Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 21

Hi there, everyone! Aiko here with the last portion of ‘Dragon-san’ for this week.

Hope that you will enjoy the chapter as usual.

But before we get to the link, we need to talk guys. So why don’t you have a seat over here?

As you know the author mentioned about ‘Dragon-san, Do a Girl’s Party!’ special chapter. This chapter is only available in the Light Novel version. We have purchased the Light Novel book. However, as you all know, we are currently translating the Web Novel version. (The Web Novel skip this chapter entirely).

This special chapter is very very long, so if you love this novel and would like this chapter, please become a sponsor. When our sponsor donation bar becomes full, we will translate and release this chapter. We will, of course, keep going and keep translating the rest of the Web Novel chapters as per normal, so donating is optional, but it will really help us as the chapter is double the usual length.

(Due to the length of the chapter, please give us a week to translate this properly as we will also still be translating the usual chapter normally. We will speed up as much as we can and try to release this sooner if we can).

Anyways, here is the link to today’s chapter:

Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 21

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