Volume 5 Chapter 5 Part 3

Translator: Kell | Editor: Ryunakama

There is always a weapon for every fighting tactic. Understanding tactics is to understand weapons.

“You know how people fight?” Myna asked. “Even those with different job classes than yours?”

“More or less. I’ve never even seen anyone with the same class as me in the first place.”

“Now that you mention it. So you know how your opponents fight just by looking at their weapons?”

“Yeah. Except those whose fighting styles I’m unfamiliar with, or those who use inefficient weapons.”

PVP in BBO required one to discern the opponent’s fighting style in an instant and deal with them appropriately. The quickest way to do that was to check their weapon. Perhaps what I was doing at the moment was an application of that.

“I’ll tell the nobles I know not to turn you into an enemy,” Myna said.

“You won’t have to do that if we lose to Cardinal Georgis.”

“But you’re going to win, right?”

“Of course.”

With that, I continued to pick out weapons. At the rate I was going, I would be done by evening.

“I’ve brought weapons you might be able to use. Try them out and pick one.”

“Yes, sir!”

After I finished selecting a large number of weapons that evening, we moved on to the second phase.

At this stage, however, it wasn’t me who would choose the weapons, but the actual citizens. At the end of the day, people chose weapons based on what they were comfortable with.
I told them to take a break from training and select their weapons.

As for those who were charged with important missions, such as guarding the medicinal plant plantation, we’d be buying all the usable weapons for them. I didn’t even want to know how much all of this would cost. Still it was a necessary investment. After all, the weapons could still be used even after the war.

“Shock Wave!”

“Guard Crash!”

“Fire Bomb!”

After receiving their new weapons, the citizens gathered at the training grounds and unleashed their Skills one after another. They all reacted in different ways.

“M-My power has increased!”

“I didn’t know a good weapon is this easy to use.”

“I’m not used to swinging my sword so quickly. Might need to modify my training method.”

The weapons were well-received, it seemed. Some of them were confused by the new weapons, but it wasn’t so much that the weapons were awful; they were just not used to them yet. It was like being asked to drive a racing car after driving only regular cars for so long.

Nevertheless, they still had time to practice. If they trained well until right before the war started, they would certainly become stronger than when they wielded their old weapons. I drilled the basics into them for that.

I watched the citizens try out their weapons. Then I saw one of them holding a weapon in his hand with a puzzled look on their face.

“How do I use this?” Meir the Spirit Swordsman said as he studied the weapon—the same one that Myna said was unfinished.

“Just use it normally,” I said as I walked up to him.

He looked confused, still.

“You say that, but this sword doesn’t have a blade on it. How am I supposed to fight with this?”

Meir slid the blade down his palm as if he were cutting it. If it was a normal sword, he would have been severely injured, but there wasn’t a scratch on his hand. It was only natural. There was no way a steel plate that was five millimeters thick could actually cut anything.

“You use Spirit Blade when you fight, right?” I asked.

“Of course,” Meir answered. “You want me to use it on this?”

“Yeah. You’ll know it when you try.”

Weapons are things that are used in conjunction with Skills. Some of the weapons I had chosen were powerful enough on their own, unlike the one that Meir had.

“Okay. I need a target first, though.”

Meir looked around for a target to test the weapon on. But many of the targets were already in use, and people were waiting for their turn. His sword didn’t really require a proper target anyway.

“That should be good enough,” I said as I pointed at a stone lying in the corner of the training grounds.

It was a completely normal stone. An ordinary sword would get chipped in one strike if slammed on it.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “Who’ll pay if it breaks?”

“It’s fine. It’s not gonna break. The only Skill you need is Spirit Blade. Don’t get too carried away, though, or you might cut your foot.”

“If you say so… Spirit Blade!”

Despite his reluctance, Meir held his sword high and activated Spirit Blade.
Spiritual power and magical power enveloped the sword, masking the color of the steel. When Meir swung the weapon down, the stone was cut, and with it a short, sharp sound rang out.


Meir hurriedly pulled his foot back, not expecting the outcome. The sword had torn through both stone and ground, reaching the spot where Meir’s foot had been. If he hadn’t pulled his foot back, he might have been injured.

“I warned you,” I said.

“H-How can it be so sharp?!”

Meir didn’t seem to care that he was almost injured. He just stared at the sword with a face full of surprise. With Spirit Blade dispelled, the blade returned to its normal thick state.

“That’s actually a staff,” I said. “It’s also called a ‘swordsmanship medium’ or something.”

“A staff? It’s clearly a sword. Except that it doesn’t have an edge.”

“No, it is a staff. Close your eyes and let your mana flow through it.”

Following my advice, Meir closed his eyes and channeled his mana into the sword-like weapon.

Opening his eyes, he said, “It’s a staff. Based on how the mana flows, it clearly is a staff.”

“I told you. That’s the secret to its sharpness. It amplifies Spirit Magic.”


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