres howled in agony. Tons of oil have been lit. The heat flames produced were way more ferocious than back when I fought the other Hungry Ogres.

「Sticky Bomb! Sticky Bomb!」

I shot Sticky Bombs at the Hungry Ogres feet to prevent them from running away. I didn’t plant them beforehand like last time because the Emperor might notice and avoid them.

By the time the Hungry Ogres were all dead, I immediately sensed danger and jumped to the side. A second later, a rock as huge as my head, shot straight past where I was a moment ago at an incredible speed.

I would’ve been dead meat if I didn’t move. He prioritized attacking me instead of running away. He’s got guts.

「Of course it won’t go that easily.」

I glanced at the direction the rock came from and there, in the roaring flames, the Emperor Ogre stood, seething with rage. The flames seemed to be doing their work, but not enough to kill it.

In the first place, only its legs were on fire. Its body was too big to kill with just the flames on the ground. A Hungry Ogre, on the other hand, can get its whole body swallowed by the fire.

A thunderous roar filled with rage rang throughout the forest. The Emperor Ogre was furious after seeing its friends get killed. Its eyes glistened with bloodlust. He was fully prepared.

「That’s right. Get over here… if you can!」

The Emperor Ogre was stuck on the ground with Sticky Bombs as well, and even now, pools of oil burned at its feet.

Unlike the Hungry Ogres, the flames weren’t enough to kill the Emperor Ogre, but he was still taking damage. Its legs, red and awfully seared by the flames with a few spots charred black, was proof of that.

「Gii… goooaaaahhhh!」

As I was regarding it, the Emperor Ogre pulled its legs off the ground along with the earth. It seems the Sticky Bombs were tougher than the ground. I actually chose a spot with hard-packed dirt but I suppose the oil loosened it.

This was all within expectation, though. I was also focused on killing the Hungry Ogres that I didn’t use enough Sticky Bombs on the Emperor Ogre.


The Emperor Ogre started dashing towards me, fuming with rage. But the path it took was a little off the shortest route.

It’s apparently learned that the shortest route was dangerous. Still, if it chooses to come to me, I can still lure it somewhere.

So I ran―

「Wind Run!」

And used Wind Run part way to jump back.

The Emperor Ogre sprinted, pretending to swing its arms as if for running, but it actually threw a rock at me. Just throwing stones might not sound that big of a deal, but what he hurled weighed a few tons with a speed of a few hundred kilometres per hour. If I failed to dodge it, I’d be dead instantly.

I can’t let my guard down even when luring it.

All the while, I lured the Emperor Ogre closer and closer to my next trap. There were two more left so I just had to let it step on any of them. I positioned myself in between the two traps and faced the Emperor Ogre.

If it goes for the shortest route, it won’t step on the traps. But since it thinks that “the shortest route is dangerous” I can actually make it tread on them.


And so the Emperor Ogre moved just off to the side of the shortest path and charged straight to the trap on its own. All according to plan.

「Wind Run. Flame Circle!」

I sprinted straight at the monster and lit the ground under its foot on fire with magic. The surrounding was set ablaze and once again the Emperor Ogre was engulfed in flames. At this rate, I’ll burn to death as well…


I cast a fire resistance spell on myself to protect me from the flames. It’s an outstanding spell that not only works against flames, but against smoke as well.

I used it a lot in BBO’s volcano stages. This spell alone makes it worth it to invite Sages to a party.



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