Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 3

Hi Everyone,

We have the third chapter of Dragon-san Wants a Friend!

I am really excited about how the story is going so far. This chapter is also translated by KurehaDurant. He is doing really well and he would like to say a few words to introduce himself:

I like a lot of stuff relating to art especially photography and water colour. When it comes to reading I tend to enjoy psychological and mystery genre but my favourite light novel series so far is Erin the Beast Player. I’m also a huge addict and once my doctor told me to reduce my daily tea intake.

Without further ado, let’s READ THIS CHAPTER HERE

This chapter also has an illustration, as promised I have embed the illustration in the story for your viewing pleasure, but you can also find it here:




  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    I think the chapter should’ve been “Mage and Dragon Converse In Ancient Language”

    • You are most welcome 🙂
      *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT* DO NOT READ if you haven’t read the chapter!
      And, yes it’s kinda like that, isn’t? I am excited like a little kid when seeing they actually manage to talk to each other!

  2. Thank you for the chapter and beautiful illustration!!

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