Chapter 98 – Anti-Assassination Plans Needed


Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

Anti-Assassination Plans Needed

If Count Meigis went all over the place to sell healing medicines, there would be plenty of chances to assassinate him. I could protect him, but I wouldn’t be able to protect the factory.

「Are you worried about me getting assassinated?」Count Meigis asked, noticing the grave expression on my face.

「Yeah. If I were the Garden of Despair, I would kill you for sure.」

「I would too. I’m prepared to give my life away for this fight, but I can’t die just yet.」

It seems Count Meigis was aware of just how important he is.

「So what should we do?」

「Right now, the safest place for me is by your side. What do you think?」

I’m not an expert in anti-assassination or anything. But Sages have a few detection Skills.

It would be much easier for other job classes. I would have to teach them first though. There are a few adventurers here with classes that’s good against assassins. But I haven’t seen them use such Skills even once.

They need training on what to do once they find an assassin as well. Before they’re trained in the ways of escorting someone, I think it’s best for the Count to stay here.


「My role is to protect the factory. I can’t leave Elias.」

There are plenty of wide-range non-Sage detection Skills. I’ve already taught the people who could use them the proper way to use them. I’m sure they can find monsters even without me around.

In fact, whenever I’m away from the factory, or when I’m resting, they cover for me. And if they spotted one, they would just contact me. They can’t deal with the monster just yet, though. The chances are low, but there’s a possibility of an incredibly powerful monster to appear in the plantation.

So I want to stay near the plantation until at least a strong monster shows up. I don’t know how it works, but once a powerful monster is defeated, the chances of another one showing up decreases.

If I kill one, I can leave. Conversely, I have to stay until one appears.

「I know. So I’ll stay in Elias for now.」the Count said.

「Are you sure about that? People from all over the kingdom wants to buy healing medicines.」

「That is correct. I can actually just stay in one spot. Word has already spread all over the kingdom that I’m selling healing medicines. They will come to me themselves.」

I see. Word is already spreading. The fact that it spread so fast just shows how important the medicine is.

「All right. I’ll be your bodyguard.」

「Thank you. I’ve prepared a property to use as a storefront of the company. I’ll tell you where it is later.」

And so the Meigis Company opened its very first store. Also I got more work now. I’ll ask for an additional reward later. While it’s for the plan, a job is still a job and I want to be paid.

For now I need to train people to employ as guards. There are a few adventurers with inferior classes that’s suited for security so I’ll start with them first.



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  5. So now hes worried about getting paid, yet he literally gave away the secret to mass production of miracle medicine?????????

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