Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 72

Hi there, everyone! Aiko here with the last portion of Dragon-san for this week.

Today I have a question to all of DnD players skulking about the site: what game system would me more newbie friendly? Pathfinder? Savage Lands? Dungeons and Dragons? Or maybe Call of Cthulhu? For a long time now I was thinking about getting myself hooked into DnD, but couldn’t decide which game to start with.

Hope that you’ll like the chapter and that you’ll have a wonderful day!

Here’s the link:

Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 72


  1. Beyond the Wall, not the best but a newbie friendly one.

  2. Never heard of Beyond the Wall so I’ll just take CasTan’s word for it.

    My suggestion is DnD 5e. They really streamlined the system, which makes it easy to get into, but doesn’t lose the flexibility of a tabletop system by doing so.

    My anti-suggestion would be Pathfinder. Good system based off of DnD 3.5e, but very complex. Lots of rules and formulas to learn for each aspect of the system. The worst thing to hear in Pathfinder is, “I attempt to grapple…” because nobody knows the grapple rules.

    Also, regardless of what system you play, make sure you have quick to access copies of your spells and abilities that your character can do. Makes things smoother to play and your group, especially your DM, will appreciate it. The only thing worse than the wizard who needs to look up how a spell works mid turn, is being that wizard.

    • Wow, thanks for the elaborate answer. I really appreciate it. So DnD it is going to be!
      I also found that really cool document for DnD that lets you create a Hunter from Bloodborne as a playable class. How cool is that!?

      • Does sound pretty awesome. I would probably play an angsty edgelord in that type of setting.
        I want to second the support for DnD 5e. I think that it’s a very beginner-friendly system since they got rid of a lot of the random bonuses and penalties lying around and tied it into an a much simpler system based on whether you’d have the advantage or disadvantage.
        Good luck on your gaming!

      • http://imgur.com/a/9T7pQ

        Hunter, for anyone who is interested.
        Also, thank you for your opinion. This is the reason why I love DnD community so much — you guys are always so helpful 🙂

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