Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 11

Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

CHAPTER 11: Dragon-san Thinks

I sometimes take on monsters that were 200 years old or even older.

That’s why I can tell that these monsters are no more than 10 years old, judging from their strength alone.

I continued to erase the demons without stopping for a moment, using my magic, breath, teeth and claws, until the sun began to go down.

Ah, it’s been so long since I could last move my body like that that it almost made me wish for the battle to last even longer, but that’s when Nectar contacted me through telepathy.

His eyes were sparkling, and both Kyle and his men were looking at me in admiration, with their jaws wide open.

I was wondering if we could all get along but now I am not sure what the humans will think of me.

Atop of his usual dark clothes, Nectar wore a light leather armor that had defensive spells added for an increased protection. In addition, a huge belt that could accommodate some smaller weapons, with his staff hanging from his waist.

If done well, magical defenses are way more efficient than physical ones, so that means that you could very well wear a lighter set of armor.

According to Nectar’s hurried explanation, the Dragon’s appearance greatly confused the soldiers here, for he had forgotten to explain to Kyle and his people that we were also participating in the demon hunting.

Kyle decided that it would be dangerous to let people talk further, and so as soon as the explosion subsided he decided to rally his troops in one place, so that they could go and scout out the situation.

It seemed that some of the soldiers here were also members of the unit that was send after me, but they were not brave enough to speak with me at the time. And since that explosion of fire not too long ago, many of them were afraid to get near here, afraid for their lives.

Seeing his man acting in such an unsightly manner, the look on Kyle’s face was that of someone who was seriously tired all of a sudden.

In addition, the explosion of fire was visible and audible as far as the city’s walls, and so the city’s inhabitants started to panic, saying that the end of the world was approaching. Well, I mean, it’s not like anyone has died from it, but I guess that explanation would amount to nothing right about now.

Nectar began to take the slave curse from his friends one by one, and in response to that people were celebrating with tears welling up in their eyes, forgetting about their fatigue.

Oi, you there –– I know that you are happy since you were part of the afflicted soldiers, but you shouldn’t drink on your job, you know?

「There are lots of things I would like to say right about now, but first of all, let me thank you for saving our lives.」

「You should really be thanking Nectar, not me. I only came along for the ride.」

「Still. Thank you so very much.」

At first he was surprised to hear me speak fluently, but then Kyle only nodded his head slowly.

There was something in his eyes at that moment that needed no comment on my part.

「So, what are you going to do now?」

I asked after a short while, and Kyle only responded with a huge grin on his face.

「Besides mishandling us magicians, there is simply too much of evil politics coming from the King. There is going to be a coup, all of our brethren in the kingdom’s major cities will rise up all at once. We planned on staying away from politics for as much as possible, but since our shackles are gone, there is nothing that prevents us from doing so. There are many of us, we can finally bring peace and eliminate all discontent.」

It seems that the enemies of this country were inside of it, not outside.

And it looks like Kyle is one of the major people behind this coup.

I should be extra cautious with what I say from now on. One wrong word could get us into trouble.

「Come with me for now. We must make preparations for something like this to never happen again. It’s a real shame that all of Nectar’s research regarding the Leylines were destroyed. We could really use them now.」

「No, Nectar has some knowledge about it, so you can leave it at that. We, Dragonkind, also don’t want something like this to happen ever again.」

Besides, even if Nectar got disposed of, you would eventually find out someday. But until that time comes, I can’t even begin to imagine just how much sacrifice would have to be made for that.

To prevent that, it would be better to pass it down in some kind of form that could be prevailed.

「Lava, thank you very much!」

Nectar nodded with a serious expression, but Kyle seemed as if something was astray to him.

「Yes, that’s right. If you know something like that, it would be best not to give up that information too easily. That flame and that red aura. Tell me, are you perhaps the same Flame Chaos Dragon that appeared near the border with Rajienda and Doranova 200 years ago?」

What’s with those names? They sound like the one’s that some delusional middle schooler would come up with. …… But, I had really bad feelings about all this.

「Flame Chaos Dragon. What’s that?」

Nectar seemed to don’t know the term, so Kyle explained it to him.

「The most common name for a dragon around here. Rajienda and Doranova were the two countries that would frequently wage war upon one another, but both of their armies were completely wiped out one day, after one of the soldiers came in contact with one of the scales that the dragon had dropped. Upon losing their armies, they were almost immediately swallowed up by their neighbors. According to the records, this dragon could manipulate the flames freely, turning the earth into a rocky wasteland, could prevent all magic aimed against it, didn’t attack those at power and did absolutely nothing, even when the armies of 50 thousand and 100 thousand soldiers respectively were swarming all over it. As if it was nothing to it. Having their armies wiped out, both countries had to stop their attempts at war and diver their efforts towards rebuilding what was lost. It is said that the Dragon was a gift send to those who wished to be free from oppression.」

No, i don’t remember being called that

…… why does the dark past memory someone wants to forget remains.

Besides, more unpleasant memory now popping up, I did went on a rampage!!!

「…… Mistakes of youth. Please forget about it.」

When he finished giving this history lesson to Nectar, Kyle’s tone became cold and merciless.

Ouch, what could I possibly say……?

「Oh well, it doesn’t really matter now, for each and every last one of royalty here have witnessed the dragon with their own eyes. I would be a fool not to take advantage of an opportunity like that. Once the reports come in, it’s going to get messy. If they will know that a dragon like that is nearby, they are going to hole up in their keeps and residences, trembling in fear. And it plays in our favour.」

It doesn’t make me happy that someone is afraid of me!

I was really shaken up from hearing such a dark history, but I gradually got better after people kept on coming to me to express their gratitude.

Uhm, yeah, this is nice, so it’s better if I stop thinking about it.

And what about that girl who was with this unit before? Hmm, maybe she was somewhere else at the moment……

When I diverted my eyes from the soldiers, Nectar spoke to me.

「Lava, how long will it take to restore this area?」

「Well, normally it would take around half a year, but the magical power around here is more disturbed than I initially thought. But it will take more than that for the land to stabilize. Before this place returns to how it originally was, around hundred years will probably need to pass.」

「Is, is that so……」

I wonder if I’ll ever feel the weight of my own actions.

Nectar seemed to be deep in thought, with his face showing a rare, very serious expression.

「…… Kyle, let’s try to finish it all in three –– no, in a month’s time. I am going to stay by Lava’s side.」

「Your motivation is impure, but it is actually convenient. That is, if it can motivate you to finish the restoration sooner.」

No, Nectar-san. Something as serious like that couldn’t simply be resolved over the course of three months.

Apparently Nectar was okay with any kind of reforms they were about to enforce.

It is almost certain that if Kyle’s efforts go to waste, Nectar won’t be able to come back to his homeland ever again.

Even so, he is pretty unique for a human. I mean, he did not ask for my help at all.

I may have been an outsider, but with my power it would’ve been much easier to restore the area. I was fairly sure that it was Nectar’s principle to not resolve humans’ problems, by relying on the powers of others who had nothing to do with them.

If possible, I would like him not to die.

And I was sure that Kyle somehow knew exactly how I felt.

「What, is there something you want to say, Chaos Dragon?」

「Can’t you stop calling me by that name?」

「This again, why would I?」

「I don’t feel good hearing about it. Also, of course if people hear that name it will not leave a very good impression.」

「You are right, okay.」

「…… That’s not fair.」

Somehow, I could feel that someone was staring at me intensely from the side.

Now that I think about it, it must surely be Nectar.

「I wanted to think of a nickname for you……」

「But you already call me by my nickname. Besides, the nickname is part of my true name, so that’s as bonus.」

I told him the latter part in the ancient language so that only he could understand me, and Nectar’s mood got somewhat better.

Why are you suddenly in such a good mood?

「Lava, this revolution is going to end quickly, so I don’t want you to go far away and disappear without saying anything before then! I would seriously cry!」

「And please, you better watch yourself out there. Stay safe, you are his source of “motivation”.」

「Ok, I get it, then I think both of you might need these. Here you go.」

The things that I dropped onto their hands were two scales that came off from my body.

There was no particular meaning behind that gift. Those scales only so happened to be around and were the size of a small book that you could fit inside of your pocket. Besides, the scales that I gave them have already started to re-grow.

「They should have a weak wind property, so they shouldn’t be too hard to use. Use them well. If you try to speak to it, the magical power should pass your voice directly to me, so be sure to contact me from time to time. —- Don’t leave me alone, ok?」

「Thank you!」

「Do take care!」

At first they seemed startled and puzzled, but then they started to thank me and listened to my explanation, all the while shooing away at the soldiers who were staring at me before finally the whole company returned to town.

It sure was lively.

………… It’s not like I lied to them.

It’s true that the scales had minor enchantments imbued in them and that would allow for a long distance conversation.

After all, they are sort of an extension of my own body, and I just so happened to omit the fact that I could as easily see and hear everything they were going to do.

Still, it’s not like I was going to interrupt their conversations at any moment.

Since I got somewhat involved in this whole mess, I was kinda concerned about it all and I wanted to see with my own eyes just how this was going to end.

………… And it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have at least some sort of insurance up my sleeve, just in case.

I adjust a leyline that got a little bit distorted and I contact a certain person.

I managed to contact that person surprisingly quickly, and she appeared before me this evening via transportation gate. It was an excessively beautiful woman with long golden hair and a pure-white dress gently swaying in the night breeze. Even her eyes were full of beauty.

But that beautiful woman is not human. She is a being that was created by the world itself to balance, and if need be to diffuse the magical streams that got out of control. A magical being.

「It’s rare for you to call me like that, little dragon. What was all the fuss about the people of the neighboring country raising up? I know I answered your call, but I did not do that from the sheer goodness of my heart. Will you play with me after this as a compensation?」

「What do you mean?」

「I had nothing to do for the last 50 years, since there was no natural disasters or magical catastrophes!」

「I’m sorry Ligurila and thank you for coming. You are as beautiful as ever. Of course even your true form is really cute.」

「What’s this!? Don’t you think I am so easy that few cheap compliments can win you my favour! Hmph!」

While I was in the middle of repairing the leyline by the sea, I was hit with a surprise attack, but it was strangely weak, to the point where I hardly even felt anything.

The atmosphere here changed in the blink of an eye, with Ligurila ready to attack and waiting in battle stance, with her arms crossed in front of her, so as to emphasize her unusually ample breasts.

But I knew that deep down inside she was happy. I could tell from how red her ears were.

You know, even the cutest of couples tend to fight from time to time.

「So, Obsidian, why did you call me here?」[1. TL Note: Ligurila calls Lava “黒熔” which translates to “Obsidian”. And a little note about Obsidian: Obsidian is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth ]

「As payment for my previous win, I wanted to consult you on a certain small matter.」

Since the matter was rather urgent I gave her the short version of the story, she acknowledged it but her face was not without a frown.

「You, for a Dragon, you surely are rather weird.」

「Says the one who used to play dress-up as both human and demons?」

「Wh, how did you know about that!?」

「Umm, look, your hands are all covered it thimbles, you know? Surprisingly large amount of thimbles. And it looks pretty bad.」

「S, someday I am going to get you, you’ll see!!」

As soon as I said that, Ligurila hid her hands behind her back and her face got even redder than before. It was such cute of a reaction that I could not stop myself from smiling.

Then it hit me.

She just came here to have a rematch with me, but Ligurila has a long-lasting relationship
both with me and Gramps as well.

Unlike the monsters, she might respond to me if I ask her, and who knows? Maybe she would even be willing to grant my wish?

I didn’t like the idea of being challenger again by her, but there was nothing else that I could think of at the moment.

「Listen, Ligurila, I hope that we can be friends from now on.」

「F, for you to say something like that…… It’s not so simple, you know? Okay, so this time, we are going to duel using only magic, not physical strength!」

「Please give me a break.」

When I gave her my swift disapproval, Ligurila dropped down her shoulders in heavy disappointment.


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