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Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: [QueenieZhuz]


Volume 3 Release Commemorative Extra Chapter: Dragon Child Is Home Sitting

This is the extra chapter to commemorate the release of volume 3 of ‘Dragon-san’!

Although it’s rather short, I hope that you’ll enjoy the story!

Thank you for supporting the series~

It happened on a certain day.

Father and Mother had some urgent business to take care of, and so they had to go out, leaving me to take care of things around the house.

Of course, at first I wanted to go with them, but then I realized that maybe it would be better for me to leave them alone and just stay here.

So now, being left alone in a house that for some reason felt bigger and quieter than usual, I was thinking of what to do.

It’s been a while since I’ve been left alone like this.

It was exciting at first, but then I realized that now that I have finished all of my assigned homework, there was nothing for me to do that I could think of on the spot.

So I was laying on the sofa and thinking about that, when suddenly I heard the sound of dripping water.

But it wasn’t coming from inside of the house, but rather from the outside.

Looking out the window, the sky was covered in a thick layer of grey clouds, and droplets of water were falling from them onto the ground.

Yup, you could even smell the rain in the air.

The plants quickly became shiny from the rain, and the flowers become moist and wet.

Is the laundry going to be okay? I thought to myself before I remembered that it was properly taken inside this morning.

Looking at it from another perspective, the water spirits were dancing happily in the rain.

The rain seemed to be directly linked to their happy movements.

It was fun to look at, but when the droplet of water start to fall inside from the open window, they seemed to beckon Aru do go outside and join them.

He was itching to go outside.

Finally, unable to resist the urge any longer, Aru decided to go outside and play with them.

I wore the rain robe that Ligurila-onee-sama made for me with water repellant magic infused into the material and waterproof boots, and then I was ready to go outside.

Once I opened the door and stepped outside, the water falling from the sky surrounded me and I could smell the aroma of the air penetrating deeply into my nose.

Marca often says that she hates it because it messes up her hair, and El-senpai was always complaining that it was getting in the way of his part time job, which involved a whole lot of outdoor activities.

However, I honestly think that playing in an atmosphere like this from time to time is quite a lot of fun.

As I was becoming more and more excited, I closed the door and activated a spell that spread throughout the whole house, making sure that no one would come in while I was gone.

The spell was created by Father, and it worked as such that whenever someone would try to break into the house, the plants that were growing in the garden would come to life and entangle themselves around the burglars, rendering them unable to move.

I knew about that, but I have never seen a thief being bound like that, so I wouldn’t really know if it was true or not.

After I confirmed that everything was in order, I stepped onto the street and the droplets of water began to strike on top of my hood with a slight sound.

I stepped into the puddle that had accumulated on the side of the road, sending droplets of water everywhere in the air.

It was strangely satisfying to make splashes like that, and so Aru began jumping into the puddles over and over again.

Some of the water managed to get inside of his boots, but that didn’t discourage him in the slightest. He walked forward while shaking the water off of his hood.

The wet city was covered in colors of grey.

However, in contrast, some of the signs and flowers looked especially lively and bright.

Along his way, he could see people that the rain managed to catch by surprise, so now they were covering their heads with their hands or standing up their collars to avoid water soaking them completely.

Speaking of which, I remember that when I was once walking together with Mother through a rainy town, she said something strange.

「It’s such a shame that they don’t have umbrellas here. Now I’m going to get all wet.」

I always thought that umbrellas were supposed to block out the sun, but apparently Mother was talking about something similar, yet different.

But I always thought that the reason for all of those people to not hold umbrellas in the rain was because they didn’t want to interrupt their fun.

The water spirits were dancing here and there happily.

During heavy rain the spirits could get really nasty and unpleasant, but in the mild rain like this, they were nice and laid-back, perfect to relax and enjoy beside them.

I spread my hand out and try to reach out to the spirits, and then I turn around.

I spin around, and the droplets of water spin all around me.

Well then, where should I go next?

「Hmmm~, hmmm~, hmm~, hm, hm, hmmm~~~.」

Since the spirits were so eager to do so, maybe I should take a walk with them through the woods?

「What are you doing, Aru?」

Someone speaks to me, and I stop in my tracks.

There, some distance in front of me, stood El-senpai.

「Ah, hello there, El-senpai. Lovely rain we are having today, wouldn’t you say?」

El-senpai came closer to me while smiling wryly and said:

「Nice rain, huh? Only someone like you could say something like that.」


I looked around, but the small sand-colored dragon that was usually sitting on El-senpai’s shoulder was nowhere to be found now.

「Hm? Uncle Wilderness is not with you today?」

「If you’re talking about Vaas, I left him at home to watch over Marca. She forced me to go buy some sweets for her, but then the rain began to fall and I was caught in it.」

El-senpai showed me the paper bag in his hand and patted it gently.

He opens it up and shows me the contents, which were a whole bunch of fried sweets.

They looked to be doughnuts topped with powdered sugar, brown in color and steaming hot, seemingly fresh from the oven.

「I just bought them and didn’t wanted them to get wet. So with all of that rain I was really at a loss what to do.」

El-senpai said, and then he was deep in thought while looking at my waterproof cloak.

「Say, Aru? Would you like to come over to our house? You can have some doughnuts and I’m sure Marca would be delighted to see you.」

Hearing that, I smiled brightly, understanding El-senpai’s intentions.

「Sure thing. I can even carry the bag for you, so it won’t get wet.」

「Oh, you can? Much appreciated.」

I received the paper bag from El-senpai and we began walking towards his house.

I loved the rain quite a lot.

Because during the rain a lot of fun things happen.


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