Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 71

Hi there, everyone! Aiko here with the second portion of ‘Dragon-san’ for this week.

Now, today I would like to do some shameless self promotion. Here goes: as you may / may not be aware, one of the novels I translated is currently being a part of the Sales Marathon going on. I speak about the Ero Novel ‘Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama’. If Ero Novels are your thing, or if you simply enjoy Tags of Culture such as: Princesses/Maids/Childhood Friends/Onee-sans/Vanilla, feel free to check the novel out, and if you come to like it, leave a donation.

‘Tsunpri’ shall be on the marathon for another week, up until the 22nd of June. Also it is worth mentioning that the novel is a few chapters away from completition, so if you become a Patron now, you will be able to read the ending of the story ahead of time.

Thank you for sticking with this lengthy self-promotion!

Hope that you’ll enjoy the chapter and that you’ll have a wonderful day.

Here’s the link:

Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 71

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