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Volume 4 Chapter 4: Dragon-san Is at a Loss

I was just standing there, unable to comprehend what in the actual hell just happened, while Mikoto’s onslaught did not stop.

Once she was on the ground floor, she rushed at Senjiro and slammed right into him, making him drop his luggage as a result.

There was a dull sound echoing throughout the hall.

And as soon as Senjiro was on the ground, she didn’t pursue him, but instead she pulled her wand on him again.

The wand was still lit with magical power, so there was definitely some spell ready to be cast out there.

Senjiro somehow managed to avoid the wind projectile that was shot his way.

「Mikoto, please wait a minute!」

Senjiro must have been embarrassed to be done in by a little girl like that, but he must have realized that he was at a disadvantage here and tried to resolve things through negotiations.

But still, once he saw the opportunity, he got up from the ground, dashed towards the entrance, kicked the front door open and rolled outside.

Then, following closely after Senjiro, Mikoto finally opened her mouth and spoke up, her voice full of anger.

「…… It’s been five years since you left home. I thought that you were travelling around the world, but here you are, having fun with some woman just like that! I am deeply ashamed that I once used to call you Brother! But the least I can do right now is to give you the proper guidance to fix your twisted ways!」

「Please, just listen to what I have to say!」

Totally disregarding Senjiro’s words, Mikoto continued to flail spells at him.

This unique structure must have been the trademark of all Eastern spells.

But, at that moment a black whip sprung into action.

Mikoto managed to avoid it with a swift dodge, but the spell that she was about to cast was broken and dissipated.

「You there, fox girl. Would you be so kind as to not interrupt me during my vacation?」

Apparently following close behind me, Ligurila said so while smiling at Mikoto.

But that smile was not at all pleasant or warm. It was disturbing to the maximum.

Mikoto stopped for a moment and looked at Ligurila, but then her eyes opened wide as if she saw something awful.

「Aramitama!? Sen-nii, you didn’t!?」

「No, you see, she is, this is kind of a long story––––」

「Leave the explaining to me. I’ll break it to her in a way that she can understand.」

Senjiro was trying his best to explain what his relationship with Ligurila was, but then Ligurila herself butted in and turned towards Mikoto.

「You there, it seems like you are related to Senjiro in one way or another. But let me tell you this: this man’s body, this man’s soul, this man’s everything, belongs to me. So if you want to lay your hands on my precious possession, the least you could do would be to ask for permission first.」

Then she just went to Senjiro’s side and gently caressed his body, all the while smiling at Mikoto, as if she wanted to show off.

Seeing this, Mikoto’s face turned red with anger, her fluffy fur now standing up.

As a matter of fact, all of her bodily hairs were standing up right now.


「I’m not entirely sure about the phrasing of that sentence, but let’s just save that for later…… Hey, Mikoto, please listen to me, let’s try to calm down and all be friends. Okay?」

I know that Senjiro wanted everyone to just get along and be friends. I knew that. But for the moment, he was only digging a deeper and deeper grave for himself.

As to be expected, Mikoto’s face was still red with anger as she raised her face and pointed her finger at him.

「What a shameful display…… Shameful! Indecent! Lewd!」

「Ara, this manner of skinship is but normal for us. But that being said, I realize that for a child such as yourself, it may be a difficult concept to grasp, indeed.」

Ligurila presses her bountiful chest even tighter into Senjiro’s arm, never stops smiling.

Ligurila, my dear friend? You do realize that you are only adding fuel to the fire? Surely you are not doing that on purpose?

I tried to break in on their conversation, but Mikoto’s eyes were dead set on Ligurila and her smug face.

「…… Purify, purge, protect, cleanse, exorcise.」

The moment she said those words, the magic around the area begins to behave in a rather strange way.

It was obviously disturbing, but for the first time ever I found myself to be unable to do anything about it.

If I try to intervene, I might end up causing harm to Mikoto.

With her preparations done, Mikoto places her wand forward, smiling in a strange way.

「Come forth to my side, oh one who presides over the devastating lightning! In the name of Amagi Mikoto, I pray to thee! Come forth to my side, oh Kyle Slaggart and aid me in my cause!」

The moment he heard her chant, Senjiro’s eyes went wide with surprise and shock.

「A God summoning ritual!?」

While both Ligurila and Senjiro seemed to be astonished beyond belief, the apparition of Kyle suddenly appeared at the lakeside.

「Oi, who dare to summon me just like that…… Huh? What the?」

Kyle materialized in the middle of the current commotion, but upon seeing the tense Senjiro and the chanting Mikoto he became puzzled beyond belief.

Making eye contact with Kyle, Mikoto raises her wand.

「I once again implore you to possess my body in order to banish all that is evil. Fulfill your divine duty and bring the righteous judgement upon the wicked ones and all evildoers!」

「Now wait just a second, you got me up this early in the morning just to do something like…… Uwah!!」

But before he could finish that sentence, there was a huge outburst of magical power, and Kyle was sucked into Mikoto’s body, his power over lightning now coursing through her.

It was the summoning ceremony that I have witnessed once before.

The fact that he appeared here was most likely because he was brought here forcefully by Mikoto’s incantation.

It was a great spell, one that allowed you to borrow and use the abilities of ones that were far superior to you. But wasn’t that a little bit too convenient!?

「Is that the ability transfer invoked from the summoning ceremony!? The Eastern magic is so interesting! Please, you must let me know all of the details!」

Nectar suddenly appeared right at my side, his blue eyes shining brightly with excitement.

No, no, no! Now was not the time to be getting excited about the new types of magic!

「We need to stop this madness at once!」

「Connecting their magical channels allows for a smooth transition of magic with no interference at all, as well as copying the abilities of the summoned creature almost perfectly. With that being said, right now she should be equal in strength to the actual demon. I can see the benefit for the caster, but what about the being that is summoned?」

Aaah, it’s no use! Nectar was already in his nerd mode!

At the same time, Mikoto surrounded herself with raging lightning and jumped right at Senjiro, whose expression was filled with pain.

「I’ll blast you to smithereens!」

The speed at which Mikoto started to throw lightning at Senjiro was almost identical to the battle potential of Kyle.

And just like that, Senjiro was forced to avoid a barrage of ultra high speed attacks.

He somehow managed to avoid them all, rolled away and started running, and then he looked towards Kyle and yelled at him.

「You, what the hell are you doing with my little sister!?」

I was amazed that at this moment, Senjiro was more concerned with his sister’s well-being rather than his own, but Kyle seemed to be as shocked and helpless as he was.

I didn’t know anything about Eastern countries, but just from the looks of this situation, I could say that it wasn’t good.

「No, wait just a minute, I’m not at fault here! I’m just abiding by the contract, and was trying to help her……」

「That’s right, I don’t care what kind of God or demon I summon, as long as I can use its power to teach Big Brother Sen a lesson with it!」

Senjiro tried to defend himself from Mikoto’s attacks, but since their current location wasn’t really suited for battle, it was an extremely hard of a task for him. Hence Mikoto was able to continue her attacks.

As he continued to dodge her attacks, Senjiro raised his voice in a tone unlike anything I have ever heard him say.

「I told you that you should turn to gods when you wanted help, but why did you turn to someone like him!? What about our own gods!?」

「I have already reached the age where I can decide on the Gods on my own! Besides, I was wondering what were you doing in such a desolate land as this, but it turns out you were having indecent relationship with a pretty and sexy woman, and an Aramitama no less!」

「If you were so concerned about me, then why didn’t you ask the Head Shrine Maiden to contact me!? Such a task is as easy as breathing for her, she does things like that on a daily basis! Besides, haven’t you become sloppy when it comes to your duties as a shrine maiden!?」

「I wasn’t slacking in my duties, and I was allowed to take a break from them once it was decided that I was going to study abroad! But I guess that’s none of your concern, huh, Big Brother!? Do you have any idea how much trouble you brought us with your departure!?」

「This is……」

Even though he was managing to dodge her attacks at first, Mikoto’s attacks began to push Senjiro back more and more.

Mikoto yelled at Senjiro while mercilessly attacking him with thunder time after time.

「I know that, you say you forgot because of the search for your soulmate!? And you say you wanted to come back home, but it was just taking you so long to find her!? Did you also forget about your only family!? About supporting your little sister!?」

Senjiro tried to justify himself one last time, before he realized that tears had begun to gather in Mikoto’s eyes.

「Big Brother, I absolutely hate you!!」

Mikoto screamed, brandishing her wand at Senjiro, but fortunately enough I managed to catch her and stop her from doing something stupid.

Uwah, talk about cutting it too close for comfort.

「Mikoto, let’s try to calm down and settle it like smart creatures, okay?」

「…!!! Lava-sama!? Funyah!」

I put my hands onto Mikoto’s shoulders, forcibly cancelling the spell she was about to cast.

The spell shatters into a million pieces, no longer a threat to anyone.

I had a rough idea of what that magic was, and so I cut off its magical energy supply before the spell could get the chance to resolve properly.

At the same time, I caught the falling Mikoto in my arms, since after she let go of her staff she lost her balance and was going to fall to the ground.

I let out a sigh of relief, but on the other hand Senjiro’s face was still stiff and Aru looked like he didn’t get what was going on here.

I glanced at the others, and saw that Kyle put his hand to his forehead and let out a sigh of relief as well, Ligurila looked discontent and Nectar, for some reason, was taking notes with the help of the instruments he pulled from God knows where.

「For the time being, why don’t you talk about it?」

I really think that is for the best.


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