Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 3

Hi Everyone,

We have the third chapter of Dragon-san Wants a Friend!

I am really excited about how the story is going so far. This chapter is also translated by KurehaDurant. He is doing really well and he would like to say a few words to introduce himself:

I like a lot of stuff relating to art especially photography and water colour. When it comes to reading I tend to enjoy psychological and mystery genre but my favourite light novel series so far is Erin the Beast Player. I’m also a huge addict and once my doctor told me to reduce my daily tea intake.

Without further ado, let’s READ THIS CHAPTER HERE

This chapter also has an illustration, as promised I have embed the illustration in the story for your viewing pleasure, but you can also find it here:




  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    I think the chapter should’ve been “Mage and Dragon Converse In Ancient Language”

    • You are most welcome 🙂
      *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT* DO NOT READ if you haven’t read the chapter!
      And, yes it’s kinda like that, isn’t? I am excited like a little kid when seeing they actually manage to talk to each other!

  2. Thank you for the chapter and beautiful illustration!!

  3. Erin the Beast Player, aka Kemono no Souja Erin, has a 52 episode anime series. One of my favorite too.

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