Dragon Knight To Carrier Volume 3: Chapter 7

Hello, Pink Tea here with the first weekly chapter and a small announcement.

First of all, here goes the chapter. Please enjoy ^^

Thank you so much for all your support for this series. As we are almost caught up to the author, we thought to take a moment and explain a few things. The author’s speed has slowed down considerably and we are going to reduce the frequency of the release for this novel from 3 to 2 chapters a week in hope that it will give the author time to catch back up to speed.

Just to let you all know, we may slow down the release to a minimum of 1 chapter a week but no less than that. Once we caught up, and if the author still cannot keep up with that speed, then we will be forced to go on hiatus and wait until they get back up to speed.

Well, why hiatus you asked? As you may be aware, we have more than 20 active projects currently running on the site, and we always try our best to keep them all running smoothly at the same time. When we caught up to any project, we need to ensure that we are not sitting, idling, twiddling our thumb, but instead, keep forging on, helping other series that may be struggling, picking up brand new series, keep delivering projects after projects for you all. Therefore, we may be putting something on pause, until there are actually enough chapters for us to concentrate our energy on.

We realised that some of you may be unhappy with this news, but please be assured that we are not dropping this project. And also, we are going to keep translating and producing more great free content for you all. We know everything is a double-edged sword: you can never make everyone happy regardless of what you do. However, we are positive people, who believes in the good of our community, hoping that our readers will appreciate that we have actually reached another milestone for being able to catch up to the author (this is no easy feat!).

We hope that you continue to support us, keep this site alive, so we can also keep bringing you more projects in the future that you can fall in love with.

LNT team.

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