Chapter 80 – I’ll be Able to Meet Someone Important


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

I’ll be Able to Meet Someone Important

「D-Did you really kill the Emperor Ogre?! It’s a powerful A-rank monster!」

「I did. I had to use some cheap tricks, but I managed to take it down somehow.」

「Cheap tricks? I knew you had exceptional abilities, but I can’t believe you killed “this”.」the branch manager said, staring at the Emperor Ogre’s corpse.

Its body was twice as big as a Hungry Ogre, and sinister-looking. Someone who appraises materials would know with just one look how strong a monster is.

「How on earth did you kill it? Just looking at its corpse makes me lose hope of ever taking one down.」

「I seared it good with spells while burning the forest. And this is the result」I said as I pinched the burnt parts of my clothes.

「While burning the forest? You set the oil on fire and fought in the flames?」

「Yeah. Those tons of oil you gave me helped a lot.」

「Th-That’s good to hear… But are you all right after fighting in the scorching heat?!」

「I have some pretty useful Skills. Though my clothes didn’t get out unscathed.」

The burnt sections were the ones that don’t cling to my body. They were most likely out of range of the Anti-Flame when I cast it.

「So anyway, we can stop the evacuation of the town if we have this corpse, right?」I asked, pointing at the Emperor Ogre’s lifeless body.

I didn’t actually come here to save this town, but right now this place has become crucial for me. Count Meigis might be the key that’ll lead to Sages being treated decently.
「Yes. I’ll immediately send word to stop the evacuation. Just wait here a sec.」

The manager started giving orders to the guild staff: inform the residents and the government of the evacuation’s cancellation.

「Thank you. The town is saved thanks to you.」

The manager returned and bowed his head deeply. It seems the crisis has been averted.

「I’m just glad the town is safe. So can you introduce me to Count Meigis?」

「About that… I don’t even have to introduce you to him. The Count himself sent word that he wants to meet you.」

「The Count himself?」

A Count is quite the big shot even among nobles. Which is why getting introduced to him would be quite helpful.

Now someone that important wants to meet me? Perhaps he heard that I was going to fight the Emperor Ogre. But considering my rank and how powerful the enemy was… I doubt he wanted to see me solely because I was willing to brave the danger and face the monster.

「When did you receive the message?」

「Today. Right after you left for the forest.」

Based from the timing, the Count could have known about the sheer number of Hungry Ogres I took down. Maybe he found out about it and decided he wanted to meet me.

「Do you know why he wants to meet me?」

「No… He probably wants to thank you for all the monsters you killed. Even if you didn’t kill the Emperor Ogre, it doesn’t change the fact that you helped the town.」

「A noble wants to see a mere commoner just so he can say thanks?」

Hmm… he seems to be different from the image I get from a noble. I thought they were more egoistic and didn’t care about some commoner’s minor feats.

「Yes. A bit unusual for nobles, right? That’s just the kind of man the Count is. I received praise from him once myself. He was among the most beloved by his citizens in this kingdom.」

I see. It sounds like Count Meigis is really loved by the people. But something about the manager’s words bothered me.

「He was among the most beloved…? You make it sound like a thing of the past.」

「Yes. That was indeed in the past. He still has a good reputation, but not as good as before. But I love the current Count more.」

「Did he do something to worsen his reputation?」

「He didn’t do anything wrong. But he defended those with inferior job classes and opposed Cardinal Georgis. As a result, nobles in the Cardinal’s faction openly harassed him and it had adverse effects on his domain.」

Oh, so that’s what happened. I don’t think there’s anyone better to have as an ally.

「All right. Please let me see him.」

「Okay. I’ll send him a message as soon as possible along with news about the Emperor Ogre’s death.」


All right… We’re arranged to meet soon, but the crucial part starts now. I hope he can help change how the inferior job classes are treated. It’s hard to move around when you can’t get promoted just because of your class.



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